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   Chapter 4 Four

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He slips his hand around my waist. I look over and see Liam smiling down at me, when I look up at him I see a glimmer of recognition flash across his face.

"Don't I know you?" He asks furrowing his eyebrows, "haven't we slept together?"

"G-get off of me j-jackass, " I say trying to extract him from me before he leaves permanent marks.

"You were supposed to be my dorm mate!" He says the realization evident in his tone, "maybe I should reconsider my decision. I'm sure we could have great sex."

"I see you've made a new friend, " as I untwist from Liam's grip I look up and see Scott.

"Dude, " Liam says patting Scott on his back, "have you seen your stutter friend lately?"

"I saw her earlier but she ran off, " Scott says not taking his eyes off of mine for some reason. "I must say Stutter girl, I'm impressed."

"You know these guys?" Oakland asks walking over towards me.

"I w-wish I d-didn't, " I say rolling my eyes.

"I know you love me Stutter girl, " Scott says smirking.

"I'm vaguely sure that isn't her name, " Oakland says crossing his arms over his chest.

"I'm vaguely sure you should shut up before I decide to beat your ass."

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Oakland asks taking a step towards Scott.

"Well I'm her room mate, " Scott says.

Oakland considers this for a moment before looking over at me. I nod as a way to say yes I am room mates with an asshole. But Oakland must think I mean something else because he throws a punch as Scott who honestly must have seen it coming and dodged it. Scott steps back smiling and Oakland just glares.

"W-what the hell w-was that?" I basically scream grabbing Oakland's arm.

"You nodded your head yes. So I figured you meant it was okay to hit him, " Oakland says furrowing his brows at me.

I drop Oakland's arm and start walking off in the other direction to find my sister. If Scott is just going to start fights with every person I meet, this party obviously isn't worth my time.

"Stutter girl!" Oh great, he followed me.

"That's not my name, " I say not looking back at Scott.

"Fine, " he says groaning while still following me through this crowd of people. "Abby."

I stop and look back at him trying to size him up. What's so important that he's finally decided to call me by my first name.

"What do you want Scott?" I ask as I step outside to see if that's where Anna has escaped off to.

"I think we got off on the wrong foot, " Scott says grabbing my wrists and turning me towards him.

"We g-got off on the wrong foot b-back in high school when you mocked m-me everyday, " I say stubbornly.

"You're still holding that against me?" He asks rolling his eyes, "might I remind you that your sister broke my nose and I'm not holding that against you."

"You f-followed me around for three c-class periods fake stuttering!"

"You make it sound worse than it actually is, " Scott says, "I just think that if we're going to be living together maybe you should stop hating my guts."

"Maybe you should stop making f-fun of my stutter."

"To what extent?"

"At all, " I say, "stop t-talking shit about my s-stutter. Then m-maybe we can talk."

I decide that it's no use trying to find Anna so I just walk back to her dorm room. I'm hoping Anna comes back, after most parties she'll usually find some dude to sleep with. When I get back to the dorm room it's locked so I decide to just sit outside and wait. Anna's got to come back at some point.


"Christ how long have you been sitting out here?" Becca asks walking towards me. I've been sitting outside of their dorm room for a while now, in the hopes that Anna would show up and let me in. I guess Becca is the next best thing.

"Not too long, " I lie.

Becca digs through her satchel to find her room key and opens the door. I quickly stand up and stumble into the room. Becca follows after me and drops her stuff on her bed.

"I take it you were waiting for Anna, " Becca says.

"Yeah, " I say sheepishly sitting on the edge of her bed.

"Let me tell you something about people like your sister, " she says sitting down in the chair next to their small desk. "I'm already assuming that she was the more 'popular' one in high school right?"

I nod and she continues.

"Well, your sister is going to want to party, and find a boyfriend, make new friends, " Becca says. "She wants the whole college experience. Soon enough she'll forget about you."

"She w-wouldn't-"

"Oh but she would, " Becca says taking off her beanie.

"You d-don't even know her so h-how would you know anything?" I ask raising my eyebrows at her.

"The older sister I was telling you about earlier did the same thing to me, " she says, "you're like I was back when we first started school. Living in the shadow of your older sister. And when you finally realize she's gone it's gonna hurt because I know it matters."

"W-why're you t-telling my this?"

"You remind of myself, " she repeats, "and when I saw you sitting outside my door like a lost puppy I decided to help you. We're going to make you some friends so you aren't as sad when Anna leaves you."

"S-she isn't going t-to-"

"You keep thinking that, " she says walking over to her bed and kicking off her boots, "you can crash here tonight if you want since Anna probably won't be back anytime tonight seeing as last time i saw her she was drunk off her ass and being carried around on the back of some guy."

Before I can respond Becca walks into their bathroom and shuts the door. Not too long afterwards I hear the shower begin to run. Soon enough I absentmindedly curl into a small ball on the bed and slowly begin to drift off to sleep.


I wake up to the sound of someone banging rather loudly on the door.

I push myself up on my elbows and look over at a peacefully sleeping Becca. I look down at myself and realize that I must have fallen asleep in my dress. I stand up from the bed and smooth my hair down in the hopes that I don't look too terrible. I walk over to the door and open it a crack, but before I can even look at who's outside someone is already shoving the door open.

"Abby!" Scott shouts throwing his arms up in the air, "

when you didn't come back to the room I thought you'd been kidnapped!"

