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   Chapter 12 What Defeated Me Is Your Innocence

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"Hi, give us two crayfish dishes, some clams and the specialty dishes."

It seemed that Kristine came here often and she was casual when ordering. The restaurant owner smiled and answered: "Yes, Coming right up."

"You really are a frequent visitor at this place."

Evan didn't doubt it. If she didn't come here often, she wouldn't have ordered so smoothly.

Even though he was a little upset that he didn't get a big meal. At this moment, he was more concerned about getting full and then going to study the Book of Life and Death.

The Breaker Terry, the Breaker Terry. It had been a dream of his since he'd watched the movie.

What's more, Evan had specialized in scientific research and had coveted the extremely unrealistic armor of the Breaker Terry. If he really made one like that and flew in the sky, he would have no regret in his life.

"Of course. By the way, Brother Evan, do you know why Mr. Long helped us? Even though I am one of his best streamers, it's unlikely he will fight with Eden Zhao for me."

Pulling a box of beers beside her, Kristine opened one beer and handed it to Evan.

"How do I know? Probably he is interested in you."

Evan pretended to know nothing and took the beer. As he watched the white foam, he thought about the armor of the Breaker Terry.

It's not that he lacked a sense of romance. He just didn't have money at the moment. He didn't expect to be with the girl in front of him, the girl who always received gifts from rich people. Evan was never the type to fantasize something utterly unrealistic.

"Interested in me?"

Kristine was stunned, but she felt it made sense since she was after all a beautiful girl.

"Let's not talk about that. Brother Evan, let's make a toast."

Kristine raised the glass and clinked it with Evan's.

"Would you mind not calling me Brother Evan? I always feel like there is a conspiracy when you call me so intimately."

Evan said with a smile and finished the beer in the glass.

"What conspiracy? Given the age difference and our relationship, it just seems right that I should call you brother."

Kristine said it in a matter-of-factly fashion. 'She has a point, ' thought Evan.


The restaurant owner who was about 30 held a tray and put the dishes Kristine ordered on the table one by one, she was carrying a little girl. She didn't forget to remind Kristine: "Don't drink too much, girl. You drove here."

"Got it. I have a designated driver here."

Kristine replied with a smile. She then looked at Evan in front of her and said: "Come on, Brother Evan. Let's make one more toast."

Evan, who was just touching the crayfish, was surprised by her words and immediately laughed: "Okay. Okay."

"One more. What's so good about crayfish? Aren't you happy that a beautiful girl is drinking with you?"

"Evan, don't eat any more. Come on, let's drink."

"Evan, keep drinking. Look at me. My face is red. Why aren't you?"

"We have almost finished two boxes. How can you drink so much?"

"Evan, I, I want to puke."

Evan looked at Kristine innocently. She stood up and went to vomit near the garbage can by the roadside. Luckily he was a good person. If it were someone else, he would surely be planning to take the girl to a hotel room tonight.

Unlike in the novel where gangsters would seize beautiful girls, Evan found out it was quite peaceful here in the sidewa

lk snack booth. So he continued to glut himself with delicacies without worrying about Kristine, who still wasn't feeling well.


Almost finished with the nice dinner, Evan tapped his belly with satisfaction. He was still upset that it was not a big meal, but he felt quite comfortable after he'd eaten and drank to his heart's content.

"Evan, you, you are a good drinker. I, I gotta hand it to you."

Lying on the table, her face was as red as apples. She gave Evan a thumbs up and fell asleep.

Evan lit a cigarette for himself and whispered with a smile: "You think I can't tell what you're thinking? To be honest, little girl, you are too naive."

From the beginning, this girl had expressed it straight forwardly. Even as foolish as Evan was, he could still figure out what she wanted.

If she was on a TV show, this stupid girl wouldn't have survived more than 10 minutes.

"I told you not to drink so much. Boy, are you her boyfriend? Why didn't you stop her? Well, pay the bill now."

After a while, the restaurant owner came with the bill in her hand and put the bill in front of Evan.

"What! ?"

Evan was stunned, his eyes opened wide. He took a look at the restaurant owner, and then at the drunken Kristine. It was at that moment when he slapped his thigh and said,"Damn it. I've suffered a huge loss!"

While being stared at strangely by the restaurant owner, Evan put Kristine into the passenger seat of the Excursor SUV and drove away.

"When I get rich, I must buy a car. Hmm, an Excursor. But I must buy a better one than hers."

To make up for the meal expense, Evan drove the Excursor SUV for more than an hour and didn't park it downstairs at the apartment until he'd finally fully enjoyed it.

After taking the drunken girl back, he threw her on his plank bed since he didn't have her room key.

"Girl, I was defeated by you again tonight. But what defeats me is your innocence. Tut-tut, your feet are so delicate, like suet-jade. They smell good ."

Evan took Kristine's shoes off and put the girl-next-door on his wooden bed. Her body was as hot as a supermodel's.

Then Evan, in high spirits took a chair and sat near the head of the bed, he stared at the beauty without blinking, appreciating the exquisite curves on the girl.

"She has a better figure than Celia. Tut-tut, nice tits and ass. It would be better if she didn't smell of alcohol."

After appreciating for a while, Evan couldn't help but compare her with his ex. Kristine was much better in terms of both face and figure, Many times, his hand reached out, wanting to touch the girl. In the end, he sighed with resignation and put his hands back.

Honestly, he was fighting with himself.

Any man would have the same fight if they too were in the company of a vulnerable and unprotected charming beauty .The content of the fight was similar to brain storming.


The little beauty turned over in his bed. Her charming red cheeks teased Evan time and again.

Evan's reason finally triumphed over his sexual desire. Although he'd never claimed to be a gentleman, he would never say that he was a villain. What he did wouldn't go against his conscience.

"I never knew you could resist such temptation, Evan. Good work!" He couldn't help congratulating himself.

Muttering, Evan lit a cigarette, summoned the system and entered the tattered underworld.

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