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   Chapter 15 Angela

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I woke up only to be closing my eyes and holding my head with my hands because of a headache.

Oh, God! My head hurts.

"Wait! What happened?"

I groaned rubbing my forehead with my fingers to lessen the pain, but it was of no use.I was thirsty and I wanted to drink water.

As if god heard me someone held me a glass of water in front of my face.Without seeing who it is I just grabbed the glass and Advil which was kept on the nightstand and gulped it down my throat.

"Feeling better?" Someone asked and I had to look up to see who it was.

"Mr.Knights? it's you?, " I whispered my voice hoarse.I cleared my throat and looked here and there "What happened?"

"What happened? Do you really not remember?" he askedraising an eyebrow.

I groaned and said "I mean what happened last night? I can't remember anything, " I said and his face became serious.

He sat down on my bed beside me and said: "How much do you remember?"

I rubbed my forehead and tried to remember "Let's see, uh I went to the party and then everyone started cheering then Dustin went away with some guy and then I went to seat on a couch there.The-then some guy came to me and asked me to dance with him, " I groaned and drank another gulp of water from the glass.

"Then what happened?" Mr.Knights asked sounding curious.

"He didn't seem like a good guy so I denied him and went towards the bar to which he followed me and then he started to flirt with me and forced me to drink alcohol."

"You shouldn't have gone there, " Mr.Knights said his lips forming into a thin line.

"Yeah but what happened next I don't remember anything, , " I said and I think I saw a mischievous glint in Mr.Knights's eyes.

He coughed and said in a husky voice "You don't remember?"

"No?" My answer came out more like a question.

"Oh, you don't remember? How can it be possible?" he said with a sad tone and held my hands with his.

"Angel, Last night was supposed to be the most memorable night of our life and sweetheart you forgot everything?"

"Sweetheart?, " I repeated questionably to him.

"Yes, sweetheart you said you liked when I call you sweetheart, do you remember now?" he asked.

My eyes were big and I shook my head negatively not knowing what to say.

He sighed and squeezed my hands saying "Last night, I went to the club and saw that guy forcefully trying to get over you.I gave him a uh piece of my mind and grabbed your hand and dragged you out of the club to my car."

"Then?, " I asked slowly.

"Then when I was driving suddenly you said me to stop the car.I did it and then what happened I can't even say it" he exhaled loudly and looked other way.

I shuddered thinking about the impossibilities and my heart pounded wildly against my rib cage.I made him look towards me holding his chin and asked "What happened?"

He held my hand which was previously on his chin and said:" With this hands, you touched me yesterday."

"Okay?, " I urged

till beating wildly.

Did he play with my mind?

I opened my eyes and grabbed the pillow beside me and started to fling it towards him.

He started laughing again and soon we were involved in a wild pillow fight.

On the middle of the fight he grabbed my pillow and threw it away.Then he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him making me to gasp due to our close proximity.

He stared at me with his intense green eyes making me to shiver and shudder in his arms.He pushed my golden locks out of my face to the back of my ear.Trailing his fingers from my eyes to my jaws he said huskily "I like seeing you laugh and carefree around me.I lied to you about everything that happened between us last night though some parts of it were true like you stopping the car, running away, pushing me into the fountain."

A small smile formed on my lips and his eyes traveled towards my lips.I saw a change in his eyes which seemed like hunger, lust and something else.

I averted my face away from his face looking towards the other side.

He finally let go of me and cleared his throat saying "Uh get ready in two hours we are going to my relatives house to meet them."

I nodded and bit down my lips.

He sighed and used his fingers to release my lips from my teeth, his cold fingers lingering on my warm lips more than a minute "Don't do that" he said and removed his fingers from my lips.

He went towards the door but before closing it he turned towards me and said "Oh, I forget to tell, the kissing part in that fountain was also true" he said dreamingly and grinned seeing my widened eyes and flushed face.

I took a pillow from the floor and threw it at him but it didn't touch him because he closed the door in time making the pillow to hit the closed door.

His laughter was audible from the other side of the door and I grabbed a pillow and stuffed my face in it screaming loudly while blushing deep red.

We kissed and I don't remember anything.

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