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   Chapter 8 Angela

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I got up from the floor where I was still sobbing and went inside the room. Lucy gasped when she saw the wounds on my left hand. She took hold of my hand and examined it. She went inside the bathroom and brought the medical kit and applied the medicine on my bruised arm and cleaned the cut, making me wince in pain and applied a band aid over it.

After she was done she hugged me and left for me to get ready. I took a shower and went inside the closet to change my dress. I decided to wear a long sleeved floral dress to hide my bruised arms. It was just not my day. The day started with Mr. Knights yelling and abusing me for a reason that I didn't even had any idea and to top of that Mr. Brad is also going to give us a visit. I wonder why he wanted to meet us all of a sudden.

This father and son…

It's already 10 AM and I think Mr. Brad will be here anytime soon.

As I went downstairs I saw him sitting on the couch typing something on his phone.

I heard the doorbell and knew Mr. Brad had arrived. Lucy went to get the door when Mr. Knights shoved his phone back to his pocket. When he got up, I got nervous not wanting to be near him after what happened in the morning unknowingly I took two to three steps back.

Mr. Brad came to the living room and he greeted his son with a nod then he came towards me. I smiled and hugged him sideways.

"How are you dear?" he asked warmly.

"I'm fine, Mr. Brad, " I replied, smiling.

"Dear, how many times I would have to say that call me Dad, not Mr. Brad." He almost pouted.

"Okay, I'm fine, Dad, " I replied again.

He smiled and took a seat opposite to us for which I had to seat with Mr. Knights.

I was very nervous. My heart was beating furiously.

What if he doesn't like me sitting with him and he snaps at me?

I cautiously sat beside Mr. Knights, who was still not looking at me.

"So how is everything going?" asked Mr. Brad.

"What do you want, Dad?" asked Mr. Knights more like snapped.

Mr. Knights rolled his eyes and said, "Always straight to the point. "

"Anyways, I'm here to give you guys a lovely surprise, " chirped Mr. Brad."There is this very important event which I'm going to host in Paris, so you both, I mean the newly wedded couple, ought to be present there. "

I saw Mr. Knights clenching his jaw but masked it with a perfect smile.

"Of course, we would love to come, " said Mr. Knights too sweetly.

I gulped inaudibly. I knew Mr. Knights was up to something.

I just nodded at Mr. Brad and smiled.

"And what is this event about?" asked Mr. Knights.

"Oh, this event is for a cancer trust. So you both have to be present in this event as you are my son and daughter-in-law and this event is very important for our family in order to maintain our family reputation, " said Mr. Brad. The event will be held at the end of this week, so you both better get ready for it… Oh, and the most important part"—Mr. Brad clapped his hands and stood up—"after the function guess what I have planned for you two?" he asked, looking dreamingly at us.

I gave him a questioning look.

"You are going for your honeymoon, " he declared, making us both stand up in shock."I hope everything is fine between you two, " he said while we walked him to his car.

"Yes, everything is fine, " I said, trying my best to lie before him.

"Hmm, I hope Xavier is taking good care of you?" he questioned, and I nodded, smiling at him.

"Dear, I know sometimes my son is too much but, dear, I can assure you he is not a bad guy. He is just lost and needs help to be found. My son is really kind in his heart so, please promise me you will understand and act maturely when such situation comes where you have to take decisions, " he said, his eyes showing mixture of emotions. "My son is my only hope for the future of my business and for me you are my hope who will guide my son and take care of him, " he said, his voice breaking down in the last part.

But why did you pull me into all this even after knowing my problems?

Is this how business man deal with their own family?

Why Mr. Brad just why? What do you exactly want from me?

He took a deep breath and composed himself and looked down smiling at me."I know I'm being selfish asking so much from you, but what can I do? He is my son after all. My only heir. "

"No, you are not being selfish, " I said, looking up and forced a smile.

"I understand parents wish only the best for their children, and so are you. It's completely fine. I promise you I will take care of him no matter what. I won't let you down. You have helped my family and even there is so many questions that is going inside my mind I think for the time being I will stay quiet for I have a debt to pay" I said truthfully.

"I knew it. I have chosen the best for my son, " he muttered to himself but I heard it. A small smile appeared on my face hearing his words.

"God bless you child and remember I'm always there for you so if need any help just give me a call, " he said and I nodded.

