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Angela walked in with a cup of coffee as her eyes scanned the room to find it empty. The door to the balcony was wide open and she assumed the person she was searching might be there.

"Ace?" she called for her son and walked up to the open balcony to find her eighteen year old son sitting with a book open on his lap but he was holding a photograph in his hand and was glancing at it with admiration.

She caught a sight of a girl in the picture with four other people in the background. Angela smiled to herself as she saw her son's face.

"Seems like a nice girl. She is pretty, " Angela said as she put the coffee mug down on the table and Ace jumped on his seat, clearly off guard.

"Mom, " he replied and quickly hid the picture in his book, closing it and keeping it next to the coffee mug.

"Its not what you are thinking, " he said as he sipped his coffee and kept on avoiding direct eye contact with his mother.

"Really?" Angela seemed to be amused by her son's behaviour and giggled a little understanding the teenager's feelings.

"You have been looking at the same picture since you are fourteen years old my boy, " Angela laughed as she saw her son's face turning red. "But you never tell me who she is and I don't even know her name. It's not like I'm stopping you from something bu-"

"Mom, " Ace pleaded her with his eyes that he didn't want to talk about it and Angela took a sigh.

"Fine! I will not pressurise you. I know my son will tell me about it when he finds the right day and time, " Angela nodded her head and got up from the chair where she was sitting before bending down and planting a kiss on Ace's forehead.

"Now, don't keep yourself up all night. Go to sleep early, Ace" she sighed looking down at her son who would tire himself from studying hard.

"Am fine Mom, don't worry, " he smiled assuring his mother and Angela knew he wasn't going to give up. He

the boy study, " he heard his father whispering and a few moments later his father left and he knew Angela was still there looking his way. He took a deep breath and called his mother "Mom?"

"Yes?" she replied waiting for her son to speak up.

"Her name is Veronica Sullivan, " he said and felt his eyes tearing up speaking about the name after four years. Thankfully he was facing the other side of the balcony and Angela couldn't see his face or else she would've been worried sick seeing her son cry.

"Lovely name, " she mumbled and left after her husband but she didn't miss the weight in her son's voice but didn't pressure him to speak up. She knew he was smart and he would eventually tell her so she thought about waiting a little more, now that she knew the name.

Ace in the order hand felt little relief as he held a burden being lifted off his chest because of that girl whom he had kept hidden from his parents. At Least they knew her name now.

As the night passed on, Ace remained looking at the picture of the girl that he had loved since the day he knew what the word love exactly was.

But he knew, he couldn't have her.

Ace Knights was nothing compared to what Veronica Sullivan was.

She was the flame of fire that he couldn't touch.

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