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   Chapter 15 King Yama Strength

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"Evan, don't make this difficult for us, okay? Just apologize."

Before Evan could walk out, several security guards rushed in following the commotion in the HR office. As soon as they saw Evan storming out of the office, as well as the mess inside the office, they knew that this was going to be a tough situation.

"I'm not trying to make things difficult. It's just this old motherfucker is such bully. Akh! Just let me go, you really don't want to be in my way right now!"

Evan clutched his briefcase, looking at the security guards reluctantly. After all they were on pretty good terms usually and would pass smokes to one another, which could be considered as friendly.

"Stop him! This son of a bitch hit me. If any of you dare let him go, consider yourself fired..."

Joseph Zhang's voice boomed from the office, even though he was still struggling on the floor. Evan had not only physically hurt him but also extremely embarrassed him.

After all, he was the boss and had been disrespected by a disgruntled ex-employee. If this were to get out, no-one would respect him in Huiteng.

Because of this, he had to make sure that Evan didn't leave scot-free.

"I'm sorry, Evan. If we let you go, we are probably gonna lose our jobs. You understand right?"

Although the security guards were not really close to Evan, they knew each other well enough, being acquainted for more than six months. To attack them would be a little bit too much.

"Cut it out, if you are going to let me go then step out of my way. If not, then we can solve this in only one way. I have interned for half a year at Huiteng. I've been hardworking and never slacked off. Now, just because I pissed off someone outside the company, they just fired me like that."

Evan held his briefcase and loosened his necktie. He didn't want the tie to be used to strangle him if someone were to pull it while fighting.

The security guards looked at each other for a second, and one of them said,"Okay, if you aren't going to back down, then I'm sorry we have to do this."

"Come on."

Evan threw away his briefcase. When he saw the guards rushing towards him, he got into a fighting stance and threw some punches.


Evan was surprised when his first punch connected, hitting one of the guards squarely on the jaw. The other guards looked equally astonished. Were fighting skills part of the package for being Yama?

"No wonder you're not afraid. Let's get him."

Another guard noticed Joseph, who had managed to emerge from under his desk, trying to staunch the bleeding wound on his head. The guard then whispered to his comrades and they circled Evan, preparing to advance.

"Get out of my way."

He was so riled up that he could fight anyone who dared cross his path, individually or in a group.

Although he didn't know how to fight or any martial arts, he could depend on brute force to get an equal footing with the guards. Even though he received several punches and kicks, overall he still had the advantage.

Evan's fighting was like no other. He would pick one guy and focus on him, punching and slapping with all his strength.

All of a sudden, all hell broke loose in front of Huiteng's HR department.

People who were coming in to work, witnessed what was going on, like a crowd watching a fighting match. But in this case, there wa

s no cheering and betting, rather pin drop silence. Some gawked at Evan's skills while others, like his line manager, cowered away, lest Evan unleashed his skills on them.

It was smart for the line manager to hide, because Evan was feeling particularly vengeful at the moment.

"Evan, you are as stubborn as a mule, huh? You son of a ..."

"Imma kick your ass!"

"Evan, let him go, asshole!"

"Evan, you're gonna kill him..."

The guards around him were trying to pull Evan away, but their efforts were futile, as he was very strong. It was like trying to hold back a bull.

The other guards had no other choice but to hit Evan persistently. Punches, kicks, anything that they could dish out. If they didn't, the guard who was pinned down might be killed by Evan.

"Hit him, kill him..."

Joseph held a piece of fabric on his bloody face, limping out of the office. When he saw that the guards were striking Evan, he yelled excitedly.

But he didn't see that the strong guard that Evan had pinned, had been beaten to a pulp.

"It looks like you want some more."

Pushing away the guards, Evan focussed his energy on Joseph.


How dare you hit me?

Come on, kill him..."

Joseph froze, not expecting Evan to approach him.

"What are you looking at? Let's get him..."

The guard who had been pinned down, managed to get up. His face was covered in bruises and blood, and his vision blurry, but he figured the hazy figures in front of him were Evan and Joseph. Evan was beating Joseph like his life depended on it.

The guards did all they could to finally pull Evan away.

But on the ground, Joseph looked horrendous. He didn't look human anymore. He was worse off than the guard, bloody and bruised.

"That's enough, Evan..."

"Leave him!"

"Evan, I give up. Stop it..."


The guards, who pulled away the struggling Evan, were shouting at him angrily. But Evan was lost in his belligerence. He didn't care anymore. Grabbing a guard by his head, Evan hit him on the nose. The crowd gasped, as they heard the loud crack of a bone breaking. The guard fell to the ground, clutching his bloody nose.

Nobody knew where he got all the energy from, and he didn't seem to tire at all and simply kept fighting with the guards again.


After a long while, Evan finally threw his last punch, knocking down the last standing security guard. He stopped, panting and out of breathe.

This, this was all me?

Looking at the guards lying on the floor, Evan panted. He was quite shocked as well.

Shit, I was really damn good at this!

Evan picked up his briefcase and glanced at the trembling Joseph. Evan couldn't help but spit on his face. When he saw that he didn't dare talk back, Evan didn't say anything either, but just before he left, he gave him another kick on the face.

Evan looked back at the place where he always wanted to work, and cursed,"What the hell! If you won't keep me, I'll find some place that will!"

Carrying his briefcase, Evan strode out of the company without saying anything to anyone. But when he got out of the gate, he noticed the blood and footprints on his clothes, which made him quicken his steps.

He didn't want to be jailed or sued because of this.

But Evan made sure to remember one thing. 'Aiden Zhao, you will learn your lesson soon enough!'

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