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   Chapter 23 Angela

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I don't understand Xavier.One second he is so sweet and warm and the next second he becomes an erupting volcano all angry and throwing tantrums.He seriously needs to control his anger.The boys who whistled at me were only kids.I didn't mind them because I knew it was of no use but Xavier, he bolted towards them in anger.

I have seen him fighting before and might I say he is a fierce fighter.The way he fought with John sent shivers down my spine.John didn't have any chance before him.I thought he was going to kill him that day though he was really killed by the cops; I was relieved that Xavier was not the one to kill him.

Xavier pushed me inside the washroom and began to kiss me.I don't understand what's with him in kissing me.I never expected affection from his side but the way he has started to treat me is really heart touching.

I have never been kissed before let alone hugged by a male who is not from my family or friends so, this is the reason why I became stiff whenever Xavier tends to hug me.I know that he is my husband but I never expected any bold statements for me from his mouth.He even declared that I am going to need those lingeries one day in the near future.That means intimacy!

Xavier and me hav…

I blushed deep red and looked at Xavier who was talking with someone in his phone.We are currently sitting in the cafe, still in the mall.After so much of shopping we were hungry and we decided to eat in this cafe.

Xavier looked at me still talking with someone in his phone and raised an eyebrow because of my sudden blush.I think, he understood why I was blushing so hard because the next moment he began to grin.I averted my gaze to the other side and leaned back on my chair.

He soon stops his conversation and shoves his phone back into his pant pocket.Then he leaned from his chair towards me and whispered "what's with your red cheeks Angel? Were you thinking something dirty about me that made you blush so hard?" he whisperedseductively which made me blush more and I shielded my face with my hands away from his sight.

"Aww you are so cute, you know that?" He cooed and tried to pinch my cheeks but I slapped it away making him to laugh out loud.

Please! God call me to you.

The waiter who was a young boy came and smiled at me.I smiled back and he asked our orders.I ordered a chocolate frappe and a sandwich.He wrote it down on his notepad and looked towards Xavier only to find him clenching his fists on the table and his jaws were locked.He was glaring at the waiter with a murderous look.

Again! What happened to him?

"What's with you smiling towards my wife?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"Xavier!, " I whispered.

Not again.

"Same as she ordered for me" he gritted out to the waiter.The waiter nodded and dashed away.

"Xavier he was just doing his work.It's his duty to maintain a good relation with the customer, " I said frustrated with Xavier's behavior and crossed my arms around my chest huffing.

"You don't have any Idea what types of look he was giving to you and I don't like it.Why did you even smile back at him? You rarely smile to me but you smiled at a stranger? Why?" Xavier asked arrogantly.

Is he being Serious?

I gave him a look not believing what he just said to me and shook my head.It is useless to explain him.Does he seriously want me to show arrogance to a waiter?

"Answer me Damn it, " Xavier said banging his hand on the table.

Everyone's eyes were now on us and I began to feel nauseous.I don't like attention.I began to panic and I began to look here and there.

I think Xavier saw my condition because soon I heard screeching sounds of chair dragging and it was placed beside me.Xavier sat on it and took my hands and made me to look at him.

"Look! I'm sorry.I don't want to be harsh on you.After that John's incident I cannot trust anybody around you.Please try to understand.I'm really sorry" he said seriously and I saw sincerity in his eyes which made me to give him a small smile and nod my head at him assuring him that I understand.

He smiled and squeezed my hands "You don't have any Idea what you are capable of doing to me" he whisperedto himself but I heard it.

What capable of?

Our orders were placed before us and the waiter dashed away as soon as he kept out plates.I gue

thought about Angel.I am like a teenager who found his first love whenever I was around her.I tend to smile, laugh, tease, and flirt when I'm around her.She is my hope.She is my gift for the prayers I did to god.She is my peace to my sufferings.

I looked out of the window and someone grabbed my attention.Immediately a smile appeared on my lips and my heart beat began to skyrocket when I saw the person twirling happily in rain.

I ran out of the room and towards the drawing room and opened the slider glass door.

I smiled and shouted "Hey! You are still weak.Come back here or you will catch a cold. "

She turned around and stared at me.She has changed into a white short dress which reached her thighs and she was all soaked because of the rain.She was the perfect picture of an Angel.

In fact, she was an Angel.My Angel.

"No! You come here, " she shouted back.

"What?! No! You come here, " I shouted back.

She began to laugh and she ran towards me "Hey watch out! You are bare foot.You will hurt yourself!, " I yelled seeing her bare foot.

She shook her head and smiled "Nothing will happen to me.Now come, " she gestured me to join her in the rain.

"No, " I shook my head and crossed my hands.

She came to me and took my hand and dragged me to the rain.

"Wet! You are making me wet!, " I yelled trying to shield myself from the rain putting my hands on my head.

She laughed at my statement and came towards me "I hate rain, " I whispered to her.

"I love rain, , " she whisperedback.

"My mom used to tell me that rain can wash away all your pain and sufferings.So, why don't you let the rain to do that for you?, " she askedlooking at me.

The rain water dripping down her face.

"How do you know that I was in pain?, " I asked mesmerized with her beauty.

She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders smiling at me.Though she didn't answer me, I knew she had started to feel my pain.

"Come here, , " I said opening my arms.She looked at me and wiped the water out of her face.Then she slowly came towards me and into my arms.I hugged her tight feeling her body against mine.I was so happy.Finally, I found my happiness.

"Angel?, " I called her and she looked at me through her beautiful glassy blue orbs "I'm sorry, " I whispered rubbing her cheeks with my palm.She smiled and I only noticed her lips.They were tempting me.They were calling me and I obliged to them.

I kissed her again holding her tight.We were still in the rain and I didn't care about it anymore.Tingles began to run down my skin and I held her tight to myself.My love was Intense towards her and my soul craved for her.Only her.

She wrapped her arms around my neck to steady herself and kissed me back.

You said the rain would wash away my pain and sufferings?


You are the one who took away all my pain and sufferings.

I love you.

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