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   Chapter 26 Avenging the Injustice Done to Jolie

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Evan panicked.

The price of failure was just 30 years of life last time, and it wasn't that bad.

But this time it was different. Because his life span was less than 100 years, he would die if he didn't successfully avenge her.

Fortunately, this task was something Evan needed to do. Jolie had become his loyal subordinate, and it was his responsibility to avenge the injustice done to her.

Therefore, it was Evan's duty to do so no matter what.

'I'm gonna do it. I will avenge the resentful ghost. Even though James lives in a villa and has bodyguards, it doesn't matter. Justice will be served.'

Evan slapped his thigh and made up his mind.

When he thought about what had happened to Jolie, Evan detested James, who, to him, was worse than a beast.

James and Jolie knew each other from school. James had tried hard to woo Jolie, but Jolie persistently refused. She was focused on studying and preparing for postgraduate entrance examination, and had no time to entertain James. Fed up and angry, James took matters into his own hands, drugging Jolie, took her to a basement and tortured her for three days.

In the end, he threatened her and then let her go. Three days of torment left indelible trauma on Jolie, which lead to her death.

To Evan, any man with conscience would not sit by and watch.

He had no choice but to do it. But it was still early, so he had time to prepare. He was going to meet Master Jia, and needed to be ready.

Therefore, Evan looked up Master Jia on Chando.

His full names were Randy Jia, which to Evan, sounded kind of feminine.

But what surprised him most, was that he was famous as a master in the field of Metaphysics in Linhai. He was a distinguished guest of many rich and powerful people, attending important ceremonies and having relations with many inferior actresses.

"It seems that there are many superstitious people these days."

Evan muttered and continued to look through the information. Sifting through his photos, Evan noticed that there was something common in all of them. Master Jia always wore a jade plate, semicircle in shape, in whatever occasion he attended.

Evan thought that there was something special about the jade plate for Master Jia to always adorn it.

Last night he saw Master Jia. He had a majesty look but to Evan, he looked like a coward, judging by the fact that he rolled his eyes persistently.

"I will see what else you can do when I take off your jade."

Evan whispered and switched off the computer. What he needed to do was to sleep and eat well, accumulating energy for t

room immediately, which didn't take long. As he started his livestream, many people, who had subscribed to Evan last night, received the notification. Almost instantaneously, the livestream flooded with comments as his subscribers joined.

"Did you really catch the female ghost? What are you avenging her for? This is going to be so much fun!"


"I still want to see you fighting the ghost. It's thrilling. I haven't dared to get out of my bed. Now you are streaming again. What kind of ghost will it be this time?"

"Are there really ghosts in the world? What does this livestream mean? I don't get it..."

"New subscriber here. Is this livestream about finding justice for a ghost? What does it mean? I don't understand!"

Evan grinned, and didn't reply to any of the comments. He decided to register an account in Double Y, as well. He had to do this quickly. Soon after, he opened a livestream room on that platform. However, if he wanted to gain followers in Double Y, he had to have something special.

Therefore, Evan summoned Jolie from the underworld immediately.

When Jolie emerged, wearing a red dress, long hair and spotting a gloomy aura, the people watching were in awe. They became excited, and the comments kept on flooding in.

Their adrenaline was already pumping, in anticipation of what would happen next.

Among them, the rich guy from yesterday sent 10 envelopes instantly, each valued at 500. So cumulatively, he had received 5, 000. After deduction, Evan had just earned 2, 500 in less than 10 minutes.

Evan jumped for joy.

The gifts the rich guy sent casually equaled to what he earned in a month when he worked in the company. Evan had never known such generosity.

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