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   Chapter 34 Angela

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It was supposed to be the best day of our life. I was happy and contended with the preparations that the hotel workers did for me. I had booked a suite at the best hotel in Chicago for Xavier. It was supposed to be the start of our relationship. I was so excited yet nervous at the same time. I just hoped things to go as I had planned.

The whole day went in a blink with the preparation; choosing an extravagant place, selecting a perfect dress, settling everything and finally as soon as I drove off to the hotel I sent him a text to be on time.

There were times when my breath hitched, My heart pounded against my chest, I was completely unaware, Because I was naive.

My heart suffered the first flutter when I saw you standing at the altar, Even though you didn't know me; you were still there standing and waiting for me.

You made me cry, you made me smile, you saved me and even made me laugh.

My heart kept on fluttering every time I saw you and yet I was naive;

Not to understand why it reacted the way it did when you were near.

When you were away, I longed for you but when you were near, I ran from you.

I thought I'd end up having a heart-attack if I was near you, Because it responded too much to you.

I felt safe when I was in your arms but felt uneasy when I was not the one.

Why was it someone else in my place when you've already confessed that you have only me in your space.

I realized I don't like seeing you walking away;

And it is why I've decided I'll let you know how much you mean to me.

The candles flared up and the room lit up, When I imagined you and me together.

Pouring the wine into a glass, I waited and waited but you never showed up.

A sigh escaped my mouth as I watched the dance trainer teaching the dance steps. Emily was standing next to Lucas as the trainer taught them some steps for their reception party. Danny and Emily decided to hire a dance trainer who would teach them some steps and here we were in the living room with all the couches shifted aside as we practiced for their day.

"That's right. First, we go like this. Right foot to the front and then we turn around and same steps with the left as well. Yeah? Let's go...A one and two ..., " the trainer showed them steps and both of them followed them.

"Angel, " Xavier whispered standing next to me to get my attention.

He has been like this from the beginning of the morning. He has been trailing me around everywhere I went and has been trying a multiple of times to get me talk to him. As much as I hated to do it I couldn't let myself speak to him. My heart was hurt. It was not because he didn't show up or pick any of my calls but for the fact that he refused to tell where he was.

"Dad, I am not feeling well. I want to take some rest please, " I asked as politely as I could avoiding Xavier's penetrating gaze.

"What? What happened to you? You looked fine a few seconds ago, " Danny remarked which made me give him a pointed stare.

"Yes. But are you okay? You haven't even started on your own steps, " Em remarked and I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by Xavier.

"Oh no... she is fine. I think she is just tired. I believe we can do this. Isn't it honey?" Xavier said and I raised an eyebrow at him "Right, " I muttered nodding at him.

"See?" he laughed nervously looking at my expression and avoided my gaze after that until the trainer called us for our term.

Emily walked towards me but was restrained to her position by Lucas. We all watched as Lucas pulled her closed to him and even though there was no music playing he swirled her around and with a final twirl he let her fall in his arm in a romantic position while the whole of the family looked at them with eyes.

"Bravo!" the trainer applauded and clapped for the couple but they hardly noticed this because they were lost in each other's eyes.

"Bro..."Danny tapped Lucas' shoulder and that finally made them break out of each other's gaze. Lucas helped Em up to her feet while she adjusted her dress and walked up to me with a deep red cheek.

"Wow..." Danny teased Lucas and whistled a little. Clearly embarrassed Lucas rolled his eyes at Danny and adjusting his shirt he walked up to Xavier. Dad chuckled a little and took a sip of his bear while he sat in the corner on the sofa watching everyone sharpen their dance skills.

"Yo-" before I could open my mouth the trainer interrupted us "That was a tremendous performance by our lovely couple. Give them an applaud guys, " he remarked and everyone clapped including me. Emily looked even more embarrassed but nonetheless smiled at everyone.

"My brother can dance, " Danny teased which earned him a punch on his arm by none other than Lucas himself.


s. You can't even forgive me heartily this time...Why, " he kept a hand on my cheek as he gazed right into my eyes "are you so sad? What was it that you wanted to tell me yesterday?" he asked probably remembering my text messages.

"It doesn't matter anymore, " I croaked out and pushed him back but he held my hand tightly as I looked up at him. His eyes glistened and he looked here and there as if realizing something.

"Why would she wait ten hours for me?" I heard him questioning to himself.

"Is it... Is it possible that what I'm thinking right now is what you wanted to tell me yesterday?" he breathed out to which I just tittered in reply.

As if realization hit him his eyes widened and his drenched eyes told me that he understood it finally.

"Angela..." pulling me into a hug he buried my head into his chest as he swayed us in our position laughing softly to himself.

"Oh Angela..." he breathed out.

"Please..." he held me by my arms and with a big smile on his face looked at me with hope filled in his eyes.

"Let me hear it now, " he begged.

"Please let me know that whatever I'm thinking right now is true. Please?, "

The scowl that he had a few seconds ago was gone and his face lit up. He looked happy. Never had I ever seen him so happy but as happy he grew...the more depressed I felt. My heart ached because I was not in a position to give me what he wanted. Probably, it lacked confidence. The confidence that I had managed to build up yesterday for confessing him was gone. I just couldn't build up the courage to tell him those words.

" waiting for me, " I pulled myself out of his grip and took a step back. Immediately sadness marred his face and he looked down at me with confusion.

"I've to go, " I said and turned around.

"I know that I hurt you. But believe me...if I had known about it then I would have done everything possible to be present right before your eyes yesterday. Between us.. I am the one who wants to hear it badly. But it's okay..." he continued as I kept on walking towards my car but slowly wanting to hear whatever he was saying.

"I am the one who caused all this. I miffed my wife and I'll be the one to sort everything between us. Two days..., " he yelled on my back as I opened the car door and got into the driver seat.

"Within two days I'll make you say it to right on my face. That's my promise baby..." he laughed and my head shot towards his direction.

"You know I love you right? Then have trust in me and my promise. I will and definitely will make you say it to me right on my face. I love you, Angel, " squinting my eyes at him I shook my head and put the key in the ignition.

"Go back home, " I rolled my eyes at him when he began to throw flying kisses in my direction.

"I love yo.." I drove off to the driveway.

But as I drove a smile remained plastered on my face. No matter how much I tried I could never stay miffed with him for very long. And interestingly I wanted him to at least try win me back. I wanted to know what he could do for me that would make me forget everything and confess him that I love him.

"Oh Xavier..." I smiled to myself.

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