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   Chapter 37 Epilogue

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"Xavier! It's enough will you go now?" I said for the umpteenth time.

Xavier has a project to deal with in Europe and he needs to go there for a month. It's a big project and he will be away from home for a month. But he doesn't want to go. Every time he leaves the house for a long period, memories of John flashes back in his mind and he cancels his meetings. But this time I won't let that happen.

He needs to move on. That was a past. Must I say, a very bad past. But it doesn't mean that it will happen Every time he leaves.

I packed his luggage while he is scowling and unpacking his luggage at same time behaving like a kid.

"Xavier!" I snapped making him to glare at me.

"Now don't glare at me like that. You know it won't work" I stated keeping my hands on my hip.

"I am not going anywhere" he stated and began to unbutton his suite.

"Xavier you are going and its final" I stated leaving no room for a no.

If he is stubborn, I'm adamant.

"Don't you understand? It will take a month. I cannot stay away from home, from you this long" he stated and sat on the bed while I packed his luggage and kept the bag near the bed.

"Listen Xavier" I said as I went to him and knelt down before him holding his face in my hands.

"You need to move on. That was a past and it's not going to happen again. Okay? So you need to move on. This project is very important for your company. For our company and even for us" I said and tried to reason as much as I could.

"And don't worry about me. My family is here Xavier. Nothing will happen to me. Okay?" I asked and he closed his eyes.

"Fine!" He muttered and I beamed at him.

"But if anything happens I'm going to fly back here right at that instant leaving that project. So you get me?" He asked and I nodded.

I gave him an amused look when he began to mutter something under his breath but I could hear some parts like "Silly woman. Stubborn woman. Always doing whatever she wants".

I laughed and sat on the floor and he began to pout.

"What's so funny?" He asked irritated folding his hands over his chest.

"Nothing. You are so cute" I cooed and pinched his cheeks to which he slapped my hands away making me to laugh more.

"Oh I'm cute? Huh? Let me show you then how wild I can get" he said and began to unbutton his shirt.

My eyes widened and my laugh died in my throat.

"Xavier what are you doing?" I asked and began to get up.

"Nothing baby. Just proving how wild I can get" he threw his shirt somewhere in the room and approached me with a evil smirk on his face.

As soon as he was near me I turned and ran. I could hear his footsteps behind me but I ran too fast and opening the door of our room, I ran out of the room.

"Angela baby come to daddy" he sang when I hid myself behind a pillar like structure. I slapped my palm on my mouth to keep myself from laughing.

"Angel baby?" He sang and I peeked a little to see him going the other way.

I sighed and giggled leaning against the pillar.

Everything is so beautiful. My life, my home, my Xavier everything. And this all because of Xavier. I love him so much.

I was smiling to myself when a hand snaked around my waist and I was pulled to a chest. I instantly knew who he was and began to laugh pushing him on his chest.

"Bad girl. You need to be punished" Xavier sang and kissed my cheek.

I laughed and tried to push him "Xavier no. Wait" I began to laugh harder when he began to tickle me and soon I could find myself seeing the ground from a height.

Xavier threw me on his shoulder like I weight nothing and is advancing towards our bedroom.

"Xavier please put me down" I banged on his back and he spanked my butt making me gasp.

"Xavier!" I snapped and in no time I found myself on my bed and him hovering above me.

"Xavier you have to go. Flight to catch remember?" I said as I pushed his check to which he didn't even care.

"There's a lot of time for that. And before that I want to enjoy. Now stop pushing me otherwise I will be taking you in a rough way which you can't handle" he responded as he kissed the valley of my breast.

"Oh really?" I said and he stopped kissing me and looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Why don't you try me? If I could handle or not?" I spoke and he smirked pinning my hands over my head kissing my lips and biting them.

"Bad girl" he spoke in between the kisses and in no time I found myself naked and moaning against his chest, biting his neck, scratching his back.

"Oh God" I moaned when he slammed harder against me and began to slam faster.

"Xavier" I moaned his name and screamed when he began to pound harder.

The moment was a pure bliss for me. A perfect moment of happiness and pleasure which he gave to me.

He reached his climax at the same time with me and freed his seeds inside me. He fell next to me and wrapped his arms against me kissing my forehead softly he spoke "I will miss you. It will very hard for me. I love you".

I smiled up at him and ran my hands on his hair making him to lean over my touch.

"I will miss you too and I will wait for you. I love you too" I whispered and he smiled kissing my lips passionately and slowly.

It's been twenty two days, four hours and five minutes since he left for Europe.

He calls me everyday although our time lateral is different and out of his busy Schedule he still managed to call me and check whether everything is okay.

