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   Chapter 36 Really Quite Perverse

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"What are you doing?"

Nancy asked, as she saw Evan made a random hand gesture in front of her. She gave him a strange look and avoided him blocking her sight.

Yet when she looked ahead, Nancy was shocked. Jolie Ning appeared before her.

Jolie looked scary as she was about to transform. For a second, her ghastly and creepy appearance was all that Nancy could see.

Evan stared at Nancy. It'd be impossible if nothing could scare her!

"Haha, you told me that I'd see a ghost tonight. There it is, "

Nancy turned to him and smiled. While Evan was looking at her in disbelief, Nancy's body went off-balance all of a sudden and passed out.

Holy shit!

She passed out!

Evan wasn't expecting this. Nancy was able to maintain composed before a rich young man, an arrogant and haughty girl, and a decapitated corpse, but she simply fell unconscious after looking at Jolie once.

He thought that Nancy would probably run away because of fright, but she blacked out instantly, which is something Evan had not expected.

"Not my fault."

Jolie gently shrugged and changed back to her normal appearance.

"I know. This woman just caused us a lot of trouble."

Evan was already holding Nancy in his arms. He sighed as he saw her cute face despite the fact that she was unconscious.

If it weren't for Jolie who was still looking at them, Evan had really wanted to take some advantage.

He always believed that a man had to be stupid if he didn't take advantage when he could. Right now, he had an opportunity, and Evan felt that he must make a move to compensate for the bother she gave him earlier.

"What do we do with her?"

Jolie curiously looked at Evan as he sat by the side of the road. What confused her even more was that Evan laid the unresponsive Nancy across his legs.

What was this guy going to do?

Jolie tilted her head to the side and looked at Evan. She didn't understand this. Was this supposed to help her wake up?


Jolie st

ridays. They also arrive at a certain time."

Colin thought for a moment and told Evan all the information he had gathered.

"Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, huh? Today's a Monday, so are they coming tonight?"

Frowning, Evan looked at Colin.

"No, Evan, today's a Tuesday. It's already past midnight, " Colin raised his eyebrows and continued, "However, they go to another place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays."

Another place?

Evan stared at Colin who smiled and said, "The Club Imperium."

As soon as he heard the name, Evan couldn't help but feel jealous. Whether it was Full House Deluxe or the Club Imperium, both were considered bottomless pits that could bleed your wallet dry in Linhai City.

They were some real rich people who went to those places for daily entertainment. Regular folks couldn't even afford a few hours inside with a year of their pay. But somehow, they could go there every single day. What a gap between the rich and the poor!

"So what you're saying is that we should head to Club Imperium now?"

Evan saw that Colin was smiling, so he asked curiously.

"Why not?"

Colin laughed and said, "Right now, they probably just arrived at the club. If we go now, we might be able to run into them at the exact right moment."

Evan's eyes lit up when he heard this.

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