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   Chapter 13 Kill the Breaker Terry

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"The host now has one-time permission to use the Book of Life and Death. Would you like to use it?"

As soon as Evan arrived to the underworld, the system came on immediately. It seemed more anxious to use the Book of Life and Death than Evan.


Evan had an obsession with getting Terry's battle suit, so he nodded without hesitation.


A sound was heard vibrating in the whole of hell, a huge notebook suddenly appeared in front of Evan.The most incredible thing about this notebook was that it was actually a screen that had the appearance of a notebook.

"Host, please fill in the Book of Life and Death."

As the system's voice sounded, a huge keyboard appeared in front of Evan.

Looking at the delicate metal keyboard, Evan was a little confused. It was so advanced! Evan couldn't keep calm when he saw that the Book of Life and Death was actually a screen. Then, a keyboard popped up. 'When did the underworld get such advanced technology?' Evan couldn't understand.

"Excuse me, how do I use the Book of Life and Death?"

It was after all the first time for Evan to use the book. He inquired from the system politely, because he was afraid of making a mistake.

He remembered clearly when the system mentioned the Book of Life and Death. It only said there was a chance to use the book after completing the task. As for the exact probability, Evan did not know. He did not want to waste this opportunity.

"The host can write the name of any living creature in the Book of Life and Death, and force him to die in anyway designed by the host. The creature's soul will be dragged into the underworld and become the host's most loyal subordinate."

"Note: the slain creature will be resurrected by the laws of the original world, but whether the resurrected soul will mutate or not is unknown."

While carefully listening to the system's introduction, Evan considered who to choose first.

There were so many great figures to choose, whether in historical sagas or in TV dramas and movies. From the beginning, the system had suggested that any creature from any dimension could be wiped out and brought to the underworld.

In fact, in addition to the Breaker Terry, most of the figures that Evan thought of were famous beauties, like Yingying Ren, the Little Dragon Maiden, the Black Widow, Xiaoqian and so on.

Even if he got their souls, without a suitable body they would be ghosts. It was quite a huge contrast between a living beauty and a ghost. Besides, Evan was more interested in the battle suit of Breaker Terry now.

Of course, Evan wouldn't confess that the real reason he'd given up on those girls was because ghosts could not get pregnant... 'No, I chose Terry because it would be wasteful not to utilise his talent and advanced technology. I'm a researcher after all.' He shook his head.

Terry Colin!

After typing the name of the main character from Amazer's "The Breaker Terry" hurriedly, Evan watched the characters on the big screen with excitement, and for a while he was in a trance.

'Will The Breaker Terry really be my subordinate?'

He got so excited when he thought of that.

When the name that had been entered into the big screen suddenly changed into a series of symbols and disappeared, Evan, who had never seen such a scene before, found it very strange. He was deeply attracted to it especially when the big screen turned into a stereoscopic projection.

As an audience who had watched the 3D movie "The Breaker Terry", Evan was familiar with the building shown in front of him -the Stark building.

Evan's eyes lit up when the building was zoomed in and the steel armor placed under bullet-proof glass appeared.

"Hi sweety, it's me. No, I didn't lie. Why don't you believe me? It's not my fault, I have nothing to do with this operation. Shit. I swear, okay?"

Suddenly there was sound. Evan looked over and the Breaker Terry played came into sight. After seeing the appearance of Terry, Evan trembled with excitement.

Evan was his big fan in the real world. He was obsessed with every role played by RTJ, and he especially liked the role of Terry Colin, which RTJ played vividly and perfectly.

Colin, who had walked to the other side and gotten a glass of wine, looked anxious. To be honest, he had started the civil war in the Hunters. How could he be happy when he was standing on the complete opposite against Captain D?

"Please host, make the death plan."

Evan stared at Colin intently, and the system's voice sounded out of place.

The death plan?

Evan came back to his senses and s

aid joyfully,"Alright. Let's do it now."

Evan couldn't help but get excited about this. 'He is Colin, the Breaker Terry, the dream of many men.' Evan thought to himself.

Evan believed that everyone who had watched Terry save the world wearing that cool suit in the theater had dreamed of playing the role of Terry.

"But how should I kill the breaker Terry? Wouldn't it be a shame for him to die in a mediocre fashion? What should I do--"

Evan was in a bit of a bind as he thought about the death plan.

Colin was famous and Evan couldn't get himself to calm down at all.

Especially when he thought that Colin, a man who shined bright like a star, would be killed by him. His hands couldn't stop trembling with excitement.

'Colin hadn't been defeated by so many powerful opponents, but he would fall under my keyboard.' Evan almost wanted to dance.

"Please make the decision as soon as possible. After ten seconds, the host will be judged as having given up this chance."

"The countdown begins now; Ten, nine, eight--"

What? Wait a second!

Evan raised his head in a hurry and typed on the keyboard quickly regardless of what the system said.

'How ruthless the system is! Can't it give me a little more time?' Evan was angry.

On one side of the screen, a line of words appeared. It read clearly: "Being choked to death while drinking."

Evan did not know what Colin would feel if he knew that he would die by choking on wine. 'Probably get mad.' He thought.

As a great hero, he had survived so many battles. It must be ridiculous for him to die while drinking a glass of wine.


Colin, apparently unaware of the power of the Book of Life and Death, was drinking wine continuously. He obviously didn't think there was any problem with alcoholism. However, he could not stop himself from coughing violently before he had finished the last sip of wine.

"Sir, you are in very bad conditon now. Please hurry--"

Colin's closest aide, Jerlos, the intelligent system, was about to give him first aid. But it seemed too late. By the time when it was about to use its intelligence to help Colin get through the crisis, Colin was already laying on the ground.

Evan could see clearly from the screen that Colin's eyes were full of confusion and outrage as he died.

Was it too bad for him to die from a glass of wine?

Maybe. But it had nothing to do with Evan anymore. Although Colin died from the glass of wine, he would be resurrected soon. As for whether the man after resurrection would still be the same old Colin or not was none of Evan's business.

The only thing he cared about now was that Colin's soul had not come to the underworld yet. That made Evan feel a little uncomfortable.

Although the system had been perfect to him, Evan still had a feeling that it would screw him up someday.

"Where is my Colin? Where is my Breaker? System!"

After wandering around hell for a long time and seeing no sign of Colin's soul, Evan pointed at the sky and asked angrily.

"Please wait to receive him tomorrow night. Considering the long distance between space and dimensions, it will take a little longer to transport the soul in order to ensure the its quality and safety."

The system's answer was brief. Evan carefully analyzed every word in the system's speech. After making sure there was no trap, he sighed and said,"Well, I hope you aren't playing me!"

"The purpose of designing this system is to help the host in developing the underworld into a better place. The underworld should be filled with talent. Any word said by the system is absolutely helpful. Please do not doubt the quality of this system!"

After hearing the refutation of the system, Evan got the strange feeling that the system also had emotions. 'Holy crap. Is it the same as a human? God help me so I won't be killed by it.' He thought to himself.

Feeling that the system wasn't the safest place, Evan left in a hurry.

He looked at the dark sky outside and went back into his house excitedly.

"Colin, the Breaker Terry, haha--"

Evan was too excited to sleep. He had totally forgotten that there was a beauty lying on his wooden bed. He lay on the big bed with his clothes on, and pictured himself happily putting on his battle suit. 'Am I about to reach the peak of my life?' He closed his eyes with satisfaction.

All of a sudden, he touched something soft and elastic. It felt comfortable. 'What? What the hell!'

Evan hadn't slept soundly, so he was awakened at once. Looking at Kristine who was sleeping on his side, Evan was dumbfounded.

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