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   Chapter 29 Angela

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"Hey! How are you?" Emily asked from the other end of the phone.

"Yeah, I am fine. Tell me, what about you?" I asked pressing the clothes.

"Yeah, I am fine too. I was thinking, let's meet up today. What do you think?" Em sounded excited.

"Today?, " I asked keeping the iron on the side.

"Yes, today. We haven't met for a long time. So just catch up with each other today, " she exclaimed.

"Okay. Sounds good to me. Just message me when and where okay, " I said folding the shirts.

"Yeah! I got it.Okay bye!, " she said and hung up the call.

I kept my phone on the bed and took the folded clothes to put it inside the closet.

I was arranging the pressed clothes inside the closet when I felt a hand wrapped around my waist.


Water dripped from his hands and he pulled me to his chest.He just came out of the shower and I could smell the fragrance of his soap from his body.

"Whom are you going to meet today hmm?" he whisperedin my ears, tightening his hold on me.

"Emily. she askedme to meet her today, " I said.My breath hitched when he pushed my braided hair to the other side of my shoulder and started to place kisses on my back softly.

"Come back home before evening.Okay? I want to take you somewhere" he said turning me around to face him. "Where?, " I asked in confusion.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out, " he said smirking.

Why do I feel as though he is planning something very big?

But I shrugged it off and gave him a small smile.He smiled and leaned down to kiss me and that's when I noticed that he was standing with a towel wrapped around his waist.

He noticed my gaze and looked down then back up at me giving me a crooked smile.

"What? You don't like the view?" he askedand I tried to move past him but he held my forearms and stopped me.

"If you want you can take this towel off from me, after all, I am all yours" he joked pulling me towards him while I pushed his chest wanting to get away from him.

A smile formed on my face and he laughed teasing me.I don't know when but his towel slipped off from his waist and suddenly it was in my hand.When the realization hit me what happened, closing my eyes I threw the towel at him and ran out of the closet screaming while his laughter filled the whole room.

Oh, God!

"Angie!" Em exclaimed excitedly hugging me.

"Em, I missed you, , " I said hugging her back.

"I missed you too, , " she said and dragged the chair in order to take her seat.

We decided to meet at a restaurant, where we would catch up with each other while eating our lunch.I chose to sit on the opposite chair and sat down on the chair all the while smiling at her.

"So what's going on?, " she asked all of a sudden.

"Everything is going fine.What about you?, " I asked her and raised my eyebrows when I marked her trying to stop her smile.

"What is it?, " I asked again.

She looked at me nervously then smiled fidgeting with her fingers.

"Actually I wanted to tell you about something very important, , " she said and a blush formed on her cheeks.

"What is it? Come on you can tell me, " I encouraged her.

"It's uh ah, menu yeah menu let's order something first, , " she said shoving the menu into my face.

I gave her a weird look but nevertheless went through the menu for ordering.We have our orders to the waiter who wrote it down on his notepad and placed two glasses of water for us and went away to get our orders.

"So, what is it?, " I asked leaning towards her.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, when she opened her eyes she gave me a determined look.

"Iaminloveandwearegettingengaged, "she blurted out in one breath and huffed out air from her mouth as though a big burden drifted from her shoulders.

"What? What? What?, " I said giving her a confused look.

She looked at me for some seconds then face palmed herself muttering, "Oh, God, this is so difficult.Why did you give me this task to do?" But I heard it.

"Em, come on tell me.Clearly, "

"It's now or never, " she muttered and stared straight into my eyes.

"Angie! I am in love and we have decided to get engaged soon, " she exclaimed.

I stared at her, registering her words in my mind when I jumped at her making her eyes wide, screaming "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Congratulations!"

I was sure everyone present in the restaurant was looking at us.She laughed and hugged me back saying "Thank you."

I went back to my seat and leaned on my chair for some minutes. "Who? How? When?, " I asked making her giggle.

