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   Chapter 31 Angela

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"I was just saying it like that, I never expected that you would really come here to help me, " Emily laughed as she raised up her cup of tea and took a sip.

"Of course I am the only person who can help her best friend at her wedding.Who else did you expect?" I laughed at her and she nodded her head.

"I really thought that you were just bluffing.I seriously thought you wouldn't come.I am really happy, " her eyes twinkled with excitement and she sighed with contentment.

"We are going to have so much fun together.I am really excited about my wedding, " she said dreamily.

"I am excited too, , " I said forcing out a smile all of a sudden feeling little low.

I think she noticed my expression because her smile faded away and she frowned a little saying "What is it, Angie? Is everything alright? Are you not happy with my wedding?" she askedworriedly.She was now seated at the edge of the chair looking at me expectantly wanting to hear my answer.

"What? Of course, I am happy.Everything is alright Em, it's just that I am tired, that's it, " I said as I got up from the dining table and made my way towards the kitchen.

Our house is a two storage house with six bedrooms and a guest room.Enough space for the guests who were going to help for the preparation of the wedding.I took a glass and filled it with the orange juice for my dad.

"Okay.I am glad, , " she followed me and took the glass from me keeping it on a serving tray.

"So from where do we start?, " she askedand I thought about it for a second before replying: "Umm how about selecting a good wedding invitation card?"

"Perfect, " she smiled and took the tray with her to my dad.

"Already trying to impress father-in-law are we huh?" I taunted her and she just winked at me before heading off to the lawn.

Macey my cat meowed at me and I picked it up patting its head affectionately.


The beeping of my phone disturbed my slumber as I groaned and clicking my tongue in annoyance got up from the bed and walked to the shelf where I had put my phone into the charger.There were three missed calls all from an unknown number and six unread text messages from the same unknown number.

It's a good thing that you chose to stay away from Xavier.

He is mine.

Pick up my calls or you have to face the consequences.

Ignoring me should be your last thing to do because I can harm you very badly.I hate you.

You gold-digging bitch, who do you think you are? I know everything about you.You married him for his money.Just wait until I leak this piece of information to the media.I also have proof against you.If you want me to hand you over the proof thenstay away from Xavier.I won't harm you if you don't get near to my Xavier.

You will be the sole reason for your downfall.

A sigh escaped my mouth as I read those messages again and again. It's not a not a new thing. I have been getting all these types of messages after I married him but from this last two weeks this messages have grown a lot and every time it's from the same number.

At first, I thought it would be one of Xavier's ex but then I remembered that Xavier was never really in any kind of serious relationship. The only woman I knew of him being serious was the lady whom I met and saw her hugging Xavier few weeks ago. What was her name again…Yes, Claudia.

Can it be possible that this messages are from her?

But she has a child now.


I shook the thought and like always chose to ignore the messages and checked the battery to find its already full.Groggily…I walked

e you here?, " I held his arms and even shook him in his place.He chuckled and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him.

"I am here just to watch you in this dress.I couldn't miss this opportunity since I missed it in our wedding." All of a sudden he had this gum expression on his face probably thinking of the day when we got married and the way he treated me.

"Xavier, " I said slowly and reached forward and hugged him wrapping my arms around his torso.

"Did you miss me?" he askedand I hummed in response.

"You surprised me, " I mumbled against his chest.

"You look beautiful in this dress, " he said and I removed my hands from his body before taking a step back.

"Tell me, is this what you were planning with Em? Did Em tell you where I was?" I asked and he nodded before grinning.

"Ah…I can't believe you tricked me into believing that you will be arriving this Sunday, " I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted at him.

He laughed at me and ruffled my head messing my hair in the process "No!" I exclaimed trying to stop him.

"Such an adorable couple, " I heard the women in the boutique and I looked to my side to find some ladies standing near the designer dresses looking our way.Xavier seemed to avoid them as he continued to messing my hair.

"I-I need to change, " a blush formed on my cheek and I handed my phone to him before picking up my dress and running back into the fitting room.Even though the dress was far from being tight or uncomfortable still I managed to breath in and out deeply after I put the dress off my body.

"Wow, " I sighed as I handed the dress to the salesgirl and asked her to pack it.

"Xavier, " I called for him as I watched him looking into my phone.

"Did somebody call, " I asked as he had a gloomy expression and he had his a scowl on his face.

"Nope! Nothing.Here..." He handed me my phone and I looked at it to find no missed calls or any sort of notifications.

"Let's have something to eat first.I am hungry, " he said and I nodded my head as he shoved his hand into his pant pockets and looked out of the glass door towards the road.

"Xa-, " I was cut off by the lady who handed me the bag with the dress in it.

"Thank you, " I said and turned around to Xavier.He smiled at me and reached for my hand intertwining his finger with mine we walked out of the boutique.

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