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   Chapter 32 What A Cute Policewoman

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"Isn't it?"

Mr. Long smiled coldly. Suddenly, he felt something cold on his shoulder. He sniffed, "You want to possess me, huh?"

He looked back immediately and was about to slap Jolie, whom he thought was behind him. However, when Mr. Long turned his head around, he was surprised by the sight of one of his thugs who was about to attack him with a machete.

'Damn it!'

Mr. Long, with his eyes wide open, had never expected that he would die this way.

He thought Jolie was going to possess him, but he was wrong.

Jolie had seen all of the events in front of her, so she knew that Monkey wasn't able to lick Mr. Long.

Since his boys had those runes drawn on their bodies, Mr. Long must have had some on his body too, so she chose a strong gangster with a machete who stood near Mr. Long.

That's how it came to this.

It wasn't her fault that she was being this ruthless. She was an evil ghost to begin with, and couple with so much hatred in her, she was bound to explode. She wasn't able to take revenge on her rapist the night she returned from the dead, so her pent-up resentment was overflowing. This was her way of releasing her stress.

Evan was stunned by what happened.

Beheading a man in front of two million people was insane. 'Oh my god.' he thought to himself.

Evan tried to end the live streaming, but before he could do that, he saw the comments.

"Smooth dude--"

"Well done sweety! That's how you should treat them bad guys--"


"You are amazing. You just ran faster than Bolt! I want to know how you did that. You should join track and field--"

"Good job!"

"This is really exciting--"

After seeing their responses, Evan was relieved. It seemed that these netizens were receptive to such a bloody scene, even though it had broken the law. Evan was a bit worried that his channel would be banned.

Evan's idea was simple. He wanted to live stream Jolie's case online, so he would attract attention and alert the local government. This would ensure that James would be brought to justice.

'Maybe I haven't thought this thing through, ' Evan placed a palm on his forehead.

It hadn't made too much of an impact on the web right now, but if the netizens blew this up over time, Evan might be in big trouble.

'Should I end the live streaming?' Evan thought to himself.

He decided to end it and never stream again.

Although live streaming was very lucrative, everyone should have a limit. Otherwise, it would come to a point when Evan couldn't control the viewers anymore, and he would be famous even if he didn't want to be.

Evan had heard

He knew that everyone in the police station frowned upon her hot temper, but Nancy had powerful connection. So he would not say anything even if he disliked her attitude.

"It's none of your business if my temper matches my face or not. I just curious that can this guy really be scared? He must have seen similar scenes on TV. Forgive me, but this guy really has no balls, " Evan, who had been sniffed by Nancy, had to keep silent so he wouldn't get into further trouble, like going to the police station or something.

However, Evan was wondering how afraid Nancy would be if she knew that there were three ghosts standing beside her. He couldn't help but laugh as he thought of this.

"Man, I guess you were really traumatized, " when the elder police saw Evan's smile, he sighed. 'Poor boy.' He thought to himself.

Nancy raised her middle finger to Evan. But considering that he was the only witness, she reluctantly took him to the hospital.

'This girl smells good. Does she use the same perfume as Kristine?'

But Evan didn't dare say it out loud because he didn't want to experience her wrath. He was being escorted by this beautiful policewoman to the police car, while he was enjoying Nancy's scent. 'This not bad at all.' He thought to himself.

Evan was being brought to the hospital. He won't be in any trouble.

Meanwhile, in a dark room of a mountain villa northwest of Linhai City, under the dim light, a handsome young man who was sleeping on a stone bed suddenly sat up in a cold sweat. He touched the nape of his neck and panted; his face was extremely pale.

"Evan Ye, I will kill you!"

The angry low roar echoed throughout the dark room. This man was the one killed by Jolie, and his name was Lawrence Sun!

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