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   Chapter 16 Ghost of A Grieving Person

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After leaving, Evan thought about whether he would send the hungry ghost to teach Aiden a lesson.

Evan had worked so hard, without complaining, and the only place where he wanted to work had fired him because Aiden said so.

Nothing seemed fair at that moment, but Evan swore that Aiden would get what he deserved.

Sitting on the swing in a park, Evan tried to wipe the shoe prints and blood from his clothes as much as he could.

"Hey, what are you doing? You can't sit there!"


Curious as to who gave him the warning, Evan looked up and saw a girl walking over. She was about 20 years old and had a baby face, with a haircut similar to Rinka's. Although she was wearing a white dress, she still looked very mature and sexy. She had the kind of features that were unforgettable.

She looked at Evan sitting on the swing, with a displeased expression, "Get away from the swing!"


Evan looked at the beautiful girl in front of him weirdly, and said in astonishment, "This park is public land and I can sit anywhere I want."

"Why? Because my elder sister died there a few days ago. That's the reason!"

The girl became agitated, angrily pointing at Evan. She began to hum, in the creepy sort of way.


Evan sprung off the swing in a hurry. "This swing? Are you sure? I don't have time and energy for this."

"You tell me. Would you make fun of your elder sister's death?"

The expression slightly changed on the girl's face, as she fought back tears.

Evan's heart skipped a beat. He couldn't believe his luck today. He had just been fired and had been sitting on a swing that someone died on. Some higher power seemed to be playing tricks on him.

They both stood there, awkwardly.

Because of anger, Evan hadn't carefully looked at her and now he was able to closely scrutinise her features.

Evan observed that the girl looked like a Chinese doll, with beautiful arched eyebrows, a round face, as well as a fair complexion and fine facial features. What's more, her curly hair, framed her face, making her look more beautiful and pure.

She was about 1.66 cm tall and aside from the white dress. She wore a pair of lovely pink ballerina shoes. From her position, standing in front of the swing and looking at it, she looked like she was in a picture.

"Sorry, I didn't know that"

Evan pinched his nose, embarrassed.

"Today is the first seventh day since she died."

The girl commented, lost in thought.


Evan understood why she was angrier earlier. According to folklore, the souls of the dead return to where they died on the first seventh day. Howev

ld make him an offer. At the back of her mind, she couldn't help but think that he was fired because of what happened yesterday. 'Did Aiden have such an influence?' she thought, wishing that she was wrong.

"Of course not, but, I can't go back anyway."

Evan retrieved a cigarette, lit it and drew on it. After a while he said, "Hey, can I come to your place for lunch?"

"Sure, sure, let's go. I've bought so many ingredients to make the most delicious dishes. We can eat together, I don't mind."

Kristine shook the bag. Then she placed her phone in front of her and said, "I'm going off line now. Speak later. Time to eat."

After switching off the video, Kristine felt a little relaxed. She looked at Evan who was slouching and said, "Let's go. Don't worry. It's just a job. Forget it. You can broadcast with me, if you want."

"Broadcast? Me? I know nothing about it and don't know how to do it."

Evan shook his head, gently refusing Kristine's suggestion.

"What? You know how to flirt with girls, so..."

Kristine winked at Evan.

"Don't tease me. If I knew how to flirt with girls, my ex-girlfriend wouldn't have left me."

Evan shook his head.

"You know what? Some men in my business do nothing every day and just look for girls to flirt with on the road, easily making over ten thousands per month because they are thick-skinned. I feel that you are thick-skinned as well, considering how you spend a lot of time with me without blushing."

Kristine continued to persuade Evan to join her. She was indeed serious about the offer.

"How about trying it out tonight? You can flirt with me for practise."

Evan thought about the prospect of making money, as he didn't have a job. Kristine was slowly winning him over.

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