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   Chapter 41 Forty One

The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters By Momo3625 Characters: 7116

Updated: 2018-09-22 17:17

Abby's P.O.V

By the time it's eleven everyone is in bed and asleep except for me. Scott came in and said goodnight about ten minutes ago and I've been waiting for Oakland to text me ever since.

Okay, yeah, I know that I shouldn't be going out with Oakland. But if someone else were in my position I'm sure they'd do it too. I mean I've been trapped in this room for so long and no one has even bothered to tell me why. Plus it's not like I don't trust Oakland. He's a good guy and he's always been fun to hang out with.

My phone suddenly dings and I rush to pick it up and I see that I have a new text.

From Oakland: I'm outside your window Juliet :)

I roll my eyes at his nick name and immediately stand up to move towards the window but I actually end up falling as soon as I stand. I haven't really been standing or moving around lately without the help of someone else and it sure doesn't help that aside from going to the bathroom I've been laying down for nearly three days.

I glance over at my crutches which are currently propped up against the wall then back to the window. After another ten seconds or so I stand up on my own and limp over towards the window. How did he even sneak that thing through security? I crack open my window and his head immediately snaps upward towards me.

"Ready to climb?" He whisper yells up to me when he sees my head pop out of the window.

"I'm n-not climbing onto t-this death t-trap, " I say shaking my head at him. This is probably a bad idea.

"Got any better ideas of how I'm going to sneak you out of this place?"

"I'm sure y-you can c-come up with something yourself, " I say glaring down at him. "There must b-be some other w-way."

"Well I'm sorry I didn't bring my portable slide with me today, " he says sarcastically as he throws his arms up in the air. "Just climb down Abs, you're literally like two feet off the ground."

I huff out a breath of air before grabbing my phone and shoving it into my pocket. But suddenly the door to my room swings open and I twist around quickly to see a very disoriented Scott standing at the door. He looks like


"Usher w-who?"

"Usher wish you would let me in."

I look over at him and chuckle a little bit but he's looking back at me with a rather serious expression. I shrug it off before looking back out of my window and realizing that we're already parked outside of McDonald's. I look over and see Oakland bolting out of his door and almost sprinting over to mine. He opens my door and holds out his hand to help me up. I take his hand and stand up out of he car before I begin limping towards the fast food restaurant.

"So there's actually something that I wanted to talk to you about, " Oakland says as I limp into the restaurant after he opens the door for me.

"Like w-what?" I ask not really paying much attention to him as we walk over to one of the booths. There are a couple of other people in here aside from us, they look like they're probably in high school though.

"Well I know you haven't been on campus much lately..." he starts saying.

"Yeah and?" I ask looking over at him as he contemplates what he should say next.

"Well I just thought you might want to see this, " he pulls out his phone and presses something before pulling it out of his pocket and showing it to me. It's a picture and as soon as I see it I snatch the phone out of his hand and quickly zoom in to get a close view of who the two people in the picture are. Is that..? No it can't be...

Is Scott cheating on me?

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