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   Chapter 18 Live Streaming

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It was 8:40 PM. Evan was in the park near the Sanhuan Road.

The park was empty and quiet. Aside from the swing swaying softly in the warm night breeze, there was not a single sound to be heard.

The park had already closed. Evan had to climbed over the wall to sneak in.

Evan had done so much to prepare for the live streaming tonight.

He had done some background research on his own. He knew all about Zoe's sister. Her name, age, and above all, the reason why she was killed.

Even though the evil spirit in red could be nasty, Breaker Terry could handle her. Besides, Evan was the Yama. He knew how to manipulate ghosts. If necessary, he could easily handle the evil spirit in red without the hungry ghost's nor Breaker Terry's help.

Evan had been planning to live stream what was going to happen in the park in the next few hours. He believed it would help him make a fortune.

With Kristine's help, Evan was familiar with the procedures. He knew exactly where to start.

"Spotted: Jolie's Ghost on the 7th Night after Her Death"

Evan created a new live streaming room and typed in the title. The empty room was soon flooded with curious visitors.


"Where's the ghost?" "Ghost hunting? Who the heck is this Jolie anyway?"

"Ghost? For real? Are you insane? We're all atheists!"

The visitors started sending comments as soon as they entered the room.

Evan chuckled at them. He then patiently explained the situation, "It's Saturday night tonight. Seven days ago, there was a homicide in Linhai City. Here's the picture of the victim."

"So pretty! Such a pity"

"How did she die?"

"Do tell us!"


Jolie was attractive. Her round face, almond-shaped eyes, and rosy lips made her look sweet and innocent. She even looked like a famous actress in certain angles. Evan uploaded her picture on the room's homepage. That attracted more visitors and streamers. They were all dying to know what happened to this beautiful girl.

"Wasn't she the woman who committed suicide in the park a few days ago? I remembered the news. I felt so sorry for her."

A new comer started filling in the details for Evan.

"Right, I know her. She was a babe in our school. I heard that she had a sister just as pretty as she was. They said that she killed herself because she was raped. What can I say? It's so horrible."

"Really? A school babe? Everyone calls themselves school babes these days!"

"Piss off!"

"Screw you! I'll say whatever I want to say. I'm here for the ghost hunting show! Who gives a damn about some dead school girl? Search for porn if you want to see hot chicks. There are tons of pictures online!"

"He's right! Where's the ghost?"

Comments kept coming as more and more people entered the room. Evan became furious when he saw them talking about Jolie like that.

But he reme

ll her? Poor girl."

"OMG! My poor sweet girl in white."

The visitors restlessly commented on every new frame on the stream. Evan stared at Jolie as she got off the swing and walked toward Zoe. He held his breath and secretly clenched his fists. Colin, however, was not as calm as Evan pretended to be.

Scared shitless, Colin looked around. Evan focused on the ghost. Colin could only wipe his forehead and muttered weakly, "Holy crap. It's a ghost! What should I do?"

Colin double-checked to make sure that Evan was still focused on Jolie. Then, he tiptoed toward the exit of the park.

'This place is too dangerous! I just want to go home!' cried Colin in his mind.

Colin felt he was falling apart. Jolie seemed harmless, just an unarmed shadow, but who knows what she was capable of. He shook in terror.

"Damn! Where are you going? Come back!"

Evan was about to ask Colin to come closer when he saw him sneaking off the other direction. Evan sighed and called him back.

"Can we get out of here? It's really dangerous!"

Colin stammered out his request. His Chinese was far more fluent than Evan's.

"No way. We have to stay. Or we'll both die here tonight, "

Evan put on a serious face and bluffed. He didn't want to catch the ghost all by himself. Legend had it that the evil spirit in red was strong and powerful. He could never count on the hungry ghost to fight her.

Colin had no choice but reluctantly followed Evan. They carefully moved toward the swing.

"Sister, it's the 7th night after your death. Will you ever come back to see me? We grew up together and shared everything together. You left me alone grieving over you. I'm so lonely and helpless. How could you do this to me? Have you ever thought of me?"

Sitting on the ground, Zoe muttered all her sorrow to the empty swing. Tears were dripping down her chin, and she didn't care to wipe them off.

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