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~A little Romance~

Xavier looked at Angela through the crowd of people in their house. She looked breathtakingly gorgeous in that red bodycon dress. All he wanted to do was to walk pushing past the people and drag her towards their bedroom where he could have her in his own ways.

"Damn!" he muttered drinking the wine.

"What? Did you say something?" his father asked looking at him confused.

"Uh No No!" Xavier shook his head at his father and smiled nervously before turning around to talk with his business associates. "Better if I keep my thoughts to myself" he thought.

Xavier's father organised a small business party where all their business partners and associates were invited with their family members. Xavier had too brought Angela to the party which was held in Xavier's dad's house. He expected it to be a boring party but to his absolute shock Angela made it totally different what he had actually thought. She looked even more sexy in that red dress. He glanced at his wife as she talked with the other ladies in the party. Clearly she was having fun in socializing.

Completely opposite to what Xavier had to go through.

Like a statue he stood with his business associates not even listening to any of their conversations. He took another glass of wine from the server and glanced towards Angela to find her already staring at him. A sly grin marred his face when he caught his wife already staring at him.


Xavier excused himself from his associates and walked towards the ladies with one hand in his pant pockets while the other holding the glass of wine.

"Oh here is your husband" said Mrs Smith who was Xavier's aunt. "Ah! So you all are here" Xavier said smiling at them but smirked looking at Angela.

He already had everything planned inside his mind and as he was The Great Mr. Egoistic he wouldn't let anyone come in between what he wanted. And currently, what he wished for was Angela his wife, to be in his arms. He had been away from home from last two weeks.

He was away in a business meeting but as soon as he landed back in Chicago he had to attend the party with his wife as ordered by his father for it was an important gathering for their company and Xavier had to oblige to his father's order. But he couldn't resist the attraction that he felt f

d. "I can't sleep without my blanket!" Ace groaned. "Oh! your blanket" Xavier said as he understood now. Ace could never sleep without his favourite fluffy blanket.

"Buddy give the phone to Lucas" Xavier asked and Ace hummed in response. "Lucas, the blanket must be inside the bag. Angela made sure to pack it. Please give it to Ace. He can't sleep without it" Xavier told Lucas.

"Oh! okay" he said in response and searched for it holding the phone. When he got it, they hung up on each other. "So? where were we?" Xavier asked smirking as he took a step towards Angela. When the door knocked and Xavier groaned in irritation. "Son are you there?" it was Brad, Xavier's father. Xavier held the bridge of his nose while Angela chose to answer the door.

"uh! Yes. I came to use the washroom!" she said and walked towards the door and opened it. "Oh! c'mon lets go downstairs. The guests are waiting for you two" he said and walked downstairs leaving them alone.

"I swear-" Xavier groaned in irritation.

The rest of the party, Xavier and Angela had to avoid each other because if they didn't then they knew they would surely lose to the temptation. Angela began to think that Xavier is fine now. The way he talked to the guests, he laughed and enjoyed with them.

She was happy for him. When the party ended, Xavier and Angela made their way to their car. "What a great party it was!" Xavier laughed while driving.

"He is normal, " Angela thought but all of a sudden he stopped the car and looked at her.

"Come to the backseat!"

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