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   Chapter 21 Opponents Always Meet

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"Do you have any problem with that?"

Colin was shocked, when he stared at Jolie, who became coke again, in astonishment. His face was full of fear and disgust.

He looked at Evan and realized how this guy had an unforgiving temper and shouldn't be offended.

"Now, do you accept?"

Evan put the selfie stick and the iPhone in his pocket. He walked with pride toward Jolie whose body was falling apart.

"No, I..."

Jolie still didn't want to accept defeat, but the thought of what had just happened made her tremble. She glowered at Evan, and simply shut up.

"It looks like she has conceded. Well then, let's go back now."

As Evan spoke, he grabbed Jolie, and they were all transported to the ugly underworld.

The hanging rope on the tree swung lightly with the breeze.

Jolie looked at the underworld with astonishment. She unexpectedly felt comfortable here. It seemed that she was home.

"This is the underworld. From now on, it shall be your home, "

Evan told Jolie. Then, he strode to the Yama Palace and shouted at the system, "I have completed the task. Give me the Ten Year's Skill."


What the hell?

Colin and Jolie, who still had their own consciousness intact, looked at Evan with surprise. Then, they watched in awe as a bright, golden flash fall from the sky to Evan's body.

They both were confused. When Jolie glanced at Colin, she was even more shocked, "You are the Breaker Terry!" she said to Colin. "Right?"

"Oh, yes. I'm the Breaker Terry, "

Colin responded. He was not surprised that Jolie knew who he was. He was famous on earth.

"My god, it is you. Why are you dead?"

With this discovery, Jolie followed Colin and asked a number of questions, which annoyed him. He wanted to beat this woman up.

"Why do I feel like I've been cheated? What' the usage of the Ten Year'

ul. Evan could never pay her a compliment.

When Evan said he would help her get revenge, Jolie got excited that she trailed around him like a little girl, but Evan's heart couldn't stop beating with fear.

"Get the hell out of here!"

Evan couldn't bear her any more, smacking Jolie who was instensely shoved to a corner of the underworld.

If Jolie was still a woman, maybe Evan would have been a bit more gentle. But she was no longer a woman, but a resentful ghost who despised him. She was crazily vindictive.

Although Jolie seemed distressed at the moment, she slowly stood up and looked at Evan with bitterness.

She finally realized that Evan was her only chance at redemption. If she offended him again, she wouldn't be able to get her revenge soon.

'So this is the Ten Year's Skill...'

Now Evan had understood how the Ten Year's Skill worked, even though he didn't feel anything when the golden light entered his body.

He smacked Jolie with an unexpectedly great force. It was like beating the hungry ghost for at least ten minutes, or even stronger.

'It must be the best thing produced by the System, ' thought Evan.

The system kept quiet. Evan then left with a satisfied look on his face.

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