"And tell that stubborn kid to reach Paris on time for the event. It's really important for me and I want both of you there before time. Take care child. "

I stood there for some minutes, watching his car drive by the driveway. I sighed, feeling little sad, and whispered to myself, "If only I could tell you the truth, but I guess you already have an idea about it, " I looked down at my bruised hand.

After he left, I quickly came back to my room. Mr. Knights had seemed to be angrier by this because I could hear things crashing and him shouting from the other room.

After that he had left the mansion and it's already midnight but he still hasn't returned back.

Sitting on the sofa in my room, I looked up to the sky from my window.

I am not feeling sleepy because Mr. Brad's surprise was really a great shock for us, especially for me.

I could see the rustling of leaves in the trees from my window. The moon seemed to be glowing more brightly. The silence of my room and the environment calmed me.

How am I going to survive this marriage?

God help me.


It's been four days since Mr. Brad showed up with an unpleasant honeymoon planning surprise. Mr. Knights seemed to calm down a bit. He seriously have a great anger issue. He usually comes late at night, did his dinner, then he directly go back to his room or kept himself busy in his study room.

I think I'm alive because we never crossed each other's path in this mansion.

A tap on my shoulder snapped me out of my thoughts and I looked behind to find Lucy giving me a worried look. I gave her a questioning look of my own when she said "Are you alright sweetie?"

"Yes?" My answer was more like a question.

"Sweetie, I have been asking you about something from last five minutes and you just kept on humming in response and stirring the soup, which has already started to thicken."

Realizing hit me and I quickly added water to the already thickened soup and switched off the stove keeping it aside.

"What's wrong, sweetie?, " she asked me, giving me a worried look.

I smiled."Oh, its nothing. I was just thinking about Dad, Em, and my brothers. "

She nodded and she seems to buy it, because she said, "I understand, sweetie."

Currently, I am preparing dinner while Lucy is cleaning in the kitchen. I have been cooking in this house since a month and Lucy said I was a great cook. I loved cooking. I even cooked sometimes in Dad's restaurant and every day in Em's apartment.

I wonder how Em is managing without me.

I looked at Lucy to see her rotating the switch of the blender with an annoyed expression.

"Oh, dear, I think this blender finally gave up, , " she said, scowling at the blender.

I grabbed the blender from her and asked Lucy to bring me a screwdriver. She gave me a confused look but did as she was told. I checked the outer part of the blender then started to open its body using the screwdriver. Finally, I got the problem. It was the drive stud. I tightened it and re-checked its fuse. Then I put everything back to its place and plugged in its plug to the switch board.

The blender began to work perfectly.

I looked at Lucy to find her jaws dropped to the floor. I gave her an amused look and went to prepare my food, humming a song.

I think she didn't believe me when I told her that I fixed somebody's car that day.

I smiled and carried on dicing the veggies.

When the dinner was done, I helped Lucy in placing the plates in the dining room.

At first I used to wait for Mr. Knights to come and join me for dinner but I soon stopped doing so when One day he threw everything from the table and went inside his room yelling "Stop irritating me, can't you just leave me the hell alone? I'm sick of you. "

From that day I had stopped waiting for him. I just wanted to have a quite dinner with him, but I don't know why he sees everything like I'm doing all this to get something from him.

In my entire life nobody talked to me with such rudeness. I never did anything which would hurt people but at the end I don't know why Mr. Knights wants to hurt me so badly.

I did my dinner silently and of course lonely and went inside my room.

It's past midnight when I heard the main door open.

I guess it's Mr. Knights.

I heard something crash, which made me jolt up in my bed. Then I heard him yelling.

I wore my cardigan and cautiously went outside. I saw Mr. Knights sitting in dinner table and he was murmuring something. I went little closer to hear what he was saying because something seemed off. He was behaving oddly. Then he yel

he floor and plopped on the bed.

It was the time for the event and me and Mr. Knights were sitting in the limo of course, away from each other. When we reached the Venue our Windows were began to tap by the Paparazzi. Our body guards began to push them to a side so that we could come out.

Mr. Knights went out of the limo and held the door for me to come out. He then held my hand and began to make his way away from the wild paparazzi who clicked on clicking pictures of us.

When we reached the inside of the hall he left my hand and made his way to a table. I followed him and sat on the table beside him. Soon the function began and I could see Dad hosting the event. I looked around to see everyone wearing black and white dress to support the theme of the event.

The event was for the cancer People.VIP people had to donate money to the cancer trust in order to save the people.

