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   Chapter 19 Come On, Let’s Hurt Each Other.

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"Silly girl—"

Almost everyone watching the live stream heard the soft, sweet female voice.

"The voice is so sweet. Holy shit. My, my nose is bleeding."

"Get closer, closer—"

"I want to see the beautiful female ghost. She must be more charming than the female ghosts in folklores."

"Someone sent a Passat. Please go closer. How exciting!"

"Someone sent an Alto. Get closer. Keeping moving closer—"

"A viewer sent a Huiteng. Go and get the female ghost. I will reward you with a Lamborghini. Hurry up!"

"There is a rich guy. Awesome—"

"Can we be friends, rich guy?"

The comments flooded the screen at full speed, and all kinds of gifts were being thrown into Evan's channel. It was madness. But Evan wasn't focused on these. Dragging Colin, he carefully moved closer.

Evan was flustered and anxious. He feared that the female ghost would fight back and harm Zoe in the process.

The evil spirit in red was capable of anything. Evan didn't dare be careless.


When Evan was approaching, the evil spirit in red obviously noticed him. She suddenly turned around, broadcasting her beautiful face to thousands of viewers.

"So beautiful—"

"She is a real beauty. No wonder she got raped—"

In an instant, the live stream room filled with all kinds of remarks. At this instant, Evan knew he was famous.

Zoe, who didn't even realize that her sister was next to her, was crying like a little girl who lost her favorite toy. Her sobs made everyone feel pity for her.

Colin, standing behind Evan with his eyes wide open, didn't dare move. Petrified, he held on to Evan's shirt.

"You are already dead, Jolie. There are rules in the underworld. You're shriveled to dust, and to dust you shall return."

Evan saw her glaring at him, her feet floating mid-air. Her pale face, void of any colour, was frightening.


Jolie laughed scornfully. Evan's scalp tingled with her cold laughter. 'I am so scared. I want to go home.' He thought.

"Let me tell you about rules. I lived for 21 years and never did anything wrong. But what do I get in return? I got raped, and justice wasn't served. I had to kill myself because I couldn't handle the pain. Laws don't exist. If they did, why didn't they apply to me?"

Eyes red, Jolie stared at Evan in anger. She looked like those ghosts in TV shows, ready to devour thei

Jolie was startled. How could they beat her up?

What a joke! She was a ghost. How could human beings beat her up? How naive was this guy?

Before she knew it, the hungry ghost rushed over her and punched her in the face.

Jolie was hurt; her face became hideous again. She couldn't help but rage and roar. People would be scared to death with how she looked.

At this moment, Jolie only wanted to break away from Evan but not a chance. Evan would never let her go.

Holding this woman ghost was like holding an ice pillar. She was icy cold from top to bottom. He didn't dare to let her go because he couldn't risk letting her run away.

It was not easy to catch her. Evan would hold her until she surrendered.

"Beat her, Colin. What the hell are you doing there?"

Evan opened his eyes, seeing the scary look of the woman in his arms. He didn't dare look at her more, so he hurriedly shouted at the scared Colin.

"I, I won't..."

Evan wanted to strangle Colin. "What do you mean you won't?"

Fortunately, the hungry ghost was powerful. Even though he was an inferior ghost, it didn't show any mercy when he swung his fists. The best part was that he attacked Jolie on her face, making her even more furious.

'He's beating her too much', Evan thought.

The Jolie's beautiful face was out of shape due to the tireless punching of the hungry ghost.

Colin who was not far away now shook his fists. It seemed that he could only cheer for the hungry ghost but didn't dare join the fight.

"Dude, you are the Breaker Terry. Stop being such a pussy!"

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