"Shut up..." Becca mutters from her bed.

"Becky!" Scott says walking over and sitting right on top her.

"Rogers, " Becca warns, "if you don't get off of me I swear..."

"You swear?"

"Go back to your dorm Scott."

"I can't, " Scott says bouncing up and down slightly, "on the way here I saw a nude man playing a cello."

"You s-should be happy he w-wasn't playing a much smaller instrument, " I say snorting a little.

"Hey! You made a dirty joke, " Becca says laughing while she trys to turn over under Scott's weight. "You're funny, we can work with that."

"Why're we working with something?" Scott asks looking down at her.

"I'm forming a friendship campaign for our lonely little Abby here, " Becca says.

"I'm n-not lonely."

"Course you aren't, you've got me, " Scott says finally hopping off of Becca. "Anyhow breakfast. You've got twenty minutes to meet the group at the table."

Scott walks out of the room and Becca stands up to start getting ready while I stand in the middle of the room with this stupid confused look on my face.

"You want to take a shower first?" She asks while simultaneously brushing her teeth.

"I d-don't have any c-clothes to change into, " I say.

"Christ borrow some of mine, " she says. "Or just borrow some of Anna's. She is your sister, you're fully entitled to stealing her clothes."

I've never really tired wearing Anna's clothes mostly because I already knew they wouldn't work on me. She buys the kind of clothes that honestly only work for her. But while Becca goes to take a shower I decide to at least look and see if there's something I can wear. Luckily enough for me I find a pair of black leggings and a plain black t-shirt. Maybe I'll just borrow a pair of converse from Becca and I'll be good to go.

Once I finally take my shower and get ready, Becca nods her approval with my outfit choice but suggest I borrow one of her beanies, since apparently I look like a person who could rock a beanie.

When we finally leave the dorm and start walking towards wherever we're eating, the realization hits me that I haven't yet seen Anna since yesterday at the party. Now I feel like a horrible sister considering the last thing I heard she was doing was drunkenly riding on a guy's back. I should've went to find her instead of going to sleep. I need to at least try calling her.

"What're you doing?" Becca asks as we navigate through the grounds.

"Calling Anna, " I say dialing her number.

"Well aren't you sweet, " Becca says looking over at me with a look of pity, "don't call her. It gives off the illusion that you care. Let her come to you."

"That w-won't help-"

"It helped when I did it to my sister, " she snaps.

"How c-close are y-you to your sister?"

"Irrelevant, " she says looking away from me, "all you need to know is that it works."

We continue to walk to the cafe they have on campus where most of the college population seems to not be. Either a lot of them partied a little too must last night, or the food just must not taste good.

"Where is everyone?" I ask as we walk into the small cafe.

"Probably at the other cafe on the other side of campus, " she says shrugging, "or hungover."

"W-well what's wrong w-with this cafe?"

"Good service, " Becca says, "but a lot of food tastes like shit. Now don't get me wrong they can cook some good ass stuff here. More specifically the muffins."

I follow her towards the back of the restaurant where there's a long table with about 6 or 7 other people at it, including Scott and Liam.

"Becca you're late!" A short blonde shouts from the table.

"That is solely because I have a beta this year, " she says throwing an arm around her shoulder.

"So it's like she's Liam and you're Scott?" The blonde asks chuckling.

What the hell is she talking about?

"Analise you're confusing her, " Liam says laughing.

"It's a Teen Wolf reference, " Analise says.

"She's obsessed, " Becca says, "it's an addiction she can not sustain."

I take a seat in between Becca and Liam. Everyone introduces themselves so I meet the twins, Jace and Cole. Then of course there's Victor who's actually really nice. Lastly comes Hannah and Lacey who aren't nearly as bitchy as they actually look.

"Friends, " Becca says standing up and looking at me, "we have a new person among us. Perhaps even a genius."

"How do you know she's a genius?" Scott asks skeptically.

"I found her class schedule of course, " Becca says as if going through my stuff is something she does on a regular basis. "It was in her pocket. She's in all honors classes."

A chorus of ooh's and ah's sweeps through the group.

"Wow Abby, " Scott says looking over at me with approval evident on his face, : I remember back in high school when everyone thought you were retarded or something."

"That's because you t-told everyone I w-was, " I say looking down.

"Well that's not going to happen here, " Becca says glaring at Scott, "I figured I'd tell you all now to spare you one less awkward conversation about this later. She stutters, but she isn't stupid. You'll get used to it. And now I'm done."

I could've told them about my stutter on my own. But I guess I am kind of glad that she was the one to tell them though. Although I'm pretty sure Scott might have already mentioned to them that his room mate stutters.

"Is this like your second or third year?" Jace asks.

"My first, " I say and everyone just stares at me. "I'm h-here on academic s-scholarship. I was valedictorian."

"Damn, " Lacey says, "you're taking all AP classes your freshman year and you were valedictorian."

I'm about to respond but before I can I hear my name being yelled from across the room. I look over and see something rather surprising. Anna stumbles in with bags under her eyes, her face is completely makeup-less, and she's wearing a pair of my glasses. She must have forgotten her contacts. Basically right now she looks a lot like me especially with the glasses. She's wearing a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt.

"Hey!" Hannah says laughing and turning towards me, "Abby you never told us there was two of you!"

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