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   Chapter 34 Do Things in An Unusual Way

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"I'm following you? That's ridiculous! You walk your way and I walk my own. I will go wherever I want to go. Why should I follow you? Who the hell do you think you are?"

Nancy snorted. However, when she saw that Evan walked away without saying anything, she followed him hurriedly, like a little puppy.

Evan turned to look at her strangely, but she only shrugged as if she didn't care. Although she acted like this, Evan was still stunned at how beautiful and charming she looked.

'This beautiful girl is too tough. She doesn't look any more than 17 years old for people who don't know her.'

Evan had seen her with in a police uniform, so he knew that she was a real policewoman, who had both beauty and brains.

"Do I look that good?"

Not feeling shy about being stared at by Evan, she walked in front of him smiling, raised her head, crossed her arms, and pouted her mouth. Evan found this really cute.

"Yeah, you really look good. It will be great if you are not a policewoman."

Evan blurted out.

"Oh? Why do you say so?"

Nancy was confused. She wondered, 'Does this have anything to do with whether I am a policewoman or not?'

"So that I don't have to intentionally violate the laws, " Evan giggled at his pick-up line. Honestly, he didn't know if he could do anything evil in front of such a beauty if she was not a policewoman.

"Don't even dare, " Nancy snorted and said, "By the way, why did you stop walking? I am bored, so I will play with you."

Evan let out a sigh and took a glance at Nancy behind him. He couldn't do anything since she was following him.

'What should I do?'

Evan thought. If he was being followed by Nancy, it would not be easy for him to look for evidence because she was keeping an eye on him, which made him uncomfortable.

"Play with me?"

Evan took another look at Nancy and murmured, "Are you sure?"

"What other choice do I have? I'm off duty and have nothing to do."

Nancy smiled. She took out a lollipop from her fanny pack, unwrapped it, and put it into her mouth.

'What the hell! Do you have to be so sexy when sucking a lollipop?' Evan thought.

The way Nancy ate the lollipop reminded Evan of something dirty. His heart raced uncontrollably. 'How exciting!' he thought.

"Whatever, follow me if you want to play, " Evan didn't dare look at Nancy anymore. He was afraid that he would do something wrong.

Full House Deluxe Nightclub was a luxurious club that had been in Linhai City for a long time, even though its name sounded corny. Regardless of how many years have past, business had always been stable for this club. It was the best one in Linhai City.


an get rid of this flirty young girl.'

Evan's eyes lit up. 'It seems that the stereotype still holds up. Let's see if she will stick with me now.'

It's not that he didn't want to be with a beautiful girl. He just felt weird because of her identity. He was just a petty bourgeoisie. Also, no one these days played around with a woman he only knew for a short time.

"Who are you? Get the hell away from me! Don't you see that I am having fun with my husband? Fuck off!"

Nancy turned to take a glance at that handsome young man. Without any interest, she stood up suddenly, screwed open the Remy Martin and poured the liquor on that young man's head. And the liquor was all over this guy.

"Take a look at yourself! I am not available. Fuck off!"

It seemed that Nancy thought it was not enough. Then she slapped directly in his face, which stunned Evan.

'No way. This isn't right. Shouldn't she be acting all sweet and innocent in front of a handsome guy? What the hell was she doing?'

Evan stood up in a hurry. He wouldn't apologize to this guy. This was Nancy's problem, and there was nothing between Nancy and him. He'd better run from this mess.

He clearly understood why Nancy followed him. She wanted to give him trouble. In addition, the rich, handsome guy didn't seem easy to deal with, based on the way he dressed. Even though Evan was not afraid him, his priority was to bring justice to Jolie. Therefore, he'd better not stir up a nest of hornets.

However, when he was about to leave, Nancy didn't want to let him go.

"Honey, why are you leaving? You said you would stay with me tonight. I am enjoying my time with you. How about we go to the hotel now?"

Nancy left the rich, young guy, whose face turned dark, and ran toward Evan.

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