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   Chapter 22 Master of Bluffing

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It had already passed midnight when they came back from the underworld. The park was quiet as if nothing had happened. Were it not for the fact that Jolie was standing by his side, Evan would have thought that he just woke up from a strange dream.

The swing stirred softly in the night breeze. Zoe dried her tears and gathered the candles and bucket. She cast one last look at the empty park and left.

"Don't you want to talk to her?"

Puzzled, Evan asked Jolie. Ever since they came back to the park, Jolie had never turned her eyes away from Zoe. Evan could tell how much she missed her sister. He thought maybe he should give her some privacy to talk to Zoe. But Jolie hesitated and decided to remain silent. She didn't even show herself to Zoe.

"No. I'm dead. What can I tell her? I don't see the point, " Jolie shrugged and tried to act like she didn't care. Her eyes, however, betrayed her. She gazed at Zoe's receding figure under the moonlight. There were sorrow, pain, and love in her watery eyes. Evan looked at her and said nothing. They stood silent for a while. Breaking the silence, Evan grinned, "Okay. Let's go get our revenge."


Jolie revered at the word. She was about to transform when she heard the hungry ghost, floating on the other side of Evan, groaning his approval. She stopped abruptly and glared at it in fury. Damn this stupid ghost!

Jolie still hadn't recovered from what happened earlier. She figured that she'd be better off avoiding the hungry ghost for the time being.

"Let's go!"

Jolie turned to Evan and responded. She had on her pretty face a sweet smile, looking more like an innocent girl-next-door than an evil spirit. 'It would've been better if she wasn't floating mid-air, ' Evan thought to himself.

"By the way, do you know where James lives?"

Evan asked as he climbed over the wall to get out of the park. He flicked dust off his sleeves and looked around for Jolie and the hungry ghost. They had directly walked through the wall and waited for him outside the park.

"I, er, I don't know. But I can sense his smell, so I think I can track him down!"

Jolie sniffed the air and nodded at Evan.

"Dog nose? Brilliant!"

Evan remarked. But when he saw Jolie's glare, Evan chuckled tensely, "Well. Let's... Let's go!"

Jolie, a pretty ghost, was now officially working for Evan. He would certainly avenge her death one way or another. Besides, Jolie would finish James herself. The only thing Evan needed to do was to look out for her. It was going to be an easy task, and Evan couldn't see why he shouldn't do her the favor.

Evan didn't bring Colin with them this time because he was useless. It would be humiliating if their enemies found out that a wimp like Colin was one of them. Evan decided that it would be better if Colin stayed in the underworld.

"Here he is——"

They stopped outside of a grand mansion. The building was surrounded by a lush garden and an artificial lake. Jolie gritted her teeth and glared at massive house. She wanted so badly to break in and skin James alive.

"Are you sure?"

Evan was surprised to see such a beautiful house. He narrowed his eyes and sigh

ome other time. He grumbled all the way back home, "What was it in the doorway? Some powerful weapon? Master Jia was definitely a fraud. He couldn't defeat Jolie on his own. Fancy robe, though."

Evan was a good judge of character. He knew he was always right. Master Jia showed up and yelled pretentiously at Jolie after she got injured. Evan instantly knew that he was nothing more than a fake. If he was really as good as he claimed, why didn't he finish Jolie off?

"Master Jia, hmm. More like the master of bluffing!"

Then Evan thought of how lucky that the master of bluffing could sleep with a pair of gorgeous girls. A strong feeling of envy surged through his veins.

It was impossible that Evan would meet the priest again before the dawn. Evan could find another chance later.

"You have to step out of the house sooner or later. I'll deal with you then! Let's see what you got!"

Evan mumbled as he called back the hungry ghost to the underworld. He then went back home alone.

Kristine was sound sleep when Evan arrived home. Even though he had received ten years of power, he was worn out by hours of fighting. He didn't bother check his live stream room. He passed out on the bed as soon as he reached home.

Next morning, Evan woke up at 7 o'clock sharp. He jumped out of his bed and dashed toward the closet to get changed. When he was lazily putting on his jacket, Evan suddenly realized he didn't have to work anymore. He rubbed his eyes drowsily and yawned, "I almost forgot." He then crawled back to bed and decided to have another nap.

But he couldn't fall asleep again. Having nothing else to do, Evan took out the iPhone and entered his live stream room to check how many gifts he had received from the ghost-hunting show last night.

His jaw dropped open in surprise as he saw the gift column.

"Tens of millions? Is that all mine? Oh my goodness!"

Evan glanced over the list of names who had sent him gifts. His eyes were fixed on the top name. That person had tens of millions of followers. Evan's face lit up and his fingers slightly trembled. Had his day finally come?

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