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   Chapter 25 Twenty Five

The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters By Momo3625 Characters: 6926

Updated: 2018-09-22 16:33

Scott's P.O.V

Shit, shit, shit.

"I didn't actually think she'd say yes, " I say to Liam who is casually laying on my bed as I zoom around my room trying to figure out what to wear. I should've planned this out better, what the hell was I thinking?

"What if this is just a pity date for her!?" I say to Liam as I frantically run my hands through my hair. "What if-"

"Snap out of it man!" Liam stands up and slaps me. "Stop acting like a little bitch, put on some pants, and get out of here."

I breathe heavily and nod my head at him. I've planned dates on the fly before, I can do the same with this one. I was so eager to ask Abby out that I completely forgot that I was actually trying to wait to ask her out until I knew exactly what I was doing. Things just never work out in my favor do they.

I might as well get going though so I can pick Abby up from her dorm.

"Thanks man, " I say giving Liam a pat on the shoulder before heading towards the door.

"Um dude, " I hear Liam say so I turn around and look at him. "Pants."

Oh, right. I'm still in my boxers.


Abby's P.O.V

"T-this is perfect, " I say turning to Becca and smiling brightly. Surprisingly I'm not freaking out about this as much as I thought I would be. I hope all is going well with Scott.

Becca has chosen a blue sundress with a leather jacket over it, one of her beanies, and a fairly new pair of converse. She says she wants me to be me on this date, so instead of making me wear contacts I get to keep my beloved glasses.

I really wish he could've waited until I was off of these crutches to ask me on a date. But either way this is probably just a pity date to make up for everything that happened with Parker. Now that I think about it maybe this isn't the best idea...

Before I have the chance to tell Becca I want to back out, there's a loud banging on her dorm door. I turn towards Becca with terror evident in my eyes but she just looks at me with amusement.

"You're safety is in the left pocket of your jacket, " she says as I furrow my

climbing up the many stairs. Finally he stopes in front of another door and opens it. I look around and realize that we're on top of the rooftop of the building.

"You're chariot awaits, " Scott says as he begins walking over towards what seems to he a helicopter. A helicopter?

Before I can protest he's placing me in the passenger's seat and climbing into what would seem to be the driver's seat.

"Welcome to your first date with Scott Rogers, " Scott say placing a helmet thing on his head then placing one on mine.

"W-what the h-hell are we d-doing?" I ask looking around the helicopter frantically.

"Going on a ride, " Scott says shrugging nonchalantly.

"Just w-who the hell is f-flying this thing!?"

"Yours truly, " Scott says before turning around and grabbing a box from the backseat. "I brought pizza."

"I am n-not flying in t-this death t-tqp with you!" I shout trying to figure out how to escape this. "You c-can barely even drive your c-car."

"Cars and helicopters are different, " he says rolling his eyes at me.

"Yeah about f-fifty thousand feet d-different, " I say. "I'm p-pretty sure a car is safer."

"Do you trust me?" He asks taking a very greedy piece of pizza of the box and taking a giant bite out of it before burping. Do I trust this idiot enough to fly me a million feet in the air without killing the both of us?


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