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   Chapter 13 Xavier

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After being stuck up in that hospital for almost two weeks finally, we were discharged. My forearm is fully healed but I still have some raw scratches and cuts all over my body and Angela's stitches were gotten rid off and her leg seems much better now but she is still asked not to give pressure on that leg.

We are now at the airport waiting for our flight to go back home. The last two weeks were worst. That hospital food makes me want to puke to death. I wanted to go back home and ask Lucy to prepare me a nice supper. From last few months, her cooking skills have increased and she is making delicious food which I want to eat the most.

We paid a visit to Valerie to find that she was doing great. She was healing up and Angela was more tham excited to hear about it from the doctors. I made sure to hire the best doctors for her treatment and paid up her bills and even decided to transfer her to her home town hospital so that she could be with her family. Everything was finally getting in place.

Just Vitaly!

His family was torn when they received the news. Both Dad and I had great difficulties to console his family and finally dad decided that he would compensate a great amount of money and even offered to look after Vitaly's younger sister until she gets married. It was a small piece of offering from our side compensating their loss but we knew it was nothing to what they had actually lost.

It was the truth. Vitaly wasn't ever coming back.

Life is going on, and from all those days I have come to know and witness many things and emotions.

But something more has happened within these two weeks.


I have come to know some things about her. That is she's strong, she's beautiful, she talks less, she's kind and she feels other people's pain. Still, I don't get the answer for her to marry me.

When our flight was announced we made our way to our destination.

It's been two hours since we are on the plane. Angela has taken the window seat whereas I'm sitting beside reading a business magazine. I kept stealing glances at her sometimes.

The plane began to shake a little but I didn't bother because I knew it was the usual turbulence but when I looked at Angela I found her gripping the armrest tightly with her hands and eyes were closed in fear.

The sight before me clenched my heart. She was scared but still, she didn't ask for help.

She was yet to feel warm around me.

I hesitantly placed my palms over her hands and murmured "Relax it's just the turbulence"

I was afraid that she might not like me touching her that again the unexpected happened.

She gripped my hands with both her hands and didn't leave me till the turbulence was gone.

I liked it, though.

When we reach home we were attacked by Lucy hugging us and screaming and sobbing. I could see that she has grown fond of Angela more than me. She hugged her and kissed her.

It was obvious that everyone in the world knew about our dreadful crash and Lucy wasn't oblivious to it. I made my way towards the house and I knew Angela and Lucy were following me.

Lucy kept her asking her about her condition and I just rolled my eyes annoyed that Lucy wasn't leaving me and Angela alone.

I stood in the living room while I saw Lucy ranting with Angela. I was waiting for her to leave. But when Lucy stopped her babbling and went towards the other room I thought I got my chance but my chance was thrown out of the window when Angela went past me towards her room leaving me there cold and alone.

Just great!

I too went to my room and took a long warming shower relaxing. I laid on my bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.

I never said, "Thank you" to Angela for saving my life.

I grinned and got up the bed thinking that I found a topic to talk to her. I got out of my room and made my way towards her room and took deep breaths before knocking only to find no one answering. I abruptly opened her room to see no one in the room.

"Where did she go?, " I thought to myself.

I heard someone laughing and talking and I followed the sounds to our Living only to find a male sitting really close to Angela much to my dislike and holding her hands.

I felt a bit of jealousy washing over me at the sight but I shrugged it off and made my face stoic and went towards them.

"Why the hell am I feeling jealous?, " I thought to myself.

I cleared my throat making that stupid male to take his dirty paws away from Angela's hand and they both stood up seeing me.

"What's going on?, " I asked casually raising an eyebrow.

"Mr. Knights meet Dustin Sterlings my best friend and Dustin he is Mr. Knights" Angela introduced us both smiling at that Dusty boy.

"What the hell? She can call him using his name but not to me? Mr. Knights...Mr. Knights, " I mocked to myself.

That Dusty boy smiled at Angela and forwarded his hand to me for a shake.

"Hey! I'm Dustin Sterlings and I came here to check on you two because I heard about that crash and I was worried, " he said the last part looking at Angela to which she just smiled.

