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   Chapter 25 'Judge Eyes' Skill

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Normal people's eyes are usually more or less glassy, however, the expression in Mr. Long's eyes never changed, almost like the eyes of a dead fish.

Kristine noticed there was something off, but couldn't quite put a finger on it. But now, Evan understood why Mr. Long was behaving unusually.

Secretly, using the "Ghost Eyes" technique coupled with the ghost manipulation spell, Evan touched the corner of his eyes. When he gazed at Mr. Long after that, he was taken aback.

'What the hell?'

Mr. Long was an empty body with no soul. To be more precise, he had become a puppet.

In a confused state, Evan tried to reconcile with this fact. He didn't know that it was possible for a human to be used as a puppet. 'But who was the puppeteer?'

According to the information he got from Kristine, Mr. Long was a good friend to the handsome young man whose last name was Sun.

No wonder Aiden stopped picking on him, Evan could see why. After all, the real Mr. Long had lost his soul, and Aiden was not foolish enough to deal with things he didn't understand.

'There is something fishy going on.'

Evan was not stupid either, and when he saw what had become of Mr. Long, he realised that it must have something to do with Sun. As an atheist, he had come across similar situations.

However, this Mr. Long was really unlucky. At the beginning he looked down on Evan. Even though Evan manipulated and used him later on, Evan only thought that Aiden would have dealt with his insubordination. Evan didn't expect that he would lose his soul.

And at this moment, the situation was more serious than he thought.

"No, you deserve it, and more. You are on high demand. So many rich people watched your livestream last night, and the number will keep on rising as you stream more. What's more, you have some special skills. You just have to sign up with us, and watch your destiny unfold."

Mr. Long said sincerely. Although it was congruous to his hideous look, he didn't seem to fake his sentiments. It would have worked, if it wasn't for his eyes and the fact that Evan now knew what he was.

"Interesting, but there's no need. Kristine, you should thank Mr. Long. After all, he treated us to a good meal. So, Mr. Long, we will leave now, see you!"

Evan didn't want to be involved in this dirty business. He was not even sure whether he should keep streaming or not, after tonight. Mr. Long's soul had been taken away, and Evan didn't know what would happen later if he got involved.

Evan dragged Kristine away from the suite. Even though Kristine kept apologizing to Mr. Long as they were leaving, Evan didn't care.

"Sorry, Mr. Long. I'm not the one who makes decisions. Sorry about that—"


f I stream tonight, I will definitely earn more. Maybe she'll want me then. Hmm, let me think about it. What should I stream about tonight?' He murmured to himself as he opened the door to his apartment.

Evan thought about the content of his livestream after settling into his house.

He knew for sure that people were adrenaline junkies, and catching ghosts would give them the high they yearned for, which will equate to many gifts.

But if he wanted to last, he needed to come up with a sort of TV series that would lure people to watch every day. He would gain a following, that would consistently want to find out what happens next in the plot of the story of the series.

"What about revenging the resentful ghost? But will the cops arrest me? What on earth should I do? Let me think again—"

Evan whispered. Although livestream was profitable, he had to think carefully so that he would not end up breaking laws. However, at that time, the voice of the system rang in his head.

"The task for the second week has been released in advance. The host needs to avenge the injustice done to Jolie, the resentful ghost. Time limit is one week. After finishing the task, the host can obtain the 'Judge Eyes' skill. If the host fails, 100 years of life will be removed. If the lifespan of the the host is not long enough, he will be obliterated immediately."

Evan couldn't help but roll his eyes, 'Could the system read his mind?' However, he got frightened as he thought over the task.

"Hold on. What? If my lifespan is not long enough, I will be obliterated?! What the fuck! Are you serious? System, let's talk about it!"

However, the system remained silent no matter how much Evan shouted. Evan was helpless. He thought, 'One hundred years of my life? How many people can live to 100 years?'

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