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   Chapter 5 Five

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"That's my room mate, " Becca says watching Anna as she walks over towards our table. "And she's Abby's sister."

"Hey baby sister, " Anna says walking over to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"You look different, " I saw looking up at her.

"Woke up late, " she says, "I borrowed a pair of your glasses by the way. There was no time to run back to my room and grab my contacts so I stopped by your room."

"You b-broke into my room?"

"No I walked in, " she says, "you left one of your keys yesterday."

"Hey, " Becca says waving up at her room mate.

"Oh hey Becca, " Anna says frowning down at her, "I didn't see you there."

"Course you didn't, " Becca says frowning back at her, "cause it's not like I've been sitting here the whole time or anything."

"I see you've made new friends, " Anna says turning her attention back to me.

"Was she not supposed to?" Becca asks looking mildly irritated for some reason.

"I didn't say that, " Anna says furrowing her eyebrows at her, "I just didn't expect-"

"For her to meet people and not have to follow you everywhere?" Becca says plastering on a fake smile.

"Um, I have to go find Jasper, " Anna says frowning down at Becca again. "It was nice meeting you all I guess. Bye Abby."

Anna waves at everyone and quickly walks out of the cafe. Everyone is silent for a moment before Liam turns and looks at Becca.

"That was a little bitchy, " Liam says laughing.

"I know but she just rubs me the wrong way I guess, " Becca says shrugging. "And I am a little bitchy."

They all finally drop the subject of my sister and we order something to eat. Becca was absolutely right about pretty much everything tasting like crap. The only good highlight I tasted today was the blueberry muffin and that french vanilla cappuccino.

"Well now that we're finished with that, " Victor says pushing back inn his seat and standing up, "classes start in ten minutes. We best get moving."


The third class I had that day was world religions, which also just so happens to be the same third class that Scott had.

I sit in the front row, like I have done every year since high school. Scott of course walks in and just has to sit in the seat right behind me. Surprisingly he doesn't attempt to make a rude comment.

Only moments after Scott plops down in his seat a guy in a v-neck and jeans walks in with a breif case walks in. At first I think he's just another student because of how young he looks, and okay yeah he is kind of good looking. But when he walks over to the board and writes 'Stan O'neil' on it I realize he's supposed to be our teacher.

"Hello, " he says smiling at everybody and shoving his hands into his pocket. "If you've failed to comprehend it yet I am Stan O'neil. And yes I am giving you permission to call me Stan."

"Um if you don't mind me asking sir, " a skinny kid in glasses says raising his hand, "why would we call you that as opposed to something like Mr. O'neil."

"I was about to answer that actually, " he says clapping his hands together. "I'm sure you've already taken notice that I am quite young. Well I'm not quite used to being called 'Mr' anything and I don't think I want to get used to it. Also I'd really liek to connect with all of you this time around and I've found it's easier when we're both on a first name basis."

"How old are you?" Another person asks. I guess you don't have to raise hands in this class.

"Twenty four, " he says leaning back onto his desk. "This is my third year teaching at this college. Okay, so how many sophmores do I have? Juniors?" He goes on and on listing the different years until everyone but me has raised their hand.

"What are you?" He asks me furrowing his eyebrows. "I don't think I saw you raise your hand."

"I-I'm a freshman, " I say looking down at my desk.

"A freshman in my class?" He asks, "how'd you pull that off? Usually only upper class men and abnormally smart people are allowed in this class."

"I was v-valedictorian."

"So were half the other people in this room, " he says walking over towards my desk, "why do you keep stuttering? Talk right or don't talk."

"Obviously she can't asshole, " I hear Scott say in a low voice.

"I'm sorry what was that Scott?" Stan asks looking over at Scott. "Please remember that I'm friends with your father, don't mutter things in my class."

Of course Scott just decides to mutter something else.

"The girl who stutters and the boy who mutters, " Stan says looking over at us, "a great name for a book. Too bad I'm not an author."

"It's a speech deficiency, " Scott says through gritted teeth.

Why is Scott all of a sudden standing up for me about my stutter as if he wasn't just making fun of it yesterday? I don't know if he's trying to prove that he can go without making fun of me or not but this starting to confuse the hell out of me.

"Ah I see, " Stan says rubbing the stubble on his chin. "My apologies. Well I must say I'm glad to have a freshman this year. Obviously you must be pretty smart to have made it thus far. Now we're going to be focusing on the three major world religions this year-"


"What was that?" I ask hitting Scott's arm when we walk out of the classroom.

"That was world religions class, " he says furrowing his eyebrows.

"I'm referring to w-when you were t-talking to

Stan, " I say.

"I don't recall."

"Thanks for defending m-me Scott."

