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   Chapter 35 Angela

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"He said two days?" Em said with amusement clear in her eyes.

"Hmm, I don't really have any idea what is going on in his mind, " I said as I munched on my food and watched the movie that was laying on her laptop.

"Make a guess. What do you think he would do?" she asked and that made me think about it.

"Let's see…If I were him, I would've…" I thought for a while but nothing struck my mind which resulted me in heaving a sigh.

"I don't really know. He is unpredictable. Everything he does is always so …"I tried to explain her by making circles using my hands in the air but I couldn't quite put my finger on that perfect word and ended up saying "Extravagant, "

"What?" she tittered.


"Okay then let me make a guess, " she put her hand on her chin and thought for a while before continuing "How about this…would he do the same thing that you tried to do for him?" she asked and I shook my head no.

"That honeymoon suite idea itself was inspired by his idea, " I muttered and looked down at my food.

"What idea?" she looked enthusiastic all of a sudden.

"He proposed me and confessed me in a very romantic place where he did all the arrangements by himself. That inspired me and I chose the honeymoon suite for mine idea, " I told her and kept the empty bowl aside.

"Oh tell me more about it, " she asked eagerly.

"I don't want to, " I replied curtly and plopped on the bed rolling on my stomach.

"Why not?" she groaned like a kid and sat near the bed on a chair and kept her legs on the bed.

"It's not really important right now. I just hope whatever he does…"I stopped in the middle thinking about it.

"What is it?" she asked looking curious.

"Nothing!" I replied and got up from the bed.

"Turns out you have only three days left to enjoy your spinster life, " intentionally changing the subject I looked at her and smirked when she looked down and bit her under lips.

"Yeah and I'm pretty nervous, " she mumbled and that's when her phone rang.

"Hello?" she picked her phone and I stood in the corner of the room leaning against the door and waited for her to finish her call.

"What? Tomorrow?" she asked and that made me raise an eyebrow at her.

"What is it?" I asked after she hung up the call.

"It was Lucas…" she said and looked at her phone. I couldn't quite read her facial expression as she looked at phone void of emotions …it was getting harder for me to understand whether she was happy or sad.

"Is everything alright?" I asked slowly and watched as she curled her fingers on the phone tightly and stood up in her place with a flaring nostrils.

"He said they are going to have a bachelorette party tomorrow, " she said through gritted teeth and her behaviour made me shift on my place feeling awkward.

What's wrong with her?

"Ohkay…So?" I put more stress on the latter word.

"What do you mean by so? I want a party too!" she lunged towards me and held my arms and shook me on my place.

"Em…Em..Em, "

Her eyes held this determined look which told me that she was not going to listen whatever I told her and since I had no wish to have an argument with over this and it was her wedding I decided we should have a hen party. I smiled at her awkwardly and nodded showing a thumb up. She grinned at me and the next moment sat on top of her study table dialling her friend's number inviting and discussing about the party with them.

Since I had no interest in that party and all the while Xavier had all my attention I sat back on the bed and watched the movie silently still thinking about what he was planning do to win my forgiveness.

"White…" a voice made me jerk out of my thinking state.

"Pardon?" I asked blinking several times at an excited looking Em.

"The theme is white, " she chirped and clapped her hands like a kid before jumping off the table and running to her closet probably searching for a dress.

"I don't have a good white dress, " she poked her head out from her walk-in-closet and smiled goofily at me.

"Then?" I asked.

"Shopping time…" she sang and I laughed at her excited self. I had never seen her like this. Is this what love turns a human? She used to be so serious at times, calm but not at all chatty. Nothing hiked her interests nor did she ever get excited over going to clubs or pubs but since her engagement she has changed. She seems more open and she gets excited over little things.

I am really happy for you Em… I'm glad that you are going to be my sister-in-law. My brother is really lucky to have you as his partner. You've always looked after me whenever I needed you the most and I'm sure that you'd look after my brother and cherish him until the very end.

It was already half past seven in the evening when I came back. Emily made sure buy a white outfit and even made me buy one even though I had so many white dresses inside my wardrobe. She was being persistent and overwhelmed by her excitement I bought one but only for her sake.

Holding the bag I walked in and heard everyone chatting and cheering watching a football match.

"What's up sis?" Danny asked as I walked past the living room.

"Nothing much, " I smiled at him and made my way back towards my room. But as I entered the room was unlikely dark. I wondered who switched off the light but as I reached for the switch a hand clamped my mouth and a person held me by waist as he picked me from the ground. I squealed and the bag fell from my hand but I took the moment to thrash and struggle against the person.

iet because then he would start being the cocky self only to annoy me.

"But anyways. I went to meet her and I made it clear to her to stop coming after you and me. She was stalking you Angela and somehow she was aware of the fact that you nodded to this wedding only because you wanted money. Eve-" he cut me off before I could intervene him "nthough we only know the reason why you did that!"

"She won't ever come after you, I made sure of it and you don't have to worry about me having feelings for her. Get over that!" all of a sudden he narrowed his eyes down at him and became serious.

"Wh-what are you talking about? I don't worry for such a thi-" he cut me off when he raised his arm up with my nails digging into his skin.

"Oh my!" I removed my hand and inspected his arm.

"I am sorry, "

"For what? For hurting me or for questioning and doubting on my feelings for you?" his words were like accusation to me. But I couldn't find myself to get a proper excuse for that and felt remorseful.


"But you know what? I'm truly happy!" and the cheery self was back as he grinned his boyish grin and looked down at me with happiness filled in his eyes.

"I know that you were jealous and you didn't like seeing me with her, " I rolled my eyes at him and crossed my arms over my chest huffing at him.

"I wasn't jealous, " I said in a duh tone.

"Of course you were not!" he said and placing both of his hands on my either side bend down on me. His nose touching my forehead as she spoke "Now when you know the reason, can you not forgive me?" he asked but his voice was anything but neutral. At the end he placed his lips on my temple and spoke seductively "I know you want me as much as I want you, "

"X-Xavier?" placing my hands on his forearm I tried my best to remain unaffected by his assaults but it didn't work.

Before I know it, he was already placing soft wet kisses on the side of my face and down to my neck. My breath hitched when he got my sweet spot and as if he knew that he sucked on the spot trying to gain a moan from me but in the end he succeeded and I felt my face heating up as blood rushed to my face.

"Want to hear my plan?" he whispered seductively near my ear before biting my earlobe.

"I plan on forcing the words out of your pretty face, " he chuckled and as he looked up at me, he held this coquettish grin which made me believe that he was being serious with it and that made me gulp.

"Ugh! Get off!" with a push he was off me and he laid down next to me with his arms under his head as he stared at me with a smirk plastered on his face.

"In your dreams Mr. Xavier Knights!" I huffed at him and got off from the bed and took the shopping bag to the wardrobe.

"We will see Mrs. Angela Knights, " I heard him while I unpacked the bag and kept the dress in the wardrobe.

And we will see that too Xavier. You also wait and watch. You can't force anything out of me like every time. This time I'm the one who is going to get what I want. I will not let you win every time and do whatever you want. You need to understand my place in your life.

I smirked back at him and that made him raise an eyebrow.

"What the fuck is this Dusty boy doing here Angela?" he yelled pointing an accusing finger at me to which I raised my hands in the air in surrender.

"Take a chill pill Mr. Knights. I have invited him. It's my brother's wedding after all and he is my frie-"

"Friend my ass!" he stomped out of the room while I bit the inner side of my mouth trying to control my laughter. I knew he disliked Dustin from the beginning.

"It's all because you called me a Koala Mr. Knights, " I laughed at the thought.

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