The event was a success and I could see many people donating money for the trust. But I could see the real reason behind the donation. Some were donating to show their VIP status and some were trying to show themselves as the kind one. Very few people donated due to humanity.

After the function dad approached us and began to introduce us to his friends and business associates. But one particular man grabbed my attention. It was the same blonde haired man back from the elevator who creeped me out. He was wearing a black tuxedo with white tie which shows that he was here for the event. He was wearing a costly Watch and was sipping the red wine from the glass which he was holding in his right hand showing his expensive watch. I found out that his name John Winters and he was one of Dad's business associates.

When I was introduced to him, he took hold of my hand and kissed it making me shiver in a very bad way. But I think he got the wrong idea because seeing me tremble he smirked winking at me.

I quickly withdrew my hand away from his hold and gave him a disgusted look. Standing near him suffocated me and the he was looking at my body like he was undressing me in his mind.

I wanted to get away from that creepy man. So I excused myself and went near the bar to have something to drink. I ordered myself a glass of water and began to drink when I felt a presence beside me.

I looked up to see that same creepy blonde man.

Perhaps my decision to leave from there was wrong; I should have stuck around with Mr. Knights or Dad.

He smiled more like gave me his smirk and sat down without my permission to my left side of the table.

What a Man with etiquette.

"What a lovely and beautiful lady like you sitting alone in here" he asked faking me with his fake charm.

"I was just waiting for Dad and my husband to come Mr. Winters, " I said stressing on my husband.

He cringed at the word husband but masked it with a fake smile and said "Oh, I see, and please call me John" he said and tried to hold my hand but I took my hands away from him to which he shook his head and gave me his smirk and went away.

I huffed out my breath feeling relieved that he went away.

I got up from my place and decided to search for dad. I went near the door of the dining hall when a hand muffed my mouth and took hold of my waist dragging me towards a dark room.

I began to shout but my shouts came out in a muffled way because of his hand and perhaps I knew who was dragging me.

I began to struggle and wiggle out of his hold but it was no use. He dragged me inside the room and threw me making me stumble on my feet, making me fell down. I cried in pain when my left leg twisted oddly.

The man closed the door behind him and turned around.

John Winters.

He began to advance me slowly like a predator to its prey.

I swallowed hard and cried looking at him with wide eyes.

"So beautiful, what curves you have. Oh, God, I can't control, " he groaned.

"What are you doing, leave me, I'm married, " I shouted.

He made a tsk tsk sound and advanced me. I started to crawl backwards using my elbows.

"Married really? What a Lame excuse" he sneered "when I saw you this morning alone and in that black dress I wanted to take you right there in that elevator but then you ran away but see, I again got a chance"

"Looks like the nature also wants us to meet" he said smirking.

"And when I saw your husband and your relationship with him I knew from your awkward silence around each other that he isn't satisfying you with your needs else you won't have gone alone for the tour this morning"

Oh, God he stalked me today? What a disgusting Man.

"I haven't seen any girl as beautiful as you and I know you also want me as I want you" he said like a psychopath and jumped on me pinning my hands down to over my head.

Struggling and pushing against him I yelled on top of my lungs for help but gasped in shock when the bastard began to kiss and suck my neck forcefully.

Tears began to stream down my face and I was just near in losing my hopes when a shiny vase kept on the floor distracted me.

Quickly composing my thoughts I reached for it and kneed him on his shin which caused him to yelp in pain but as soon as his grip on me loosed I took the opportunity and hit him hard on his head. He cried in pain and held his head and taking it as the chance I pushed him using my one hand and quickly got up but he took hold of dress from my shoulder and tried pull me down again… letting my dress ripped open from my shoulder.

I screamed and hit him hard with the vase making him whimper in pain and while he rolled on the ground cursing and wincing, I took this opportunity to free myself. Hurrying to the locked door I looked back once again towards the pathetic guy to ensure myself that he wasn't following; unlocked the door and ran across the corridor still feeling my heart about to explode because of fear.

Thanks to God nobody was there to see me in that ripped dress.

I took a cab and went back to the hotel. Reaching the hotel, I saw my chauffeur standing outside to whom I called and asked to pay the cab.

It was already very late at night so, few people were present in the lobby.

I went towards the elevator and pushed my suites' floor button. When the door pinged open I ran towards my suite and opened the door using the card and closed it behind me making sure to lock it and then hurried to my room. Locking the door, I went inside the bathroom.

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