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Xavier Knights~

Xavier looked towards the sea, the breeze hitting his face as he smiled looking at his wife Angela who was enjoying the waves with her friend Emily. Lucas, Emily's husband and Angela's brother laughed at them as the wave made them lose their balance and both of them tumbled down into the water.

Xavier too laughed a little and sat on the sand looking at them who were enjoying their time. He looked at Angela's smiling face. He regretted it till date the way he treated her when they were newly married. It's all fresh in his memories.

He lied down and closed his eyes thinking how it would have been if he got to know her before their marriage. Probably, he must have felt in love with her in the first sight if that would ever have happened. Angela was his wife now and he is in love with her.

He couldn't ask for anything more to god. But still, it always came into his mind. How it would have been if he got to know her in some other circumstances?

It was like a wish if he could go back in time he would have never let the old Xavier do all that to her.

He closed his eyes for some minutes, but didn't really realise when he fell into a deep slumber. The waves of the sea like a lullaby to his ear and cold breeze making it impossible not to get a good nap. Almost immediately his body gave out and he slept soundly.

"I said give me that fucking keys" I snapped at my driver who wasn't giving me my keys of the car.

"But sir, Mr. Brad had clearly ordered us not to let you out of the house until he comes back, " he said and all I wanted was to punch him right on his face.

"Keys!" I demanded.

I asked with a warning low tone and he gulped before handing me the keys.

"And you are fired! Get lost!" I roared as I opened the car's door and got in.

"W-What.. but sir.." he came near my car windshield and looked at me begging me with his eyes not to do that to him.

I rolled my eyes at him. I didn't really care. I am Xavier Knights after all. The city's most eligible bachelor and the only heir of my dad's oil business.

"Get lost!" I snapped my fingers at him and showed him the exit gate.

How dare he to tell me no to do what I wanted?


I ignited the engine and drove out of the mansion toward

as been taken away from me.The woman threw her wet hair away from her face on her shoulder and shook her head.She had this small smile on her face while she took the flowers and kept them on the shelves. Her eyes blue, she was tall, slim and most importantly she had this aura. So peaceful and calm."Who is she?"I thought. I couldn't really avert my gaze from her. She had my whole attention. Pretty!

I didn't really realise when I lost the grip from the flower and it fell down on the floor. Everything was like in a slow motion. All of a sudden I felt as if I'm in some kind of romantic movie with the violins playing next to me.

"Who is s-she?" I thought.

I bent down and picked the flowers up. My heart beats raised when I saw her again smiling at those flowers. Whatever I was feeling was really new to me. Foreign feelings. Unknowingly I took a step further towards her wanting to know her, see her from closer.

All of a sudden her blue eyes fell on me. "Can I help you?" the sweetest voice ever that I ever heard.

"Oh so she worked here, " I thought.

"Are you taking those? Sir?" she asked looking at the flowers in my hand. I couldn't even stop my hands from raising up.

"For you!" I said. She gave me a look but took the flowers looking confused.

"You are bea-" I woke up when I felt water on my face.

"Xavier!" I saw Angela kneeling next to me on the sand. It was a dream?

"Xavier!" she said as she bent over and kissed me on my cheek.

"You are beautiful" I completed.

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