"Did it make you want to sleep with me?" He asks quirking an eyebrow at me.

"Not in t-the slightest."

"Then the mission was a failure."

"S-shut up mutter boy, " I say laughing.

"Don't call me that."

"I deserve to s-seeing as you've c-called me Stutter girl since freshman year."

"That's only because Stutter girl sounds like a hot name, " he says as we walk towards the lunch hall, "mutter boy on the other hand..."

We walk into the lunch room and I follow Scott over to where everyone is eating. I notice Anna walk into the room next to a guy so I wave. She waves back and follows the guy over to a table filled with other people.

"Scott!" Victor shouts walking over towards us holding a slip of paper, "dude I found this coupon for the Steak N' Bake. Dude we can get 99 cents steak!"

"I thought your family was against eating animals, " Scott says laughing.

"I'd eat you for 99 cents."

Scott slaps Victor on the back of the head and pulls out a chair. He gestures for me to sit down in the chair that he's pulled out and I eye him warily. I take a seat and he sits in the chair on the other side of me.

"Once we order we should go off campus for a smoke, " Cole says as he sits down with Jace.

"Definitely, " Scott says, "call Becca, Hannah, and Lacey. Tell them to meet us at the park."

"On it, " Jace says digging his phone out of his pocket.

It was quite obvious that by 'going for a smoke' they meant smoking. I myself have never smoked and I don't plan on it. I already stutter, I don't need to screw with my lungs.

"You guys smoke?" I ask turning to Scott.

"You don't?" He asks me.

"Why w-would I?"

"Well I suppose it seems like you of all people would be smoking, " Scott says looking back at me and shrugging. "You've been made fun of since freshman year in high school."

"That doesn't mean I want to s-screw up my life anymore t-than it already is, " I say.

"Huh, " he says smirking over at me.

Once the rest of our little group shows up we order our food and I follow them as they walk out towards the parking lot. We step in front of a rather large blue and black van.

"Abs I'd like you to meet the twin mobile, " Cole says walking over to me and placing his hand on the van, "and yes it is similar to the bat mobile. Jace and I put our money together to buy this thing and we finally did a few years ago on our birthday."

"Cute, " I say nodding my head in approval.

"Cute?" Jace and Cole say at the same time before Cole continues by saying, "babe this isn't cute. This is hot. Do you know how many times I made love in the back of this thing?"


"Don't answer that, " Jace says shaking his head at his brother. He walks to the back and opens the doors for us to climb in. I look inside and I don't see any seats but I do see couches, each pushed up against the opposite wall of the can.

"We took the seats out and switched them with couches, " Jace says as if I can't see the couches.

"Don't t-the couches slide a-around a lot?"

"Rest assured there are at least three rolls of duck tape holding those couches down, " he says before walking over to the front of the car and sitting in the driver's seat while Cole follows and sits in the passenger's seat. I of course am the last person to climb into the 'twin mobile', which means I get a spot right on top of Scott's lap since Hannah has already claimed Victor and Lacey already has Liam.

"It's okay, " Scott says smirking at me, "I've had plenty of girls in my lap before. No need to be nervous"

I sit down between Scott's legs and I already know that the action just can't be undone. I feel Scott wrap his arms around my waist.

"Seat belts, " he says nuzzling his nose into my neck, "so we can be safe. Or not, we can do it anyway you want."

"Pervert, " I say trying to unhook his arms from around my waist.

"I ship it, " Becca says smiling over at us.

"Ship what?" Lacey asks, clearly she doesn't understand the terminology of a fangirl.

"I'll explain later, " Becca says waving her off.

After a good ten minutes I feel the can slowly lurch to a stop. Liam opens the door and we all climb out. When I look around the first thing I see is the oldest swing set I've ever seen. It's very rusty, I suppose at one point it was supposed to be red, or purple, maybe it was blue. Either way now it's mostly made up of cobwebs. There also appears to be monkey bars and a slide, both which look relatively new.

I follow everyone past the very small park and we sit on a bench not too far away from it.

"Ten bucks a pack, " Lacey says setting her back pack on her lap.

"Damn Lace, " Cole says laying flat on the table. "Your prices have gone up since last year."

"It shouldn't be a problem considering you're all rich, " she says raising her eyebrows as if challenging him. Everyone cooperates and hands Lacey ten dollars, in return she hands them each a pack of cigarettes, besides me that is.

"You don't smoke?" Hannah asks me tapping my foot with her.

"I don't n-need to screw up m-my voice anymore then it already is, " I say shrugging.

"I have a question, " Jace says lighting his cigarette then passing the lighter to Scott. "Why do you stutter? Like did something?"

And so began the story of how my stutter came to be.

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