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   Chapter 6 Six

The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters By Momo3625 Characters: 4984

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Abby's P.O.V

"My Aunt and my m-mother were h-having an argument while we were at some baseball game for m cousin's birthday, " I say noticing as the attention gradually shifts over to me. "I w-was only five at the t-time. No one was really p-paying much attention to t-the actual game itself aside from my c-cousin. That's why everyone w-was so surprised w-when a foul b-ball came out of n-nowhere and struck me right in the throat. Apparently w-we were in one of t-the only stadiums with n-no protective netting s-surrounding the field and I w-was in just the r-right place at the right time. I d-didn't understand a lot of w-what was g-going on while I was in the h-hospital, I was too young t-to understand any of the b-big words that the d-doctors were s-saying to my parents. At the e-end of the d-day though, I still ended up w-with severe nerve d-damage in my v-vocal cords. Leaving m-me the way I am t-today."

Everyone just stares at me when I finally finish my story, I'm used to this by now. Even though I haven't told the story in a while I still remember the looks of pity I got right after telling anyone about it. This time around Scott looks like a deer in headlights, he probably figured my stutter was just a birth defect or something.

"I never realized-" Scott says staring at me with a look I can't quite read on his face.

"I'm n-not looking for an apology, " I say giving him a pointed look. " I don't need your p-pity either. If I g-get a good enough job I'm be

sity getting the best of me. Scott looks at me for a long moment before snatching the cigarette he gave me back, standing up, and walking into the big area of trees. Victor of course gets up to go after him.

"Did I s-say something?" I ask looking around at everyone who still remains.

"No, you asked something, " Jace says sighing.

"W-what's up with him a-and his brother?"

"He'll tell you someday, " Cole says shaking his head. "Once he trusts you more. It took him nearly a year to tell me. Just know it's not a smart idea to bring up Falon's name anymore unless you're looking to seriously piss Scott off."

The rest of our time without Victor and Scott was spent talking and laughing. At one point Becca coaxed the twins into performing a dance they had put together in middle school and Cole nearly broke his neck attempting to do a back flip off the bench. Not too long after that though, a very angry Victor comes storming out of the woods towards us sporting a black eye.

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