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   Chapter 23 Invitation from Mr. Long

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"1 equals 100 merits. 10 equals 1, 000. 100 equals 10, 000. 10 million merits will be...100, 000! My gosh! This fellow has sent me 300, 000!"

Evan carefully counted the figures again to make sure he did receive 30 million merits. He rubbed his eyes and pinched his face to see if he was dreaming. He then turned to the second name on the list. This person sent him a million merits, which meant Evan would receive 10, 000 in cash.

Evan had always admired web streamers. They pouted and winked, and there came the gifts. People spent money as if they were only drinking water, as long as their favorite streamers delighted them.

Evan never thought that one day the same thing would actually happen to him. He knew he was not handsome. He was average-looking, but it didn't matter. People liked his show, and they were willing to pay for it.

"Quickly! Cash in! Cash in!"

Evan was flattered that people enjoyed his show. But he would be much happier to see the merits turn to actual cash in his pocket. He had issues with virtual currency.

But it was hardly Evan's fault. He grew up in an ordinary family. They didn't have much money, only enough to make ends meet. Therefore, Evan had always lived his life with a limited budget, and he didn't trust anyone when it came to money.

Following the instructions on the streaming site, Evan cashed in about 170, 000 to his bank account after his very first live streaming.

The platform promised streamers that the request would be processed within two hours if they wanted to cash in more than 100, 000. Evan submitted his request. A few minutes later, he received a message from the bank, informing him that the money had been transferred into his account.

Evan narrowed his eyes and counted the figures again. It still felt like a crazy dream to him.

His college tuition fees cost him 10, 000, and that was the most money had seen since birth. But at this moment, with two hours of live streaming, he had earned 170, 000. He honestly had never seen so much money in his life.

"That's much more efficient than robbery, "

Evan looked at his phone again. He smacked his lips and giggled.

"Evan, breakfast is ready, "

Kristine knocked on the door.


Evan couldn't be more happier. Though he hadn't avenged Jolie's death yet, Evan thought it was only a matter of time. At this point, he should relax and enjoy the breakfast that Kristine had made for him.

"What? Did you win the lottery?"

Kristine was surprised to see Evan grinning widely to her as he opened the door. She couldn't help but tease him, although she also felt sincere joy when Evan was happy.

"Not even close. Lotteries are lies. Guess again, "

Evan took a bite of a stuffed bun and drank soy milk. He suddenly thought of something and turned to Kristine excitedly, "Go buy me another set of breakfast just like this!"

"Another set?"

Kristine was surprised, "Can you eat them all?"

"No. Not for ea

rotect Mr. Long?"

"I bet it's because that Mr. Long was a great fighter! Anyway, Mr. Long did help us that night. We wouldn't be sitting here without him, "

Kristine still believed that Mr. Long turned against Aiden and saved them because of his own free will.


Evan didn't know what to say. He was the one doing the job while Mr. Long somehow took all the credit. He hesitated for a while. He knew that he couldn't keep the secret from Kristine forever. But he hated to see Kristine hurt. At least he could protect her by not spoiling it for the time being. Evan smiled casually at her and said, "Mr. Long was very brave to save us. Do you have a crush on him?"

"Seriously, Evan? I'm a mature woman with refined taste. Macho is great, but unfortunately it's not my type, " Kristine let out a sweet smile and asked curiously, "What do you think of Mr. Long's invitation?"

Kristine didn't see Evan's show last night. She didn't care because she thought it would be something generic. But she turned out to be wrong. His show must have been something worthwhile since he was able to receive 300, 000 and even draw Mr. Long's attention.

"What should I think?"

Evan beamed, "He wants us to join him for dinner, and he shall have us joining him for dinner. Why not? We are not going to pay for it anyway! Let's order something expensive!"

Something expensive?

Kristine chuckled, "How expensive? I'm sure he has at least tens of millions in hand. A dinner will be worth nothing to him."

"At least we can try, "

Evan smirked. He actually wanted to meet Mr. Long. He just realized that he could get access to Aiden through Mr. Long. He wanted to avenge both Jolie and himself. He also wanted to know what kind of Taoist priest that Master Jia really was.

Evan was desperate to get things settled. However, he hadn't gotten any valuable information so far. He knew he didn't have much time, and he had to figure things out as soon as possible.

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