"Yes Xavier I'm fine. Stop worrying so much baby" I said holding my phone between my shoulder and head as I kneaded the dough using both of my hands.

"I don't know baby, I terribly miss you. I just need a reason to come back and I will be there in no time" he sighed and heard some sounds like typing from the other line. May be he is typing on his laptop.

"Xavier it's already twenty two days. More Eight days to go and you will be back. Now don't behave like a child. I told you I'm fine" I said and began to roll the dough using my hands.

I don't know why all of a sudden I wanted to eat Garlic bread.

The day Xavier left I've started to feel nauseous quite a time.

Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night searching for ice cream. I had to buy three to sour boxes of ice cream and I kept in my fridge in case I needed it in the middle of the night.

I kept this all from Xavier. I knew if I told him he would fight with me and he will definitely leave everything and come back here.

"My work is done here baby. I'm just staying here only for Dominic now. I can come back and he can the work by himself" he said nonchalantly and I scoffed.

"Xavier that's rude. You cannot leave him alone there. An

night of our marriage when you confronted me that I married you even after getting your letter?" She asked and I furrowed my eyebrows trying to remember.

"Yeah I remember, " I said remembering everything.

"What letter were you talking about? I never received any letter" she said and after staring at her for two minutes I replied, more like shouted "What?".

"Hey no need to shout" she winced blocking her ear with her palms.

"You mean you never received that letter?" I asked shocked. I did not know that she never received that letter. I remember giving it to a boy and asking him to give the letter to her and later the boy did say that he had done it. Then how is it possible that she never received that letter.

"So? What was in that letter?" She asked eagerly and I sighed shaking my head.

"Oh, it's nothing. I was an Idiot back then. Thank God that you didn't receive that letter" I muttered the last part to myself feeling relieved.

"What?" She asked her eyes questioning me.

"Oh, it's nothing. Just a list of things for the bride. It's not that important. Just forget it." I lied smiling at her.

She smiled back and shrugged her shoulders saying "okay".

But it did nag me and I kept thinking "Where did that letter go?"

"Ace, Lily come here now" I heard Angel shouting at the kids and I looked towards them to see Angel placing a hand on her belly rubbing circles unmindfully. Ace and Lily came running to us and they both sat near the glass door playing with each other. I smiled seeing both of them along each other unlike me who always fought against my cousins when I was a kid.

"Xavier!" I heard Angel screaming and I looked towards her to find her holding her belly and her face contorted with a pained expression.

"Angel? What happened? Are you alright?" I panicked seeing her condition.

"Xavier! I think it's the time" she screamed holding her belly and I ran to her kneeling in front of her.


"Xavier My water just broke" she screamed and tears began to roll down her cheeks.

"Oh shit!" I muttered and scooped her up in my arms running towards my car with the children following me and hurriedly drove off to the hospital.


Brad's Pov

"I am back darling, " I said removing the leaves from my wife's grave.

"Miss me?" I said while placing the white lilies, that I bought for her, on her grave.

"I know it's been very long time since I came here but what did I say?" I said smiling and sat near her grave.

"I told you I'll be back only after I get the good news about Xavier, " I said remembering the day when I last visited her grave.

"I found the right girl who changed him and saved him for good. You won't believe their love until you see her with your own eyes. I promise next time I would bring her and Xavier with me to visit you".

"Her name is Angela. She gave birth to our grandson, Ace who is now five years old. She will be soon giving birth to our second grandchild and this time we all are hoping for a baby girl".

"Your son has finally changed. He has become an obedient son and a loving husband. He is running our business really well. Actually better than me but I will never say this to him. This will only boost his ego" I chuckled at the last part.

"Oh and talking about ego I have something, " I said as I began to fish my pocket pulling out a piece of paper.

"Just see this. See what your silly son did" I scowled opening the folded letter and reading out loud

"I love someone else so you please refuse to this marriage. I know that Dad has chosen you to be my wife but I'm not worth it." I read and shook my head in annoyance.

"Thank God I saw this letter in that kid's hands and asked him about it".

When I read it, I couldn't believe my own son. He was really an ass but I am his father and I will be damned if I let him loose Angela, a Jewel, as his wife. So I asked the kid to tell him that he did his work and I kept that letter to myself. I knew that I was being selfish but I wanted to save my son and Angela was the perfect option for me.

I sighed and looked up at the sky tearing the letter and throwing it away.

"It's not needed anymore" I muttered to myself.

Suddenly my phone began to ring and I saw the caller ID displaying Xavier's name on it.

I took the call and received the second big happiness of my life.

"Amelia Grace Knights, " I muttered as I thought about the new born baby's name.

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