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" I am really sorry, we tried all we could but your mum needs surgery." I took a quick glance at my mum before turning to the old man before me.

"There is no way in hell I could raise that huge amount of money." I breathed out in frustration.

"Well, you have to" He shoulder shrugged before he left.

That was really helpful buddy....

I rolled my eyes as he closed the door. I moved closer to my mum to have a better look at her fragile body.

Damn she still looks beautiful.

I removed the hair covering her face, Yep, definitely still beautiful.

"I won't let you die mum." I gave a sad smile, I walked over to get my leather jacket from the chair, I took one last look at my mum before leaving.

I pushed the entrance door, to let my self out.

Finally fresh air, now how do I get money?

I took a long look at my motorbike packed at the other side of the street, immediately an idea popped.

But dad gave me this as a gift, well I have no choice.

I groaned putting on my jacket, I finally let my hair down and made my way to my bike.

I came to a sudden halt when I saw a Range rover hit my bike on it's attempt to reverse. My eyes widened, I got out of my shock when the person drove off.

What just happened??

I ran towards my bike, pushed it up only to see a huge scratch, I felt my heart stop, there is no way in hell I can sell it now. I felt my blood boil.

You have got to be kidding me. I am gonna kill some one.

I hopped on my bike, the engine roared to life as I put it on, I raced after the Range rover leaving the street.


The car came to an halt in front of a very huge company, I immediately drove to it's front. My eyes shifted to the person coming out of the car, Holy shit !!!!

My jaw drops as I took in his appearance, I felt my eyes widen as I spotted his beautiful blue eyes, that incredible jawline, his black hair neatly swept to the back.

He looks like a freaking god.

I looked at his features one more time, I spotted a smirk.

"When you are done staring, get that piece of trash out of the way, someone is gonna take my car in." He slams his door as he throws his key to t

he door man.

I stormed to his front before he could move.

He looks way better with his mouth shut, jerk.

"Hey, buddy ." I clenched my fist, it helps to calm me down.

"You destroyed my bike and I need money for the repairs, big shot." I glared at him.

He raised his perfectly shaped eyebrows, as he looked me from head to toe, making me uncomfortable. I nervously pinched my leather jacket, he looked at my face once again before heading towards the door.

Did he just ignore me??? It's time to unleash the dragon.

I angrily dragged his arm before he could talk, a swarm of paparazzi surrounded pretty boy here. Flash lights all over my face they all could care less about me, all focused on Mr. Arrogant here.

"Liza said you guys are on a break, is this true?" A guy said.

Who the fuck is Liza?

This waiting is pissing me off, I tapped his shoulders, I put my hand front as he turned to me.

"Pay up." I smirked, he ignored me trying to make is way inside the company.

I know for a fact if he get in, there is no way I would be allowed inside, this place is clearly heavily guarded. I spotted a guard trying to get him inside.

Here goes nothing..

"Ha, ha...." I cried out trying to get these idiots attention.

"Ha..." I cried out louder, fake tears dripping. I am known to be a little bit dramatic, Okay, not to brag I am Oscar worthy.

I did get the paparazzi attention but the only person attention I need right now is that douche that needs to pay up his debt.

Nope, he is still not looking. I know what would get his attention. Showtime.

"Madam, what's wrong?" A lady asked.

"This douche got me pregnant and won't take responsibility." I pointed at Mr. Popular, hiding

Pregnancy, seriously Cara that's all you could come up with.

Immediately, everywhere became noisy, I applauded my self when I noticed he was looking at me.


I did not realize the gravity of what I just said until I spotted his tightened jaw, the angry expression on his face, most especially that deathly glare.

If only looks could kill.

I swallowed hard as he approached me.

Oh no what have I gotten myself into


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