Nevertheless, I took his hand for a shake and said "Hello Dusty" and squeezed his hand pressuring it too much.

He took his hand out of my grip and scowled looking at his now sore hands and said "it's Dustin not Dusty"

′Ha! take that, he is no match for me' I smirked at him evilly and replied: "yeah it's same Dusty Dustin whatever. "

I knew I was being rude but I wanted to show him his place. Angela looked at us with bewilderment but said nothing as usual.

That Dusty boy huffed and said "Bye Angela I will meet you later, I think your husband is not in the mood to talk"

Later? what does he mean by later? Will they meet again? Oh, he'll no!

He has the audacity to hug my wife right before my eyes letting me grit my teeth in annoyance. I was sure that I would've powdered my teeth if he would have hugged her for more seconds and even whispered something in her ears making her giggle.

"What the fucking hell?"

He left her and looked at me "Goodbye Mr. Knights"

"Bye!, " I hissed out irritated.

When he was gone I saw Angela walking towards her room. I was very angry and I wanted her to confront her but I was stopped by a loud screeching pitch.

Angela stopped walking and looked behind me. I followed her to see Priscilla or was it Claudia whatever her name was running towards me pushing a horrified Lucy out of her way making her spin around and she held her head saying "Oh, dear"

Priscilla came running towards me with her arms wide open having the intention to hug me "Baby are you alright? Are you alive? Did you survive that crash?"

Of course stupid woman I'm alive. Can't she see I'm alive and standing right before her eyes?

I looked at Angela to see her shaking her heads and she turned to leave for her room.

"What the fucking freaking hell? No reaction?"

This led my annoYeahnce to anger and I knew who was the person on whom I could get my anger on.


"Stop right there" my voice boomed with anger making Angela stop and look towards us with wide eyes.

"Get the fuck out of my house Priscilla and never come the fuck back get out! Get out!"

Her eyes teared up and she said: "Wh-What did I do?"

"Get out!, " I shouted making her flinch at my tone and run away again spinning Lucy who just recovered her state making her say "Oh, dear not again. "

I looked at Angela to see her giving me a fearful look.

Oh, damn!

Is she afraid of me??

Before I could say anything to her she dashed up to the stairs and towards her room.

I sighed in annoyance and facepalmed myself.

Great.Just fucking great.

It's been two days since that stupid incident which took place in my house. Angela didn't come out her room since two days. She even asked Lucy to bring her food to her room.

I so desperately want to see her face.

Since Last two days my anger level has increased making me to scare every single living being around me and it was why, my employees in my office tried their best to avoid me.

I'm frustrated because I can't comprehend my feelings.

I hate her because she married me but at same time I hate myself for hating her because it is cleared that I'm attracted to her.

No. I have to keep my feelings in bay. Feelings will definitely ruin me. I looked out of my office window to see a busy street.

"Is it because I'm sexually frustrated?" I asked to myself forming an excuse for feeling such way.

"Of course!" my face lit up as I spoke to myself "I'm just sexually frustrated. When was the last time I had sex with someone? Probably since the time we went to Paris. Yes! That's it. It is the only reas- Oh what the fuck am I even saying?" I huffed at the lame excuse and leaned against the desk. From then only I knew that I was totally screwed. I could never have sex with any other female for my rest of my life as I realized the problem.

But first I need to find out the answer to the question to why Angela married me and I knew who can give me the answer.


me one day that she loved white Orchids.I never gave her anything in return of what she did to me so I thought of buying some

Orchids for her.

She would love that.

I bought some white Orchids for her and made my way towards my house.I was grinning like an Idiot.

What would she do seeing the flowers?

Would she kiss me? Definitely not.

Would she hug me? Not a chance.

Let's find out.

I made my way towards the main door and opened it using my keys.I went inside the house only to find no one in there.I thought she might be in kitchen but she wasn't.

I searched her everywhere but a noise got my attention.There was a crash sound and it was coming from a room near to our store room.I slowly walked towards it and what I heard made my heart clench.

Sounds of someone moaning?

There was a female sound and as well as a male sound.I began to think about the impossibilities.

"Angel, " I thought.

Was it Angel? My Angel?

