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   Chapter 35 A bunch of trash - All of You!

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Get a room!?

Evan was shocked and a little embarrassed by the way Nancy took the initiative. That was so bold and exciting!

Evan wanted to get out of there, but it was too late - Nancy, with an extremely affectionate look on her face, had grabbed him just in time and clung to his arm. She looked sweet and innocent, which was in stark contrast to how she was a few minutes ago.

Evan began to understand why the line from a Chinese movie - "The prettier a woman is, the less you can trust her." - was so popular. It was so true!

Women were born actresses. Everything Nancy had done since they entered the nightclub seemed real that Evan himself almost believed it.

Moreover, she quickly changed her moods that Evan found it hard to keep up pace.

"Stop them!"

The rich guy said. Wiping the remaining cognac from his face, he slowly stood up from the couch and approached them both with a darkened face.

Hearing this, dozens of people at nearby tables rose from their seats and started to close in on Evan and Nancy, with smirks all over their faces.

Nancy was not afraid at all. Her face glowed with excitement at the sight before her.

'She must be insane!'

Evan thought. He found himself knowing less and less about her as they spent time together - she was so daring that she exceeded all his impressions of young girls.

"Hey lady, I gotta say, you've really got some nerve. Slapping me and pouring me with my own booze? Haha!"

The well-dressed young man went over to Evan and Nancy and burst into laughter. Then, he continued, "Do you have any idea who I am, eh?"

"I don't care who you are, " Nancy snorted and said, "My boyfriend is the best man in the world. You can't compare to him."

Evan pressed his forehead with his hand, distressed. He marveled at how she could cause so much trouble. Now, he just wanted to end it.

"I can't compare to your boyfriend? This is the young master of Fly Company, Liam, standing in front of you. Who the hell is your boyfriend?"

"Listen, chick, you shouldn't have been so reckless and messed with Liam. You better watch out tonight, or else -"

"Liam, you do have good taste; this chick is quite extraordinary!"

The crowd made careless remarks as they stood around Nancy. They were stimulated at the sight of her - she was indeed very pretty.

Liam seemed very satisfied with the compliments his gang had paid him, and therefore loosened up. 'You dare mess with me?' he thought with a smug smile on his face, 'You should've known better.'

"Hold on, guys. Will you listen to me for a minute...."

Evan wanted to clear his name and tell them that he didn't want to get involved into the mess. More important, Jolie had sent messages that she discovered something about Randy and James. So he needed to get out of the nightclub.

However, things did not proceed the way he'd hoped.

Nancy jerked Evan's arm closer to her and gave a disdainful look at the people surrounding them, especially Liam. She spat and said, "Let me be frank with you losers. I don't mean to belittle you, laugh at you, or anyth

cy had been way out of line. Evan decided to teach her a lesson. He was afraid that if he didn't do anything, this pretty policewoman would bring him more trouble.

"I told you I am going to keep you company and have some fun. The night has just started, so what's the rush?"

Nancy grinned at Evan, unaware that what she had done completely infuriated him.

She was careless. In fact, even if she had known, she wouldn't have cared about Evan being angry. She only wanted what she was going after. As for the rest, she couldn't care less.

"Have some fun? Are you sure about that?"

Evan said with an annoyed face. He looked at Nancy straight into her eyes, yet the latter seemed still ignorant of his current emotions.


Said Nancy, with the same grin she'd been wearing all night on her face.

"I hope you won't regret it, " Evan said with a sardonic laugh. And in a few strides, he came out of the night club.

As for the mess he had left behind, he didn't bother himself with it. After all, he didn't started it.

Nobody tried to stop him on his way out. There was too much going on inside the club. The three guards seemed to have inexhaustible strength and were still energetically engaged in the fight, knocking off whoever came near them, even adding a few kicks on people who were already down.

However, when Evan and Nancy went out of the nightclub and entered a dark alley behind the building, the guards passed out and collapsed on the ground.

What the Millionaire Nightclub would do to those three men was none of Evan's concerns. They were Liam's problem now, even though Evan did feel a little sorry for taking advantage of them.

Now, Evan had to figure out a way to get rid of Nancy.

He looked at Jolie, who was floating by his side and then at Nancy, who seemed innocent as always, yet who had been proven to be thick-skinned and devious when it came to getting what she wanted. Finally, he made up his mind. He nodded to Jolie, stretched out his arm, positioned his hand in front of Nancy's eyes, and waved.

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