"I never thought I would fall for him.He is great guy Angie.I never told you this but he was after me from my High school.I always rejected him.But when he was in a problem then only I realized how much I loved him.I couldn't see him like that.My heart shattered when I saw him in pain.I realized how much I loved him.I was a fool not realizing his love towards me, " she said her eyes glistening with happy tears.

"Aww Em.I understand, " I said taking hold of her hand and giving it a squeeze.

She smiled and took the glass of water and gulped it down.

"So, who is the lucky man?, " I asked taking my glass of water and gulping down from my throat.

"It's um uh don't panic okay.It's your brother Lucas Carson, " she blurted pot making me choke on my water.

"What?, " I exclaimed shocked.

She bit down on her lips and looked at me nervously "It's your brother Lucas, Angie!, " she said slowly.

I was shocked.I knew that something was between them but never have I thought that my big brother loved her and that also from her high school days.


"Oh, Angie! I can understand if you don't like me to enga-, " she began but I cut her off "Shut up.Of course, I don't have any problem.You will be the best choice for my brother, " I said making her smile.

"It's just that you never said anything about this to me and not did my big brother.And where is he? He should be the one telling me all this, " I said irritated with the fact.

"Oh, believe me, Angie, I did tell him to inform you by himself but he was the one who pushed me into this, , " she said crossing her hands on her chest.

"God! Where is he?, " I asked.

"Right behind you, , " she said with a frown on her forehead.

I raised an eyebrow and looked behind to see him behind our table giving me a sheepish look.He got up from his seat and came towards us while I glared him.

"Haha uh, hi Angie.How are you?" he said nervously.

"Oh, don't you have any idea how I am right now big brother?, " I said enunciating each word slowly.

"Am I in trouble?" he askedrubbing his neck.

I looked at Em and then at him saying "Yes you are. "

It's already five in the evening and I am going back to the Mansion, my driver driving the car.Lunch went well.I came to know about Lucas's feelings about Emily. He even kissed her before my eyes.

They have decided to get engaged and they will officially declare it very soon.Right now I am really late.Xavier told me that he would take me somewhere today and for that I should get ready.

The thing is I don't know where he is taking me and I don't have any idea on what to wear.

As soon as I reached home, I dashed into the bathroom taking a good shower and came out wearing a bathrobe.I went inside the closet and stood there thinking what to wear.When nothing came into my mind, I decided to ask Xavier.

I took my phone and messaged him asking "Hey! I was thinking where are you taking me?"

I waited for some minutes and checked my inbox when my phone beeped.

"I already told you.It's for me to know and for you to find out."

"But what should I wear?" I asked and waited.

"Umm wear something short and fancy"

"Okay, " I said and kept my phone aside and went back inside the closet.

I searched for something red.I wanted to wear red today.I got a red short up to my mid thigh dress with no sleeves.I wore it and brushed my hair leaving it down.I wore a pair of heart-shaped studs and a golden ring to match my outfit.I applied mascara and red lipstick with gloss and wore my black stiletto.

I took my purse and kept my phone in it and went downstairs to the living room.It was already seven in the evening and yet there was no sign of Xavier.Worriedly I took out my phone to call him but stopped when my doorbell rang.I went to get it and opened the door only to find our chauffeur standing on the porch with a smile on his

t want to get up from the bed, I stood up and dragged my feet to the opposite wall for getting the landline phone.


"Sweetie, I forgot to remind Xavier that the blue lunch box is for his clients because the food in it has peanuts in it and Xavier can't eat that because he is allergic to it" Lucy finished in one breath and I screamed a 'What'horrified after hearing that.

Xavier was indeed allergic to peanuts and the last time he ate a dish which had peanuts in it he almost fainted.His blood pressure was low and his skin looked pale.

"What? How can you forget such a thing, Lucy? Oh, my god!" I panicked, even more, when I saw the time.It was almost his lunch time.

What if he eats that food in that blue box?