My heart shattered into pieces and the pain which I felt in my heart wasunexplainable.My eyes began to get watery and I could feel rage burning inside me.

Sure, I did say her that she could enjoy her life but that was a long ago and I thought it was all sorted after I asked her to forgive me.

Doesn't she have any feelings for me? Not even slightly.I looked at the flowers which was in my hand and threw it away in anger.I began to see red and I just wanted to go inside that room and whoever that man was, I just wanted to kill him and punish her.

My breaths were coming out in shorts and I knew it was possible for me to kill someone which was not the option.I controlled my emotions and left their room and began to take long strides to get out of the house as soon as possible.When I reached the main door I opened it with so much force that it opened with a loud bang and somehow who was standing outside stumbled upon me.

My heart beat began to fasten and I knew who it was from the tingles I got while touching the person.


I held her arms to support her from falling and looked at her face with my watery and wide eyes.


What the fucking hell?

"Mr.Knights uh uh I was just, " she uttered her face was red.

If she was here then who was in that room? I thought.

"Angel what were you doing here I thought you were inside, " I gestured with my fingers.I was flabbergasted.Moreover I was shocked and surprised seeing her outside.

Relief washed over me when I knew she wasn't in that fucking room.

"Angel what were you doing?, " I asked scratching my head.

"Uh I thought to go out for a walk because it was a lovely day and I thought I should give you some space, " she said twisting her fingers nervously.

"Give me space?" What does that mean? I asked puzzled.

"You know I mean uh I didn't want to disturb you, " she said looking everywhere but my eyes.

I held her chin and made her to look at my eyes. "What disturb me Angel?"

"I heard everything and I thought I should give you some space, " she said her eyes getting watery "So I went out for a walk."

Realization hit me hard and I understood what she meant.

Oh, god, she thought I was in that room with some other woman?

Doesn't she know that I have left it all from long days back?

And here I was thinking that she was in that room.

How stupid of me.

She can't do that.She can never do that to me.

I wanted to dance at the thought that she wasn't in that room.

"I thought yo- uh you were I mean, " she bite her lips and I just felt like wanting to kiss her senseless at her innocence.She was so naive.God what will I do with her?

"NO" my voice boomed making her eyes widened.

I sighed and rubbed my forehead.God I was beginning to get a headache.

"I wasn't in that room and how can you even think like that, " I asked rudely but soon regretted when I saw her painfully biting her lips to stop herself from crying.

I sighed and used my fingers to free her lips from her teeth.

"Don't do that, " I said.

I mentally kicked myself for shouting at her and thinking that she could do such terrible thing to me.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have shouted at you, " I said apologetically using my soft tone.

I knew that I have to handle her with soft words and tone if I wanted her to be with me.She was like a glass, if not handled properly and with care then it might break.

"Angel I'm sorry and next time don't assume things, " I said the last part more to myself.

I took her hands and pulled her inside closing the door "Now let's she who is it in our house doing "it, " I doubled quoted in the air making Angel smile.

We went to that room still hearing moaning sounds.

God it was embarrassing.

I looked at Angel to see her face flushed and she looked so cute biting her lips.

"Don't do that, " I whispered to her making her stop her assault with her lips.

I took a deep breath and knocked at the door.Soon the sound stopped and when someone opened the door our eyes were like ready to fall out of its sockets and we both shouted at the same time.


What the freaking fucking hell?

I sat on the sofa and threw my head on the sofa.I was tired.

We found out that it was Lucy and her husband who came Italy all the way to meet her or to say s***w her.

Ew gross!

I sighed and closed my eyes.

After some minutes I felt someone touching my forehead. I opened my eyes to find Angel.

"What are you doing?, " I asked holding her hands.

"Ssh Relax I know you are tired, just close your eyes and let me massage your head, " she said in her soft tone.

"You don't need to -" my words stopped in mid sentence when she closed my eyes using her hands and began to massage my head with her delicate fingers.

I leaned into her touch feeling relaxed and great. A soft moan came out of my months unknowingly and my eyes began to become heavy.

When I was just about to slip to a deep slumber I heard her whisper in my ears "Thank you for the flowers Mr. Knights."

I smiled and found myself in heaven.

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