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   Chapter 14 You've Forced My Hand

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Evan felt like he was in hell.

The girl of his dreams was sleeping nearby, but he couldn't touch her. The temptation was too great.

"Are you awake?" Evan asked the girl in the next morning.

He had already got up and washed his face, but no matter how much soap he used, the lack of sleep still showed on his face.

Although he didn't touch her, and after numerous attempts at sleeping, he couldn't resist jerking off numerous times in the toilet, sneaking a peek of her, capturing mental images to use as he pleasured himself.

"What? Evan, why...? Oh, no. Wait! Did we...? Are you a man?"

Kristine had lazily woken up, stretching her tired limbs. When she saw Evan, she sprang fully awake, memories of last night coming to her. She just had to ask.

"What the hell?" "I have to ask, I mean, any man in your position..." "Are you trying to say that I am not a man because I didn't fuck you last night? Well, I didn't go jogging this morning so I don't mind getting some exercise in bed with you. What do you say?"

He was not only mad, but super horny, taking her comment as a provocation.

"That's not what I meant. Seriously, you are a real man. Clearly chivalry is not dead. Since you didn't take advantage of a charming beauty splayed in close proximity to you. I admire your restraint."

Kristine became scared when she saw Evan's expression. She changed the conversation quickly, and massaged his ego to calm him down.

She hoped that this would dissipate his anger.

In addition, she really did admire Evan. Based on experience, if it was another man, he would have had sex with her, without hesitation.

'Maybe men like him are worth relying on, ' she thought.

"Stop making fun of me. If I didn't know you so well, I wouldn't have stayed in the room last night.

I'm not like most men." Evan snorted and feigned pride, knowing all to well how he was on the brink of giving into the temptation last night.

Kristine got up hurriedly from Evan's bed, put on her shoes and ran towards the door. The most surprising thing was that she was blushing. While running, she murmured,"Evan, I'll go home now. Anyway, thank you for not touching me."


"Why was she blushing?" Evan looked on in confusion, as he watched her practically flee from his room and then out of the apartment. He rubbed his chin and couldn't help but smile.

She was a fascinating woman. A live streamer and a beauty, who dared to break into his apartment without shame. Clearly she was one in a million and the fact that she was blushing, made Evan take a step back and ponder.

'Was she moved by my integrity? Or was she interested in me?'

Even though last night was difficult, he handled the situation well. However, if he was her boyfriend, he wouldn't have had to restrain his desire. "If only it was possible."

His thoughts lifted his moods, even the dread of waking up on Monday and going to work, were forgotten.

Evan worked at a scientific research company, close to several big engineering machinery manufacturing plants. If he passed his internship and became a regular employee, he would get the opportunity that many graduates scrambled for.

The salary and the incentives would be grand, and on top of that, if he was part of a team that made any achievements in scientific research, he would become known and consequently, climb the ranks faster.

That's why Evan worked very hard and was willing to be an intern for more than half a year. Even though he was criticised by his moody line manager many times, he tried his best to control his anger and perform his assigned tasks thoroughly and well.

On Monday morning, Evan headed to work, in brighter spirits than expected. He had just swiped his work card when he observed several security guards, who he considered good friends, waved at him. They made it look like something bad was about to happen. A chill run up Evan's spine.

Stunned, Evan looked at the security guards, trying to mouth them the words "what is it." But they seemed to not want to tell him, so he had no other choice but to walk into work.

"What could it be?"

After he pushed the glass door open and walked inside the company, the receptionist, Rena Gan, pouted at Evan. With a stolid expression on her face, she addressed him,"HR director is looking for you."

"HR director is looking for me?"

"Why? What's going on?

Does he want to give me a promotion?"

Rena looked around, and when she saw that there were not many people around and that most of them were busy, she glanced at Evan and said,"Don't be so optimistic. It's not that easy to get a promotion. But I saw some people in black suits came to see the HR director this morning. Then he called me, and told me to tell you to go to his office when you get here."


Who were the people in black suits?"

Evan felt at a loss and looked at Rena, who seemed to have something else to say but shook her head instead.

The workplace was like this. People seemed to be kind to each other, but nobody knew who would turn around and stab them in the back one day.

He didn't experience a lot of trouble even though he was in a precarious position for more than half a year. But what he gradually realised, was that it was not easy to get along with colleagues even in the scientific research industry.

After Evan walked away, Rena muttered,"I don't know who you offended but I guess we will not see you anymore."

Evan didn't hear this. On his way, many colleagues avoided him deliberately as if he was a tornando.

Was he going to lose the job that he had worked hard on for more than half a year?

He knocked on the HR director's door, and when he heard a muffled voice from the inside respond, he walked in. Looking at the balding man in front of him, Evan took a deep breath and asked,"Director, I heard you are looking for me?"

"Evan, take a seat."

The HR director smiled disdainfully and didn't even lift his head, sifting through the documents on his desk.

"Here goes," Evan shivered in anticipation.

He sat down, put his briefcase on his lap and waited.

As time went by, Evan noticed that the director was ignoring him deliberately. He went by his work as if Evan was not even there.


Evan cursed inwardly, trying to manage his anger. After employing the hungry ghost to beat Aiden, Evan felt he could become a super hero. But this job was his dream, and if he got impetuous now, all his efforts would have been a waste.

'Maybe it's not as bad as I think, ' he thought.

"Evan, I'm preparing some papers, hold on."

Another half an hour passed before the bald man handed Evan the papers indolently. "Here are your dismissal papers. You can leave now."

Standing up abruptly, Evan pounded on the desk in anger.

"What are you doing?"

The director glared at Evan coldly and said disdainfully,"Do you want me to call the security guards?"

"Why? Even if I've not done anything substantial since I came to Huiteng Scientific Research Company after I graduated, I've at least worked hard. Why are you firing me? Give me a reason!"

Evan tried very hard to dissipate his indignation. But he was in a rage, and he felt that he was like a time bomb about to explode at any time.

"Reason? There is only one reason. You offended someone who you shouldn't have messed with. Boy, it's not only our company that won't hire you anymore, but other companies as well. It will be hard for you to find any good job in this city. I don't know who will have the balls to hire you. Anyway, we won't dare to keep you here any longer."

The HR director snorted and shrugged.

"I offended someone?"

Evan narrowed his eyes. The first person that came to mind was Aiden Zhao. It seemed that this son of the bitch was the reason for him to be fired.

"Okay. I got it. But you could have told me the news when I came in. Instead, you kept me waiting for more than an hour. Your time is money and mine is too. So..."

Evan gritted his teeth in anger, clutching the edge of the table.

"So what? Boy, this is only the first step of their revenge. They said that they would make you pay. I'm curious about what they will do to you next. You are cornered, and there's nothing you can do."

The HR director, who didn't take Evan seriously, laughed in disdain. Suddenly, Evan lifted the desk and it landed on the bald man.


Satisfied, albeit slightly shaken, Evan left with his briefcase.

"If this place doesn't want me, I'll go somewhere else. Aiden Zhao, you've forced my hand. You asked for this." Evan thought, as if telepathically sending Aiden a message.

"Motherfucker. Guards..."

The HR director wiggled under the desk, shouting,"top him! How dare he do this to me! Stop him!"

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