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   Chapter 28 Sweet Sonya

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The top managers of the Macropod official platform were having an intense argument at the moment.

"No, we definitely can't headline him. If we do this, we'll be promoting superstition. It's just not possible!"

A man slammed the table. Wearing a slick suit, he obviously was a staunch supporter of atheism. On his position tag read "Director." He had a lot of power in Macropod.

"But even if we don't headline him, his live stream audience still exponentially rises. If this carries on, he would inevitably become the number one streamer!"

"Yeah, not to mention that his streaming content has so many exciting moments. Besides, who knows if those were real ghosts? Perhaps, it was just some high-tech stuff. These kinds of things pop up regularly. This could be one of those. Director Zheng, what does that have to do with superstition? It's not that serious."

"I don't think it's a problem either. At least this Evan guy was able to find a way to draw an audience to his streams, and thus bringing us a great amount of donations from the rich viewers as well as a lot of traffic to the platform. Isn't this great?"

The other managers in the office also voiced their opinions.

After all, many users of the Macropod platform didn't have to watch pre-selected or top streams.

With the growth of streaming platforms in this day and age, viewers had become much more selective. Many would go look for whatever they wanted to watch in the niche categories, which was quite a hobby of the rich viewers.

The first one who started an outdoor livestream received a gift of one million during his very first stream from some rich dude. That shocked a lot of people.

There was another streamer who went live on the street to pick up girls. Another million got thrown at him, and that was another shock to everyone.

There were many examples like this. You didn't have to be popular, but you got to be creative. What did the audience really want today? Originality. How could you interest them in the most creative way?

Right now, the many platforms had come up with all kinds of gimmicks with every kind of streamer, like clockwork. Every idea had already gone stale. There was even a streamer who live streamed himself literally eating shit. This was the reality of streaming. It proved how chaotic this industry had become.

There were plenty of ghost hunting streamers like Evan, who often traveled to haunted houses all over the country, or some weird and dangerous locations. Even though none of them actually ran into a ghost, as long as the show looked good, the audience still felt engaged, and the rich guys donated.

When several managers started defending Evan, they weren't making baseless claims. Even Cam Zhen, the atheist director,

y within seconds. As time went on, within just a few minutes of Jolie Ning's teary and heartfelt confession, the streaming channel had more than six hundred thousand viewers.

"The ghost hunter got the headline?"

"What the hell!"

"Don't know. Let's watch it first!"

"Dank, dank--"

"What a pretty girl. She looks better than my girlfriend. Look at that body, that face, damn--"

"Dude, is this what you're into? That's a mistreated ghost brought back. Shit, what you thinking bout?"

"He is damn bold!"

"Upvote that dude with the ghost fetish. Let the ghost chick find him tonight, hahaha--"

In just a few minutes, all kinds of comments flooded the channel, and the viewer count was still growing fast.

This was a major headline that Macropod usually only reserved for events. The regular headlines were mostly introductions to Macropod bonuses. They weren't usually used on specific streamers.

And yet, today's headline was a channel that helped wronged ghosts tell their stories. Everyone got confused about what Macropod was doing. What was the hype for?

When more and more people came in the stream, questions and comments asking for explanations blew up the whole channel.

But Evan also felt weird about the situation. Macropod couldn't possibly give his channel the headline just like that.

Although he didn't understand why Macropod was doing this, when Evan looked at the gifts and donations pouring out, he couldn't hep but smile.

These were actual cash money. As soon as it surpassed the two thousand mark, he could withdraw it directly from Macropod. And Macropod had a great reputation; they worked even faster than banks.

The agitated Evan checked on Jolie who was still pleading but also about to finish. A corner of his mouth lifted. If they wanted to play, then let's raise the stakes.

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