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   Chapter 29 Mr. Long's Intrusion

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Evan calmly watched as Jolie told every detail of her story. After her confession was broadcasted to so many viewers in the stream, Evan took over the camera and pointed it toward him.

Seeing comments demanding justice for Jolie pop up, Evan understood that both old viewers and newcomers were familiar with the story.

"As for seeking justice, Jolie is certainly capable of doing so. But I have to tell you one thing, there is a very powerful master guarding Jonathan Zhang. If he could repel a returning, persecuted ghost like Jolie and almost destroy her, you should know how good he is, " Evan didn't reveal master Jia's identity. He deliberately added the air of mystery. In a few moments, comments exploded with people asking who the master was.

"I'll just give you one hint. That person is actually pretty famous in Linhai City. Moreover, he's got an annotated entry on the Chando online encyclopaedia."

Evan stopped before going any further. He knew how to lead them on. All he needed was to stimulate the crowd's curiosity.

"Randy Jia, or Gary Cheng?"

The users based in Linhai quickly revealed the backgrounds of the two local masters of mysticism. Comments piled on again.

Some claimed that it must be Randy Jia, and some Gary Cheng.

At that moment, a generous donor who just threw in a thousand RMB nonchalantly typed out a few words: "Randy Jia is very close to Jonathan Zhang. I know about this."

"Ooh, rich dude--"

"Hey buddy, you gotta any more of that money lying around? Can I get some--"

"Be my child's daddy, money--"

When the rich man dropped Randy Jia's name, many people were surprised. Some even went on Chando to look him up.

When people checked Randy Jia's profile, fewer comments suspected that Evan was making this all up. The master Randy Jia was an actual recognized master of metaphysics. He was a real celebrity. Who would joke about a celebrity like this?

Besides, this thing involved another person's life. Even the rowdy heirs and the nouveau riche wouldn't dare try this, let alone an unknown streamer like Evan.

Everybody knew that nowadays superstition was to be abandoned or condemned, but on the other hand, that kind of thing was extremely popular among the rich and the powerful. Who would think that having some master pick a proper grave site could cost someone two million? This was the strangest and most terrifying.

In the meantime, it also showed how well-regarded those masters of metaphysics or mysticism were in those circles.

"Ha, it seems like you all know who he is. That's great. For now, I'll keep my plans secret, but I do want you to see someone. Of course, please don't be too shocked afterwards. After all, from your perspective, all of this could be just a h

"Well, he did what he came for. He can go along with his ghost girl and enjoy their afterlife together."

"The man's got a death wish."

"Run, man!"

"Run, goddamn. What are thinking?"

Various comments shot out and onto the screen, flying across in waves.

But Evan didn't seem to notice them at the moment. It was Long who actually smiled at them, "So many supporters. You've got a lot of guts, but what's the use?"

"Wanna use ghost possession again?"

Mr. Long looked at Evan with his head sideways, reading Evan's mind out loud in an instant.


Hearing Long's words, Evan was taken aback. He had a bad feeling about this.

"I knew you would pull that. You think I wasn't prepared? Guys, take off your clothes!"

Mr. Long laughed and fiercely puffed out some white smoke.


Now, the gang of hooligans tore off the thin t-shirts from their ripped bodies. On their skin were strange patterns painted with red cinnabar. Seeing this, Evan seemed to have realized something.

This was what Mr. Long was relying on. The patterns painted on these people were obviously used to prevent possessions.

"Shit, this is something new. Is this a Taoist battle? Why do I feel like I'm watching some horror comedy?"

"I know the plot of this one. If this is all real, all I can do is pray for the streamer to live just a little longer. If this is all fake, then it's still quite a good show. Good on you, streamer--"

"Man, I missed the Taoist master from those horror movies--"


Comments started flying again. If Evan could actually read them, he probably would find all of this absolutely ironic.

'People, this was a duel. Stop with the nostalgia. The man was in some serious trouble.'

Right now, Evan finally understood the onlookers' mentality. They wanted nothing but escalation.

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