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   Chapter 45 Forty Five

The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters By Momo3625 Characters: 7301

Updated: 2018-09-22 17:24

Abby's P.O.V

I wake up and the first thing that pops into my mind is: woah boobs.

This is because a very familiar set of boobs are shoved into my face. I push myself up so that I'm sitting on my elbow to see none other than my sister snoring on the pillow next to me. But that isn't bothering me right now. What's really bothering me is the massive headache I have. What the hell did I do last night? I faintly remember drinking one shot but other than that the night seems like a complete blur. I gently tap Anna on her shoulder and when she doesn't wake up I roughly shove her and she nearly falls off the bed.

"Woah woah, " she says groggily looking over at me and squinting while holding her hands in front of her face to protect herself from the bright sun that's now shining through the window. "No need to be hostile. We're all friends here."

"W-what are you d-doing here?" I ask quietly laying back down and holding my hand over my face.

"I'm not allowed to just pop in and cuddle with my sister, " she asks and I look over at her raising my eyebrows, knowing that we both know she usually has something better to do. "I don't appreciate all the glares I'm getting from you this morning Abigail, and we literally just woke up. And if you must know I came here because you made the very immature decision of going out last night and getting shitfaced and your boyfriend apparently couldn't handle it himself."

"S-stop t-talking so loud, " Anna never knew when to stop talking. I guess I used to admire that about her because she could go on about topics for hours on end but I usually just hated attempting to talk.

"Oh shit sorry I forgot you probably have a hangover, " she says quickly standing up and walking over towards the door. "I suppose I get to repay you now with a cup of coffee and some eggs, huh?"

I nod slightly and she gives me a small smile before leaving the room. I know that when she said she was going to repay me, she was talking about all those times in high school when she came in late at night reeking of alcohol and I was always the one who helped her avoid mom and dad. Then every morning I'd wake up early to make her a cup of cof

Very much actually, " he says taking his phone out of his pocket. "I got a very interesting voicemail from Falon earlier. Is it true?"

"Is what t-true?"

"Is Daniel really here?" He asks sounding annoyed with me.

"Daniel?" I ask looking at him confused. "I thought t-they hadn't found h-him yet?"

"Well Falon left me a voicemail saying otherwise, " Liam says not looking at me. "It sounded like he was crying so maybe he was being serious. Hopefully it's not some stupid plot to lure me back here."

"Where h-have you b-been, " I ask narrowing me eyes at him.

"I was around, " he says nonchalantly. "I figured my parents wouldn't notice if I just disappeared for a while."

"W-why wouldn't t-they?"

"They never do, " he says nodding his head slightly. "Anyways what about you? Aren't you like diseased or something..?"

"Schizophrenia?" I ask sighing at his bluntness. "I don't know h-how I am?"

"Why do you seem so weird?" He asks narrowing his eyes at me. I squirm uncomfortably under his gaze.

"Well t-there's the whole s-schizophrenic thing, " I say rolling my eyes at him.

"No no, " he says shaking his head at me. "It's something seem anxious."

"Well I d-did just find out t-that I'm being cheated on-"

"Scott's cheating on you?" He asks as his eyes widen. He looks conflicted for a moment before shoving his phone in his pocket and storming out of the room.

Why does everyone keep leaving me alone?

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