"I couldn't tell him about it because I had kept the box on the table.One was a red one which was his lunch box and another one was for his clients which he told me to prepare specially for his clients.I cooked a special dish which contains peanuts but before I could inform him about it he had left with the boxes when I was in the laundry room picking up the clothes, , " she said and I paced around the room terrified.

"Did you call him?, " I asked "Yes, I did but his phone is switched off and I even called his Mr.Ron and his receptionist.Mr.Ron's phone is also switched off and the receptionist said they are in a meeting and to top of that Xavier has left his allergic meds in the home, , " I heard her worried voice and decided that I would be taking his meds to his office.

"Okay don't worry I think he hasn't had his food yet else he would have already called us.Don't worry.Ask Marc to get the car ready.I'll be going to his office with his meds and I'll make sure he doesn't have that food, , " I said hung up on her before running around the room searching for his meds which I found on his side of the drawer and I hurried down the stairs meeting a worried Lucy on my way.

"Don't worry I'll reach on time, "I yelled as I ran towards the door.

"Be careful!, " I heard her and as I got inside the car Marc our new driver pulled the car towards the driveway and towards the direction of Xavier's office.All the while I prayed to God that he shouldn't eat the food and if he did his allergy shouldn't surface before I reach him with the meds.I was worried for him.I could even feel my heartbeat thudding in anxiety worrying for him.

As soon as the car took a halt, I jumped out of the car and ran towards the building's entrance.The guards looked at me and the receptionist whom I met a few days back also greeted me in my way as I waited patiently for the lift.

As fast as I could I ran out of the lift towards his office room which I remembered from the last time I came here but by the time I reached his door, I was huffing and panting badly.But then relief washed over me as I walked into his room and saw both of the boxes untouched.Smiling and taking a sigh of relief I turned around and walked to the other partition in hopes of finding him there but stopped when I saw another person with him.

His Ex-fiancé was standing there but not just standing but hugging Xavier who was also hugging her back.Her eyes were closed and she kept her head on Xavier's shoulder as Xavier patted her back.

At first, I thought probably she was forcibly hugging him but then Xavier looked far from being uncomfortable with her.It was the same feeling I felt when I saw that woman in the house who came in search of her chain.At first, when I saw her and Xavier coming out of the room, I had this uneasy and burning sensation in my heart which later subsided after I got to know that nothing happened between them and she was just looking for her lost chain.For today, the emotions that I felt was something different.

How could he hug the woman who betrayed and cheated on him?

Does he still love her?

He hasn't forgotten about her.Hasn't he?

When I first met her today itself I had this sudden dislike towards her.Not because she cheated Xavier but because she was his first love and even his fiance.What made him hug her?

I felt the sides of my eyes stinging and I turned around on my feet and walked out of the room not wanting to disturb them.On my way, I met Ron and handed him the meds letting him know about the peanuts being in the blue box.

As I walked out of the building tears shredded down my eyes uncontrollably.

Why am I only one who becomes the one people use when they want to forget or get over someone?

He told me that he loves me and here he his hugging his ex.I don't care about the reason but why am I the one who is feeling as if my heart has been sliced into two?

"Where to ma'am?" Marc asked as I got inside the car.

"Back home, , " I said and he nodded before driving off.When Isaid home, I meant my home.

Everything is just too much for me all of a sudden.He had asked me and has given me time to love him back but I need to overcome my uneasiness before I could confess him that yes, I do love him.But for that, I need to focus my mind on one thing and at the current time with everything being around its becoming difficult for me to think.

Finally, I decided to go back home for some days to have my mind focussed and relax.I thought I would help Em in her wedding and I would get to spend a little time away from Xavier to think.With him being around it was becoming difficult for me to sort out my feelings.

"So, I'll be going back home for some days, you know for helpingEm in her wedding, , " I told the story which was my reason to leave the house all of a sudden to Lucy and walked up the stairs towards my room.

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