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   Chapter 22 Xavier

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"Xavier, When can we go home?, " she asked as I helped her walk towards her bed from the bathroom.

"Soon! After you better, , " I told her as I made her sit comfortably on her hospital bed.She was still dressed in her hospital gown and her hand still had that intravenous needle attached to it on the back of her hand.

"But I am already better, and I want to go home, " she chided.

I chuckled at it and tilted my head amused by her behavior.

"So you think you are better now?, " I asked raising an eyebrow and she shook her yes.

"Let's see then, , " I said and I poked her side which made her wince and immediately she glared at me.I raised my hands in the air in mock surrender.

"Sorry! I was just checking, " I said and chuckled when she mumbled something to herself.

"Well? Did you get your answers? About being, " I air quoted the word "better" to which she gave me a sarcastic smile and crossed her arms across her chest.

"Fine!, " she scowled at me.

I laughed a little on her scowling face and walked towards the stand and poured the soup into the bowl from the thermos flask.

"No! No! Not again!, " she whined seeing me pour the soup for her.

"Then what else do you wish to eat milady?, " I asked amused at her reaction.

"French Fries, " she said dreamingly.

"Okay! Sure! get better and the day I see no scars on your skin you will get to eat whatever you like and want.Actually, I will make them for you and we can eat them together, " I told her from my shoulder and heard her huffing at me.

"Xavier!, " she groaned and I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Now cmon! Open your mouth, " I said holding the spoon filled with soup for her.

"Hahaha?, " she said and grinned.

"Angela!, " I said sternly pouring the soup back in the bowl and stirring it a little.

"You don't need to feed me! I can do that of my own, you know, " she said which made me roll my eyes at her childishness.

"Sure you can! Now open your mouth, " I told her warning her with my eyes to argue with me.She seemed to get the warning and she smiled sheepishly finally obliging to what I said.

I made her drink the whole bowl of soup without hearing her complaints of how it tastes, and how it lacked salt and pepper and what not.

"Finally!, " I sighed seeing now empty bowl.

"Now take your med and rest, , " I said as I kept the bowl aside and took her medicines out from the paper bag for her to take.

I gave her the meds and a glass of water.She grimaced seeing the syrup and gulped it down turning up her nose which made me chuckle.

"Ew! bitter, , " she frowned.

"I know, " I mimicked her tone making her mock glare at me.

Suddenly, we were interrupted by the door of the room opening with people walking in crowding the place with their presence.I looked at them to see three men and a woman walking towards Angel seeming worried and concerned.

As soon as they soon Angel awake and sitting on the bed, their facial expression changed to a relief one and I recalled them as Angel's family and the woman were perhaps from one of her close acquaintance.

"Angie my sweetheart!, " I recognized the man as Angela's father.

He hugged his daughter and I smiled seeing their bonding as Angela giggled and hugged her father back.

"Ow! Ouch!" Angel winced and I was fast on my feet stepping beside her.

"She is hurt.Please remove your hands from her back, " I said and as soon as I said that her father's eyes widen and he immediately his retreated his hands back examining Angela's face.

"Oh, my gosh! I didn't know.I'm sorry" her father said worried clear in his voice.His eyes looked gloomy and damp seeing his only daughter in such condition.Somehow, I found myself feeling guilty thinking that if I had been with her from the beginning than this would have never happened to her.

Angela seemed to notice my expression and she raised her eyebrows at me questionably.

I shook my head and smiled at her assuring her that everything was fine.She seemed to nod at me but I knew she was anything but assured.

"It's okay dad, " Angel said and placed her arms on his making him sit beside her on the bed.

"What is all this? We just a phone call from Mr.Brad Knights and we were informed about you and your condition" Lucas said as he raked his hand through his hair.

"Are you alright? What really happened?" he askedeagerly which made Angel and I exchange glances at each other.

I nodded at her and she sighed putting her head on her father's shoulder.

"Don't worry! I am fine know, " she said and after that, she filled them with all the events and incidents that happened to her.

"That Bastard!, " I saw Danny Carson losing his temper.

He clenched his teeth and his palms were balled into a fist ready to punch someone.

"How dare he hurt my sister" he sneered and somehow I scratched the back of my neck.

"What will he think if he ever comes to know the ways I treated his sister, " I wondered.

"Don't worry.The matter has been taken care of by the police and Mr.John Winters will no longer be a problem for Angela, " I said and looked as he nodded visibly relaxing upon hearing that.

"Sweetie we were really worried, " Mr.Carson said looking sad.

"Yeah! We are meeting you after a long time and we are seeing you in this condition, " the woman said as she came near Angela and hugged her softly trying not to hurt her.

"Oh, Emily!" Angela said hugging her back.

"It's all my fault.I am responsible for all this tha-, " I said but I was cut off by Angela.

"Dad if he was out on his business trip to England for an important meeting.He was supposed to come back after two days but he managed to get me on time, saving me from that man.He saved me, dad.He saved my life!" Angel took my side and everyone looked between us.

"We know.You don't need to feel guilty Mr.Knig-, " I intervened saying "Please call me Xavier, , " I said and he nodded unsurely and looked at Angela who just smiled at him.

