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   Chapter 20 Twenty

The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters By Momo3625 Characters: 7711

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Abby's P.O.V

I feel myself slowly drifting back into consciousness all I see is black. It's like when you get a really good nights sleep but when you wake up you just can't seem to open your eyes. Whenever that happens to me I feel like I'm being trapped.


My eyes fly open and I'm immediately greeted by the faint sound of people rushing around and the sight of a plain white ceiling. I slowly turn my head and see a person sitting in a chair next to the bed that I'm laying in. The person is laying his head on the bed and his hair is sprawled off in all different directions. Scott Rogers?

I look down and see that our hands are entwined. I attempt to pull my hand away from his so I can stretch but his hold is too tight. So instead I use my other hand and poke him in the head rather harshly. I heat him snore loudly and I just roll my eyes. I lift his hand up with mine and bite down hard on the top of his hand.

"Fuck!" He shouts nearly standing up out of his seat. His eyes are red and he's looking down at me like a puppy that can't find it's bone.

What the hell am I doing here? And more importantly, what the hell is he doing here? Wait, was Scott Rogers just holding my hand? But that doesn't make any sense, I haven't seen Scott since freshman year.

I see three more people materialize in the doorway of the room. Anna looks like she's been bawling her eyes out. Her cheeks are puffy and she looks relieved when we lock eyes. I don't recognize the girl standing next to her though, but I feel like I know her from somewhere. She's a red head wearing a beanie and converse that resemble mine. She's wearing a satchel and has a book tucked under her arm. I look to the person standing next to her and my mood immediately brightens."

"Parker!" I shout grimacing at the pain I feel in my chest. I still grin at him though as he takes a step further into the room. Everyone seems to exchange worried glances but I ignore them. I motion for him to come over towards the bed.

He steps up next to my hospital bed. I look up at him and tug on his shirt pulling him down and pressing my lips against his. He doesn't respond immediately but after another second he's pulling me closer against him.

I lean back and smile at Parker while he gives me a questioning look. Anna

before looking up at him with a grin.

"I remember g-going over to your h-house to 'hang out', " she says staring at him like a love sick puppy. He shamelessly grins back.

Okay no, I can't take this anymore.

"Let me go in, " I tell the doctor and I don't wait for her to answer me. I walk over towards the door and knock twice, signaling that Parker's time is up. I watch in disgust as he shoves his tongue down her throat once more before walking out wearing a triumphant smile.

I purposefully bump into his shoulder as he walks in and I walk out.

I walk over and sit in the seat across from where Abby is sitting. She looks a lot better than she did when she first woke up.

"W-what're you d-doing here?" She asks narrowing her eyes at me.

"How much do you remember about me?" I ask skipping straight to the point.

"B-besides the fact the you b-bullied me everyday freshman year in h-high school?" She asks raising an eyebrow at me.

Great, we had just gotten past that.

"Okay, " I nod. There isn't much I can really do. Doc says I can't push it by trying to make her remember anything right now.

I stand up and walk over towards her, stopping right in front of her. I lean down so that I'm whispering right next to her ear:

"I know you still love me stutter girl."

She gasps and I pull back to look into her eyes. I feel a glimmer of hope when she continues to stare at me but it quickly diminishes as soon as she begins to shake her head.

"I'm in love with Parker."

She doesn't even stutter.

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