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   Chapter 32 Thirty Two

The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters By Momo3625 Characters: 3636

Updated: 2018-09-22 16:57

Abby's P.O.V

The closest escape from Parker and Mr. O'Neil was obviously the bathroom. So when I saw Parker and Mr. O'Neil starting a conversation with Ryan I stumble backwards into the woman's bathroom.

But of course to my luck the woman's bathroom doesn't end up being the woman's bathroom.

As soon as I stumble inside Scott's head turns towards me and he immediately screeches. Like full on screams, a very unmanly scream. I on the other hand quickly cover my eyes, realizing my mistake. I can't believe that I just ran into the men's bathroom while my boyfriend is using the urinal. But I can't just leave, Parker and Mr. O'Neil are out there. So I stand there awkwardly as I listen to Scott pee with my hands covering my eyes.

"Um...Abby, " I don't uncover my eyes to look at him because I can still hear him going. "Any reason that you're still here?"

"Um..." I don't answer him for a while and I shift on my feet as I hear him gradually stop and him flush the urinal.

"I'm decent now, " he says as I hear water from a sink start. "You can open your eyes and tell me

footage for today bro?"

"Sure, " Ryan shrugs and we follow him to a small room in the back. "But I can promise you that no one else has come in here."

We gather around a small tv and he in inserts a tape into the slot before pressing play. He fast forwards towards the part where Scott leaves to go to the bathroom. Ryan is wiping off a table and I'm sitting at the table just staring at the front door for some reason. I watch, preparing to see Parker and Mr. O'Neil walk in, but it never happens. Instead I see myself stand up as if in pain and bolt towards the bathroom for no reason. We watch for a minute or two after that, but Ryan was right, no one else entered the little ice cream shop.

Am I going crazy?

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