"Uh. . Thank you for saving my daughter Xavier" Mr.Carson said and I smiled in return.

"We are grateful to you for saving Angela.If it wasn't for you reaching in time then God only knows what would have happen-" he paused and looked at his daughter with teary eyes.

"We are in debt to you and your father.You both have helped us in our worst conditions" he said with sincerity in his voice.

"Angel is my wife and I would have gone to any extent to save her, , " I told them the truth.

"Still! We will remain grateful to you.Always" Lucas said smiling at me and Angel.

"My sweetie has always complimented how you always take care of her Xavier, " Emily said and I glanced towards Angela who just gave me a shy smile and hid her face hugging her father which made everyone chuckled at her.

But me, my heart swelled with even more love for her than I already had for her.I still can't believe the ways I treated her and yet here she was still saving me and taking my side.

I excused myself from there as everyone began to chatter with her and I thought to give them some family time while me, I wanted to get away from their because I was fighting with my own feelings towards her.The love was growing inside me day to day and I was growing even more impatient wanting to know or even to have the slightest idea how she felt for me.

"Damn!, " I cursed raking a hand through my hair as I leaned against the wall just outside of her room.

"Everything alright son?, " I saw my father walking towards me warily looking at my disheveled state.

"No!, " I sighed wearily as I hauled myself to my feet.

"Hmm?" he looked confused.

"Dad where did you find her?, " I asked as I cross my arms across my chest.

He looked at me still confused waiting for me to finish.

"That woman has managed to made me fall hard for her, " I finished and watched as he looked at me baffled and soon his face had his usual smirk plastered as he gave me a knowing look.

I knew what that look means.

It means you are whipped.

I looked at Angel to find her already staring at me.

"What?, " I asked raising an eyebrow.

"I never said my gratitude to you for saving me, " she paused and then said: "Thank you. "

"Only Thank you?, " I asked taking a sit on the chair next to her.

Everyone after visiting her had left now and now I was alone with her in the room.

"What else?, " she frowned.

I smiled and leaned towards her "I want something else, " I whispered touching her frown with my finger.

"And what is that?, " she whisperedback.

"I don't know.Maybe a kiss, " I said smirking seeing her eyes widen.

"Xavie-, " I cut her off placing my finger on her lips.

"Sssh, just a kiss will do, " I whispered seductively.

She gulped visibly and removed my finger from her lips.She started to lean forward and I waited for her to kiss me.She leaned more forward towards my lips but as soon as she was near my lips she changed her direction and pecked me on my cheek and went back to sleep covering her face with the pillow.

"Hey! that wasn't a kiss, " I whined and shook her to get up.

"You didn't tell me to kiss where? So I did what I wanted.I'm sleeping Good Night Mr.Knights" her voice came out muffled because of the pillow.

"Not fair!, " I said but smiled at her cuteness.

"Good Night Mrs.Knights, " I mimicked her tone again making her to glare at me.I shrugged my shoulders and smirked at her.

After four days, she finally got a discharge from the hospital.

"Finally! I'm going home" Angel clapped her hands excitedly.

"Yeah Yeah Now don't run, , " I said in a stern voice seeing her jumping and squealing in excitement.

"As you say Captain, " she saluted me.

"I think your Medicines has affected your brain, , " I said in a teasing tone seeing her excitement.

She stopped in her tracks and glared at me "Please!, " she said narrowing her eyes.

"You know your name should be Godzilla, not Angela.It suits you well, " I said teasing her more.

She stomped her feet and pouted crossing her arms on her chest "Mr.Knights!"

I laughed and escorted her out of the hospital towards the car and we drove back home.

As soon as we came back she was tackled in a hug by Lucy who was really worried about her.

"Sweetie I miss you.I got really scared when I came to know what happened with you.I'm really sorry.It's all my fault.I should have been there with you that day when Mr.Knights was away.I shouldn't have left you alone, " she cried.

"Relax Lucy.No one knew that it was going to happen and I was the one who gave you the day off.So it's not your fault" Angel said wiping away Lucy's tear and patting her back.

"Okay, now you two.Let's get inside, " I said helping Angel to walk inside.

As soon as we reached inside the living room Angel stopped in her tracks."Everything is changed, " she whisperedlooking a

the shop.

"No, No Xavier! I'm not going inside.I don't wan-, " I didn't listen to her and dragged her inside.

The sales girl came to us and I put my bags on the couch and asked the sales girl to show a sexy black lingerie for Angel.She nodded and went away.

"I don't understand.I don't need those and why are we here?" Angel asked nervously, her breathings uneven.

"Of course you need those.Come on, you are my wife and one day you are surely going to need those, " I said boldly grinning at her.

She looked at me with widened eyes and her mouth opened to say something but she couldn't utter a word because of my sudden bold words.I knew she never expected me to say those words to her.

She is the 'good girl' after all but too bad I'm the bad boy and I will go up to any extent to show her that she belonged to me.

The sales girl came back holding a lacey black silk lingerie and held it before Angel's eyes saying "How is it ma'am?"

