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   Chapter 54 Fifty Four

The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters By Momo3625 Characters: 6698

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Liam's P.O.V

"Now there are several way to go about dealing with addition-"

I stare at the door bored as the doctor Scott called drones on and on about something that I already know. He's just going to tell me that I can either deal with this in rehab or he's going to try to prescribe me some other drug that I'll end up getting addicted to. But Abby and Scott want me ot sit here and listen to this guy so I really have no other choice.

Scott's parents talked with the doctor once they got here to figure out what was happening. I didn't get to talk to them before they left the room but I'm praying to God that they don't call my parents.

"Are you listening to me son?" The doctor asks me and I glare up at him from where I'm sitting.

"Don't call me that, " I tell him coldly. "I honestly don't care about what you have to say. I'm handling myself just fine."

"Liam, " I hear Abby say slowly. I look over towards her and she has a look on her face as if she's warning me not to say anything else.

I frown at her a little but decide to stay silent.

"Listen I've worked with hundreds of kids in your predicament Liam, " the doctor says kneeling down in front of me and handing me a card. "When you finally decide that you need help don't hesitate to call me. It's better to get rid of addictions like this before they start affecting your future."

I look down at the card then back up at him. He smiles and pats my shoulder before standing and walking towards the door. But before he can reach the door he bumps into someone that is walking into the room. I watch in horror as the doctor apologizes to my Father before leaving the room. My parents walk towards me but I keep a steady gaze on the floor.

"Scott, " I flinch when I hear my Father say Scott's name and I look up to see him pulling Scott into a hug. He's always liked Scott more than me. I glare at my parent's backs as they greet Abby and Scott.

You could say that my parents and I have a rather rough relationsh

Carly with wide eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"Who is this?" Carly asks glaring at Anna who's now looking at Carly with one eyebrow raised as if she's already ready to fight.

"I'm his fiancé, " Anna says crossing her arms and glaring at Carly who is now looking at Falon with wide eyes. "Who are you?"

"I'm Carly, " Carly says with a small smirk on her face before gesturing towards the little boy standing next to her. "I'm Scott's ex-girlfriend. And this is Andy, Falon and I's son."

Abby tenses up next me before looking over at Scott, I'm guessing he already told the story because she looks over at him as if she needs confirmation and he gives her a small nod. Anna's eyes are wide as she slowly turns towards Falon.

"You have a son?"

"Oh good I got here just in time to see the drama, " all our heads snap towards the doorway as Daniel walks into the room on his crutches. This time it's Carly's turn for her eyes to pop out of her head.

"Daniel?" She asks before looking over towards Falon with anger flashing through her eyes. "Why the hell didn't you tell me he woke up?"

Falon looks around the room as we all stare at him and he looks like a deer caught in headlights. Looks like things just aren't going his way today. He gulps as he looks between Anna and Carly before saying:

"I can explain."

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