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   Chapter 24 Too Good to Be True

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Evan and Kristine arrived at the address that Mr. Long had given them. It was a 3-star hotel near the North Road in Linhai City.

Evan had been to the refined restaurant once, but he didn't get the chance to taste any of the expensive delicacies. But this time, he swore to savour all the dishes he wanted.

"Evan! I'm glad you made it. Hello, Kristine. Come on in."

Mr. Long had been standing lazily by the door, waiting for them. He hurried to greet Evan and Kristine as soon as he saw them pulling up in the Excursor SUV.

"Hello, Mr. Long."

Kristine greeted Mr. Long politely. Evan, however, simply nodded at Mr. Long and said nothing.

Mr. Long then led them through the lobby.

"Evan, something is wrong with Mr. Long."

Kristine leaned closer to Evan and whispered in his ear, as they followed him to the dining room.

"What do you mean? What's wrong with him?"

Evan looked doubtfully at Kristine.

"I mean it. I know Mr. Long. He's always so arrogant and full of himself. There's no way that he could be so nice to us. Look! He's smiling at everyone. Something must be wrong. He's definitely not himself."

Evan didn't know Mr. Long well, but Kristine did. She had known him for almost a year, enough time to know what kind of person he really was.

Instead of being proud and arrogant, Mr. Long was surprisingly nice to everyone that night. The delight on his face somehow chilled Kristine. She had a creepy feeling about what was going to happen.


Surprised, Evan looked at Mr. Long, failing to see any difference.

But Evan knew Kristine wouldn't lie to him. 'It looks like we need to be careful tonight, ' Evan mumbled to himself.

"Here we are. What do you think?"

Mr. Long pushed open one of the doors leading to a suite, and pointed at the table. Platters of food adorned the table, and they smelled delicious. Mr. Long turned around and smiled to Evan, "Come on in. Dinner's served."

"Come on, let's see what he's up to."

Evan whispered in Kristine's ear. He then turned to Mr. Long and laughed, "Thank you for inviting us, Mr. Long."

"Kristine, don't you want to come in? Are

d to anything yet."

Evan shrugged carelessly again. Both Kristine and Mr. Long paused in surprise. Mr. Long frowned and said, "What do you mean? I thought we have reached an agreement."

"Mr. Long, let's get this straight. We both know you aren't giving me all these for nothing. You know what my show is about, and I know what you want from me..."

Evan snorted and continued, "...Your deal is too good to be true. What's the catch? If you aren't straight with me, then forget it."

"What are you talking about? I want nothing from you. It's... it's your ghost hunting show. Truly impressive. But there are no ghosts in the world. It's impossible, am I right? We... er... we simply appreciate your digital editing skills. Yes, that's it. That's why we want you..."

Mr. Long hurried to explain to Evan, trying to feign being vacuous, "Besides, you are a brilliant streamer. We wouldn't want to lose you to any of our competition. Don't you agree?"

"Perhaps. But I simply feel it's too good to be true. I don't have to do anything and you will give me 100, 000? Though I made about that much from the show last night, it's different. Mr. Long, I don't deserve it."

Evan looked right into Mr. Long's eyes and answered slowly. He understood what Kristine meant. Something was wrong with Mr. Long.

He had been blind-sided by the food, but now he looked at Mr. Long and instantly noticed something. It was his eyes!

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