I saw Angel closing her mouth and opening it again.Words not forming in her mouth. "Oh, she will try it now and we will see how it looks, " I said smugly making her already widened eyes wider.

"WHAT?, " she finally said and the sales girl pushed her inside the trial room. "Wait! no, no, listen I don't want t-, " she was cut off by me standing before her.

"Try it and let me see unless you want me to go inside and help you to strip, , " I said seductively making her gulp.She snatched the lingerie from the girl and went inside.

"This is blackmailing, " I heard her.

I waited for her for some minutes and I began to think that maybe I was taking things fast with her.I needed to slow down a little because she still isn't comfortable around me hugging her and let alone touching her.

The door opened making me stop my thinking and my mind went blank.There stood my princess wearing a sexy as hell black lingerie which displayed her curvy waist and toned stomach, never ending long legs and beautiful body.The lingerie only displayed the cleavage of her breast and it was strapless.The black color perfectly made her skin to look fairer and the sexiest part was the chain which I gave her.It ended in the middle of her cleavage and she looked gorgeously out of the world.The lingerie was a piece of silky cloth which only shielded her private parts. It was strapless and the panty joined the bra by a thin line of cloth joining together from her waist.

It was too mesmerizing for me and I found myself unable to move.She was nervous, I could say that by only looking at her chest heaving with her uneven breath and I found myself drowning in her beauty.

I was pulled out of my world when I saw group of young males coming inside the shop.Angel gave a panicked look and I immediately went inside the trying room and closed the door pushing Angel inside with me.

I don't want any other male to see her.She is forbidden to show her beauty to others.She is only mine.

I closed the gap between us and sandwhiched her with the wall and my body.I trailed my finger on her shoulder and leaned near her ear making her grow more nervous.

"I said You are my Wife and one day you are going to need these.Mark my words, one day not today.I respect your decision and when you are comfortable enough to give yourself willingly to me, I will wait till then, " I whispered huskily in her ear making her hold into my shirt.

I was happy that she was starting to get affected by my words and I truly respect her. I won't force myself on her only to make her mine.I wanted to own her soul.Her body.Her mind and her heart.I should be the only one in her heart, nobody else.

She relaxed visibly and I think I saw her smiling because she looked the other way.Nevertheless, I couldn't restrain myself from kissing her cheek affectionately and pushed myself off her.

"Next time I don't think I can control myself, , " I said to her and she gasped when I held her by her waist and pulled her to me.

"God help me!, " I whispered and finally kissed her on her lips.I knew it as the first time for her when I'm kissing her when she is on her senses.Last two times was when she was drunk and was in the hospital, unconscious.

I kissed her passionately showing her that I would wait for her and squeezed her waist.She moaned and began to kiss me back.I pulled her closer to me and tilted my head to gain more access.I started to kiss her roughly by pushing her to the wall.She wrapped her hands around my neck and one of her hand played with my hair.I began to trail my hands feeling her every curve and kissed her hungrily.Our lips perfectly molded with each other and the tingles I felt when I was kissing her was like magic.Never in my life have I felt tingles running down my nerves when I would Kiss a girl.

I had to stop myself because if I didn't, I knew that I would do something which I would definitely regret later.I pushed myself away from her and looked at her.Her lips were red and were swelled because of my rough kiss.I smirked when I saw her skin began to grew red.She was breathing heavily and I wanted to kiss her again seeing her chest move while breathing.

"Next time, " I whispered and came out of the room closing the door.After some minutes she came out wearing her clothes and she handed the lingerie to the sales girl."We will take it, , " I said to the sales girl and she took it to the counter for billing.

I looked at Angel who looked flushed and I went to the counter to pay for the lingerie.

I heard some wolf whistles and I looked around to find that group of young guys looking at Angel and giving her lustful looks.My blood boiled and certainly, I had a feeling to kill each one of them.Only if the killing was legal.

Call me possessive, but I don't like sharing what's mine with others.I angrily marched towards them and when they saw me coming towards them I could see fear flickered in their eyes because they were young very young probably teenagers.I was really close to them when Angel stood in front of me blocking them from my view.

"Angel Move!, " I gritted out.

"Please leave it, they are kids.Please let's go, " she whisperedher eyes showing fear.

"Move!, " I said and looked at the boys seething with anger.

Angel didn't budge and held my arms "please, " she whispered.

I felt her hands trembling.

"I will leave this place only if you let me kiss you, , " I said not averting my gaze from the boys.I knew she would say no and I would be able to beat the shit out of them.I only said that to avert Angel's mind from me.

But as always the unexpected happened she nodded making me to look at her by holding my face in her hands.

I liked the deal but still, I wanted to teach them a lesson but I didn't want Angel to fear me.But to like me.I sighed and pulled her closer to me and wrapped my arms around her waist.I glared one last time at the hormonal teenagers and took the bags and we both went out of the shop.

When we reached near the washroom I pushed Angel inside it and locked it making her gasp.I kept the bags above the basin and pulled Angel to me whispering

"Yes where were we?"

"Time to keep your promise Mrs Knights. "

And with that I kissed her again not caring where we were.

This is heaven.

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