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   Chapter 27 Help Her

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When a subscriber purchased the second level in Evan's live streaming, his comments were marked red.

But the rich man's level was a little higher. It cost him some money yesterday, but most of it was paid to keep the level.

When he saw the fight between Jolie and the hungry ghost, he at once bought himself the third level- which cost him 100, 000.

And the third level in Macropod had more credibility than in Double Y. Today, he decided to comment.

"Are you going to assist the aggrieved ghost Jolie? Are you sure? I'm curious about this, so I hope this is not just a hoax. I'll reward you if you make this happen." The rich guy commented, his words marked in red. This sent the rest of Evan's subscribers into a frenzy.

"Rich man! My Lord."

"Lord. I love you and can meet your sexual needs."

"Mate. I'm handsome and skilled. Let us make love together."

"Shut up."

"What a beautiful woman. A ghost? I don't believe this. Bullshit."

"Agree. A ghost in real life? Impossible. She must be an actress."

In a short time, all kinds of comments filled the screen. Evan wanted to ignore them, but when it came to the online patrons, he had enough patience to answer their questions.

"I won't answer the misers' questions. No money, no answer. Fuck off, " Evan thought, bobbing his head up and down.

"You don't believe me. Then, let her tell you."

Evan turned the camera to Jolie who was in front of him. She knew what Evan was doing and didn't object to it.

She liked live streaming.

When she faced the camera, she was little shy even though she was ghost. The viewers sympathized with her because of her display of a human emotion. To them, even if she was dead, they could very much relate to her.

Jolie was one of the most beautiful girls in school. She committed suicide after being raped.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Jolie. May

nt gifts, the number of viewers rose from 60, 000 to over 160, 000.

According to Douyo's rules, most viewers who were watching the live steam could receive different amounts of coins after sponsors sent gifts to the host. And coins were equal to money that could be used to reward hosts. As long as hosts were happy to accept these rewards.

While Jolie described what happened to her, the number of gifts continued to rise rapidly and the number of those who bought the second level subscription, rose as well.

More than ten people had bought the second level. And a subscriber paid 100, 000 for the third level. Additionally, the number of subscribers rose from 5, 000 to 83, 000, which broke most hosts' annual records.

Since Evan started his live streaming yesterday, he had garnered a lot of attention. Douyo kept an eye on his live streaming, discussing his content.

After all, there was a true ghost in the live streaming, a unique selling proposition for Douyo.

In this industry, camgirls and game hosts were the most popular hosts. But it was shocking and amazing that Evan invited ghosts to be guests on his live streaming room. Douyo was considering whether to put Evan's live stream room at the top of their website.

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