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   Chapter 31 Breaker Terry Strikes

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Possessed by the hungry ghost, Monkey Zhou received incredible powers. His speed and his strength reached bestial levels.

Even though he was hit so many times, he still kept on going after anyone that he could bite or, rather, lick. He became obsessed with licking. Moreover, Monkey developed a unique craving for cinnabar. He fell in love with its scent.

"Screw you, goddamn Monkey--"

"You disgust me, you asshole. I'm gonna kill you!"

"Somebody help! Get him away from me, gross--"

"Get lost, Monkey! I beg you, stop clinging to me! You win, okay--"

"Stop licking, you son of a bitch! You're making me look gay, you shithead--"

Monkey kept on licking anyone that he could get ahold of. He paid no attention to the hooligans beating him. He was unbelievably strong. Nobody could push him away. Even the dude he was currently licking gave up with tears coming out of his eyes.

Because of Monkey's actions, Evan had some space. At least, he didn't have to look haggard in front of his viewers when he was being chased by so many people.

His streaming was still live, and the donations kept coming in, but Evan couldn't afford to be bothered by those. He was busy thinking about how to dodge the machetes swung by the hooligans behind him. If one of them got to him, it would cost his life.

Despite his newly gained ten-year training, Evan couldn't confront more than twenty at once. If it were not for Monkey who was able to stall seven or eight of them, Evan would've been surrounded and murdered by those thugs.

With the ten-year training, Evan could run much faster now. He has been running for quite a while already, yet he didn't feel the least bit tired.

"Damn you, Colin. Go possess someone and help me. If I get killed, you won't end up any better!"

Evan shouted at Colin who was standing at the corner, not knowing what to do. The hungry ghost kept seven or eight people at bay, but Colin was simply standing there doing nothing. What was he even doing here?

"Bro, you still are the one and only Breaker Terry. Pull some weights!"

As Evan called out, the dazed Colin snapped back to reality. Terry Colin was still Terry Colin. Whether in the movies, novels, or comic books, his wits, his intelligence, and his foresight were all unparalleled.

Otherwise, he couldn't have been the leading hero for so long. Regardless of the gravity of the situation, he was always able to contribute in the most unexpected ways.

After all, Terry Colin, the Breaker Terry, was one of the few superheroes without superpowers. He was not only able to survive American comics, but he was able to make the world his personal playground.

If he weren't capable, then a guy like hi

e the battered hooligan that Lee truly mistook him for Evan. It was dark after all, and people couldn't see that well.

But when the victim was about to tell Lee that it was fine, Lee unexpectedly pounded him with a brick once more; this time it hit right on the guy's forehead.

As he was falling unconscious, the hooligan was still puzzled. He thought that Lee already knew about the mistake. Then why would Lee hit him again? Whose side was he on?

"Good job!"

Evan smiled with pride at the possessed Lee. Just now, Colin had already taken down five or six hooligans.

The thugs were not dumb. They realized that something went wrong. Soon, Monkey and Lee were both cornered.

However, the good news was that Monkey had done his job perfectly and licked through the crowd. Every one of the attackers was contaminated with his saliva all over their bodies.

"Had enough?"

Mr. Long slowly approached them. He didn't care at all that Evan took down some of his goons.

If Evan was some useless punching bag, Long wouldn't have been interested in dealing with him to begin with.

"Let's cut this out, " Evan took a deep breath and said: "Sun, if I survive today, I'll give you hell the next time we meet!"

Evan actually wanted to tell Mr. Long that he was going to kill him next time, but his stream was still live. If he publicly made a threat, it would definitely cause some trouble. If something were to happen to Long, that could be used against him. Evan was not stupid.

Mr. Long licked the corner of his mouth and chuckled, "Then let's see if you can survive tonight."

Evan held his ground. He saw that not far behind Mr. Long, the repelled and injured Jolie has now somewhat recovered. She discreetly approached Mr. Long from behind. Evan laughed and answered, "Oh yeah!"

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