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   Chapter 48 Forty Eight

The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters By Momo3625 Characters: 7579

Updated: 2018-09-22 17:28

Abby's P.O.V

The next couple of days pass by quite slowly. I haven't talked to Scott yet, although he does attempt to bring it up whenever we're in the same room. My college gang popped up yesterday cause I guess they missed me. Victor told me about how boring he thought it was since I haven't been on campus and that led me to explaining to them how I was in the process of trying to see if I could just continue my education online at least for the time being. I'm pretty sure my parents know that I can't stay with Scott and his family for too much longer. It would feel like too much of an intrusion, especially considering I'm not even with him anymore.

Liam has been popping up a lot lately. He told me it's because he doesn't want to go back to his parent's house but also because he's been hanging around with Daniel whom I still haven't had the chance to even have a conversation with. But even if he is here because of his parents or Daniel that doesn't explain why he's been in my room so much lately, or why he's suddenly become tolerable for me to talk to.

Right now I'm sitting in the guest room on my mom's laptop as I try to figure out how to sign up for this online college thing. I didn't exactly get a vote in whether or not I should start doing the whole online thing, but everyone is doing what they think is best for me so I really can't blame them.

While I'm googling different things about online colleges my door opens and I don't bother looking up at who it is. Scott comes in at random a lot so it really doesn't surprise me. But what does bother me is when I hear the lock on the door turn.

I look up and am immediately surprised when I see my older sister standing there leaning against the door. I set the lap top off to the side as soon as I see her face. Tears are streaming down both sides of her face and she looks like she's struggling to hold in a sob. I stand up when I realize that she isn't just crying, she's hyperventilating like crazy. She looks like she's having a panic attack.

I'm fairly surprised to see her here right now considering the last time we hung out properly was technically when we were at the mall and she told me that she was going to be marrying Falon. I guess we've both been doing stuff, wel


Maybe Becca had it backwards. It wasn't Anna who ended up forgetting about me and getting tangled up in having new friends and a boyfriend. Maybe it was me. I can't remember the last time I actually reached out to hang out with her, she was the one who had wanted to hang out with me at the mall. I had made such a big deal in the beginning of the semester about how I wouldn't be able to survive here without here and the I just kind of cast her aside.

Had I reached out more maybe she wouldn't be trying to get married in high school. She's made so many questionable decisions and I've always been the one that was there to talk her out of it. I think I was wrong when I said before that I lived in her shadows because she was the popular one. In a way we both live in each other's shadows because without her creative ideas I would probably be a very anti-social idiot who left college because she had to room with a guy.

And whether or not she wants to admit it I know that she needs me too. Because without me I'm sure there would have been several times when she would have either been arrested or hurt.

And you know the shittiest thing about all of this? I probably wouldn't have realized any of this had it not been for Parker. Even though I don't know if he's real or not real Anna seems to be fairly convinced that he is. If I ever see him again I'll remember to thank him for this. And hopefully when I'm doing that it will be on different sides of a wall somewhere inside of a jail.

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