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   Chapter 30 Lick! Lick! Lick!

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"Mr. Long, it seems a little inappropriate this way."

Feeling anxious, Evan released the hungry ghost and the Breaker Terry.

Even though the hungry ghost was fool and Colin was as timid as a mouse. Only with them around would Evan feel secure.

The viewers of his stream surged to 1.5 million. Evan would've been thrilled about this had he not been stuck in this tricky situation. He had been thinking about how to get away.

"Inappropriate? Indeed. It's unfair to you. I assume you're still sad about losing your only way out of this. You are really something to have ghosts follow you loyally. It seems like we are birds of the same feather, " Mr. Long sneered as he extinguished the cigarette with his thumb as if he didn't feel the pain at all.

The viewers were all astonished to see this.

How hot the cigarette must have been! That was definitely painful. They all wondered how Mr. Long could act like nothing had happened.

"Mr. Long, there are more than one million people watching us now. If something really happens, I am afraid that you and your people will be accused guilty, with conclusive evidence, " Evan said as he pointed to the web camera, Mr. Long's people, and lastly to Mr. Long.

Mr. Long stared at Evan and sneered, "I'm not counting on running away after I kill you tonight.

Whether I die or I get imprisoned, I don't care. Hahaha--"


"He isn't afraid of death! How horrifying Mr. Long is..."

"Why is this man determined to kill the host at the cost of his own life?"

"It seems that the streamer is doomed..."

"I witnessed how the anchor gradually became famous. I can't believe that his career would end so soon. How tragic!"

Comments flooded the screen, but neither Evan nor Mr. Long took notice of them.

Evan was also amazed by what Mr. Long had just said. He clapped and gave him a thumbs-up, "Freaking awesome, Mr. Long. Oh, my mistake. I should say Samuel, I admire your courage."

"You know?"

Mr. Long asked a question that didn't seem to make any sense to everyone. But Evan

ould be beaten to death. He asked the hungry ghost to erase the runes on the other guys.

The hungry ghost was more than happy to comply.

He licked everyone he caught, As if they were delicious roast drumsticks.

"Get away from me!"

"What the hell are you doing, Monkey? You are disgusting. Get off me!"

"Stop licking me!"

The hungry ghost had possessed Monkey. The guys who were being licked by him had no idea why Monkey became strange all of sudden.

Although Monkey disgusted them, he was their friend. None of them hit Monkey because of that.

It gave the hungry ghost the chance to lick them without restraint.

The runes on the guys were licked off by the hungry ghost soon enough.

Mr. Long was frustrated. He shouted at those guys who were caught by Monkey, "Kill him!"

"Mr. Long. It's Monkey."

"Yes. Mr. Long. He is Monkey. We can't do that."

Although Monkey disgusted them, how could they kill their friend?

"I said kill him!"

Those guys were all frightened to see Mr. Long's look turning colder. They were in a dilemma.

"Change your target. Lick these guys."

Evan shouted at Monkey excitedly, after seeing that the runes on the guys around Monkey were gone.

"I am hungry. I want to eat..."

Monkey's eyes glimmered with enthusiasm when he saw the other guys chasing Evan. He rushed to them and started to lick.

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