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   Chapter 20 My Live Stream Capture of a Female Ghost Went Viral

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Colin didn't appear in the video. If he did, viewers of this live streaming would definitely go crazier.

Upon the broadcast of Evan and the hungry ghost taking turns in beating Jolie, the female ghost in red, viewers of the live streaming were left dumbfounded.

John, an ordinary office worker, was one of them. After getting home from work, with nothing to do, he decided to relax with some live streaming shows before going to bed. As he was browsing through the rooms of the streaming site, he found a room, rapidly climbing up the ranks.

Intrigued, he opened the room named "Capturing a Ghost on the Seventh Day of Her Death". He was met with a scene wherein two men were beating a woman relentlessly. The violence had clearly been going on for some time because the woman being beaten showed severe traces of injury.

"How could these people be so cruel!"

John was convinced that these two men were worse than beasts.

"Hitting a woman? How could any sane person do that!"

Moreso, what bewildered him was the fact that thousands of viewers were condoning this. Was this all that's left of humanity?

People were cheering at the scene of men hitting a woman, and some rich guys even sent out virtual gifts in support of this behavior.

The whole thing was a shock to John - it contradicted with every principle he had been taught as a child and had upheld his entire life. He found himself having a hard time processing it.

Comments like "Way to go!" and "Fantastic job!" were pouring in, taking up the whole screen. There was something strange about this streaming. John switched off the comments section, and then he noticed something strange. His eyes widened, and he was immediately filled with terror.

"Ghost, there is a ghost..."

In total shock, John stared at the screen and watched the body of the female ghost in red twist from the beating. A surge of nausea overtook him.

This wasn't normal. Clearly, there's something wrong.

After a while, John recovered from the shock and took a deep breath. A glance at the female ghost's face, one as horrifying as that of Sadako*, made his heart lurch, and he couldn't resist yelling, "Hit her! Hit her harder!" (*TN: a lead character in a famous horror movie)

Soon, John joined the other viewers in egging Evan on. He typed things like, "Awesome, " "Brilliant, " and so on. He even sent out the few gifts he had had.

After all, people don't see ghosts get beaten every day, and this was just thrilling. Since the sight of the female ghost scared him, John sought revenge by sending out encouraging comments and gifts.

Many viewers were like John. They all went through the same process he did - shock, disbelief, helplessness, then acceptance.

There were also people who came out and defended the female ghost. For one thing, Jolie was a victim herself. She committed suicide because she was too humiliated by the fact that she was raped. And now, on the seventh day of her death when she finally had a chance of sorting things out, she got the merciless beating from two total strangers. That wa

I just complete the task? What can I do with the Ten Year's Skill reward?' Evan triumphantly thought.

Within Evan's head, the System said, "Congratulations on your completion of a randomly-assigned task. You have successfully captured a resentful soul on the seventh day of her death. For that, you are awarded with the Ten Year's Skill, which you shall receive at the Palace."

"Do I really have to go to the Palace to get the reward?"

Evan muttered, stood up, and released Jolie's throat. As soon as he had done that, the female ghost shot up from the ground and attempted an attack. But before she could do anything, an electric shock ran through her body.

"Ouch!" she screamed.

The sudden howl startled Evan. He turned around and found that Jolie's body had been burnt black.

As he processed the incident, Evan was sure that it was the System who was behind this. It seemed that if one had surrendered to Evan, he or she would have to swear a lifetime of allegiance to him.

Tolerating a low-rank, rebellious soul's actions would not only be humiliating to Evan, but also to the System.

The System had strict implementation of rules, even Evan had to live under constant pressure of being eliminated.

"It serves you right!"

Evan sneered at Jolie, who was still trying to devise a way to attack. He grabbed his iPhone 7 from the ground and checked his live stream room. His jaw dropped.

Comments covered the whole screen, and the number of viewers had exceeded five thousand, which could have doubled if not for his low rank on the platform.

When he saw the insane piles of virtual gifts his viewers had bought him, his heart thumped wildly. He was going to get rich and famous!

"Okay, guys, that's it for today. I'm exhausted. And if there is another ghost to be captured tomorrow at this hour, I'll be here live streaming it. See you all."

Feeling tired, Evan closed the streaming room, put his phone into his pocket, and faced Jolie. Wearing a wicked smile on his face, he said, "Still haven't gotten over it, huh?"

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