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   Chapter 38 Spin off. Bonus chapter 1

Billionaire's Intense Love By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 7236

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Xavier looked up at the night sky from his terrace to see the stars twinkling and shining brightly. He felt a presence behind him and instantly knew from the familiar fragrance of his wife Angela. "Your coffee" she handed him his favourite coffee.

He smiled and took the coffee mug from her feeling grateful. "What are you doing up here? It's freezing!" she exclaimed as she rubbed her palms together shivering, feeling the chilly wind touching her skin.

"You Cold?" Xavier asked looking at her state to which she just shook her head no, smiling. "Come here!" he asked her by holding the coffee mug in his one hand and stretching the other one asking her to get closer to him. She obliged and walked into his arms.

He wrapped his arms around her body and felt her cold skin against his warm palm. "You are cold! Let's get in!" he said and both of them walked inside the warm house and they went to the living room where the room heater was on. Angela was relieved to get in.

"So? What are you thinking?" she asked once she saw him relaxed and sipping from his coffee. "Nothing! What made you think that I am thinking something?" Xavier asked amazed at how his wife is noticing his every single movements of him. Angela smiled at this.

She took the loose strands of her hair that was falling on her face and twirled it between her finger before tucking it behind her ear. Xavier looked at her quiet behaviour and shook his head smiling. "I know that you have found out about it" he blurted out.

Angela looked up at him with a questioning look. "I know that you have already found out about the business deal and about my one month trip to Europe!" he said to which Angela bit down on her lips hard looking the other way trying to hide her emotions.

They were already married to each other for more than a year and yet it feels as if he had got to know her just yesterday. He loved her from the bottom of his heart and the mere thought of her getting hurt because of him made him go crazy.

Angela sat there playing with the hem of her black reversible riddler dress. "I was just going to talk about it!" she exclaimed nervously. She didn't quite und

water bottle from the nightstand and gulped down the water feeling hot all of a sudden. Xavier never really seemed to amaze her.

He was always unpredictable. One second he was all aggressive and angry and the next moment he was the most sweetest and darling to her. His mood swings were even worst than her. Her pale skin had a tint of pink because of the way Xavier was now looking at her.

She made up her mind. Now it was her new resolution not to let Xavier touch her whenever they argue else she knew she would definitely lose her sanity if he goes on kissing her like that whenever they had an argument. She kept the bottle down and sighed.

She walked inside their walk-in-closet and took out the navy blue travel bag and kept it on the bed before opening it. "I am not going Angela!" Xavier exclaimed as he walked to her and tried to snatch the bag away from her. "Xavier!" she snapped.


Both of them had a staring contest to which Angela won after Xavier's phone rang and he had to get the call. It was from Dominic, Xavier's best friend who was also joining Xavier in the one month trip. Angela was relieved that Dominic called at the right time.

She began to get his stuffs while he talked on his phone glancing at her way giving her narrowed eyes look seeing his stuffs being packed. Angela just smiled and mentally she made up a plan to make him agree on the trip.

A perfect sexy gift to him, from her.

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