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   Chapter 17 Are You Kidding Me Terry

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During lunch, Kristine told Evan the benefits of being a web-caster. Finally, Evan was convinced.

"Don't worry, Evan. Just try it out. I will recommend my fans to your channel, so your following will definitely increase!"

Kristine assured him after lending him a mobile phone to start his live stream.

"Alright, I will try it tonight."

Evan carefully put the mobile phone in his pocket. For Evan, who was still using an old Nokia, the iPhone 7 she handed was too precious.

"Great. Oh, Evan, I have to go now. Got another live stream this afternoon. Call me later."

Kristine smiled and waved to Evan. Then, she proceeded downstairs with her live stream equipment.

After watching her happily skipped down the stairs, Evan smiled and said, "She must know something. Anyway, it is good to be cared for."

Evan was actually serious with this live streaming thing.

He was currently unemployed. He sent 5, 000 to his family, and paid 2, 000 for his rent. He was only left with 1, 000 for his living expenses. He couldn't waste a cent of it.

If he couldn't find a job, he probably wouldn't be able to eat three meals a day.

'Oh, fuck me. I should rest first. If I can't find a solution quick, I will live stream ghosts I catch, '

Evan thought. He opened his bedroom door and went straight to bed. Although he did not really want to sleep, the thought of staying up until 3 am at night forced him to.

Evan woke up from bed at six o'clock in the evening. He stretched out his arms in the air. 'That was probably the best nap I've had since I graduated from university.'

"Evan, dinner's ready!"

Kristine knocked on his door.


Evan looked at himself in the mirror. He wasn't handsome, but he had a cheerful smile on his face, and his outfit looked fresh and easy.

'Not bad!' He thought to himself.

Evan was in a good mood. He opened the door and went over to Kristine's house.

"Evan, do you want to live stream flirting with cute girls like me?"

Kristine smiled and winked at him. Evan blushed, with his heart beating fast. He shrugged and said, "Oh, come on. I can't flirt with old friends."

"Really? Aren't old friends easier to pick

lright, can you make a steel suit now?"

Evan looked at Colin with excitement. The steel suit was his dream.

"Sorry, I can't, "

Colin replied.

"What? Why can't you?"

Puzzled, Evan asked, "Did you forget how to make it? That's impossible!"

"How can I forget it? I can even think of ways to improve it. But..."

"But what?"

"I have no materials."

"No materials, " Evan repeated.

Before Evan came back to his senses, Terry continued, "Besides, I am a ghost now. Even if I would like to do it, I can only use materials that ghosts are allowed to use. Unless you let me possess you."

Moments ago, Terry was worried about his life when he was alive, but he soon adapted to his fate in the underworld.

"Okay, but I have no money, "

Evan said dejectedly.

Terry shrugged, "Then I can do nothing for you."

Because of RTJ's impressive appearance and annoying expression, Evan felt the urge to punch him in his face.

Evan sighed. Terry's personality was one of the reasons Evan became a fan in the first place.

But Evan was Terry's god now. The Yama shouldn't be treated like this.

To teach Terry a lesson, Evan came up with a great idea. He put his arm around Terry's shoulder and said, "Hey, since you have nothing to do now, let's go out and get some money. You're useless here anyway."


Terry stared at Evan. He looked around and saw the hungry ghost sitting not far from them. He felt so out of place here.

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