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   Chapter 6 Angela

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Updated: 2018-07-30 20:24

Life has been going on.

It's been three months since our marriage. Mr. Knights never spoke to me and I didn't have any hope that he will even speak to me.

Dustin and I seemed to grow a lot closer and he knows everything about my marriage. When he first learned about this he was like "Let me go and give your husband some piece of my mind to let him know what that stupid man is missing. "

I pleaded not to make things more complicated and at the end he gave up.

Lucy is like a mother to me which I never had. She loves me and takes care of me like her own daughter.

I have learned that Lucy is half-Italian and her daughter is staying with her husband in Italy. She visits them every end of the year on Christmas.

And about Mr. Knights, I stayed away from him as he has instructed me to do so.

Though it is very disturbing to hear those noises coming from his room every night, I have grown acquainted with it.

Every day I see a new girl who always gave me a jealous look again…I don't know why but to this too I have grown acquainted off.

Mr. Brad Knights always seems to calls me and ask about my married life and more about his son. I had to lie him every time which I really didn't like but I had no choice when in reality I wanted to lash out on him for tricking me. But then, I had to shut my mouth thinking about my family who were still overcoming the financial issue and dad's health. I was thinking about ways to help my family and that began with co-operating with Mr. Brad's contract.

Em, Dad, and my brothers wou

, you had to open your mouth to Dad and told him everything, " he shouted.

He pulled me to his hard chest and whispered in my ears, "Today Dad is going to give us a visit, and he never did so before so I'm assuming it's all your doing, isn't it? Remember, if he does confront me about you, then you will see how much power I told on your family so get ready, " he said and pushed me very forcefully to the door, making me whimper in pain. I hit my left hand very hard on the door knob.

"Get ready within 2 hours. He'll be here by then, " he said and left.

I slid down against the door and cried, putting my hands in my mouth so that no one could hear me but guess what I was wrong.

Lucy heard and I think saw everything because she was running towards me with a sympathetic look and hugged me.

"Oh, Angela, sweetie, are you alright?, " she too cried, hugging me sitting on the floor.

I didn't reply anything but only cried hugging her tightly while resting my head on her chest.

I hoped she would lessen my pain.

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